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This Company Should NOT Be In Business

Greenbox Loans should NOT be in business. I wish I could give a 0 star to this company. I do NOT recommend Greenbox Loans to anyone.

I was pre-approved by Greenbox Loans for a home loan and when we entered into escrow after 17days they told us that we didn’t approve and that we need more down payment.

Afterwards we up our down payment giving 20% they still took another week for them to inform us that wasn’t enough either.

This company is very unorganized and has the nerves to ask for more contingencies the day before closing escrow deadline.

They have no timeline and don’t care about their clients.

Lucky I was able to get another loan company to complete my loan with an extension.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through with this company!

Is Greenbox Loans legit?
Greenbox Loans is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 8 consumer(s) was/were given a Greenbox Loans as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Greenbox Loans located?
Greenbox Loans is headquarted at 3250 Wilshire Blvd Ste 1900 Los Angeles, CA 90010. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Greenbox Loans by dialing (213) 235-4220 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Greenbox Loans’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Greenbox Loans’s customers, US $3985 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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8 Reviews on Greenbox Loans

  1. Terrible

    I’m trying to be fair and give the Greenbox the benefit of doub. I don’t recommend this company to anyone out of the state of California as they’ve no clue about other states’ s rules or how things work. I worked with them for more than 2 months for refinancing our house and was hoping to get things done in a month before I start my new job. They instead came up with weird excuses and brought up things that I had never heard of. I told Mr. Kohanbash and his assistant, Jasmin, repeatedly that if you can’t or don’t want to do it just let me know and I would go with my bank’s offer which was only $60 extra per month. Every time they said the loan documents were ready and they were waiting on one piece. At first, they said they needed a month worth of my paystub. After a month they said they were waiting on appraisers. Then when it was done, they said they wouldn’t accept that appraisal because their third party put that appraiser( the one they chose themselves) didn’t get the job done in time!! Waited another 2 weeks for another appraisal. Then they said the appraiser didn’t complete the report. When I finally talked to the appraiser, she said she was fed up by their numbers of unnecessary requests that wasn’t even required by our state!!! in the meantime, they stated there was foreclosure on one of our properties which wasn’t true and after I proved them it was wrong they gave us no explanations and just said that was what they showed!!! One time a text from Jasmin’s phone came and offered an hourly job ( while I’m a professional with a doctorate degree ) They didn’t realize smart phones like iPhones would track down numbers and people if they had communicated with you once). I answered yes to see what her intentions was.. of course nothing. I told Mr. Kohanbash about this too, still didn’t give me any answers. That was when I said enough was enough and stop the process. They said okay. I changed my job and they tracked down my termination from my previous job. Here I got another call from Jasmin saying my loan documents were ready!!!( for the third time ) and just need proof of employment from my new employer. At the time, our own bank had started the process and had kept another appraisal money. So I told her our bank wouldn’t refund our money either just like you all, but I trusted our bank more than I did them.
    A couple of days later, I got an email with my name and my home address congratulating me on refinancing our home and offered to do it for us!!!! I can’t think of any way other than a new game from the people who already had so much information about me.
    I emailed them and reminded them to stop emailing and stop going any further with our refinancing process.
    I feel very unsafe now with all the information they have. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but if anything goes wrong and any abuse of my identity happens, I know who I’m suing first!!!
    I have been completely honest and haven’t made up one single thing. It’s up to you all to decide.

  2. she is quick to get it for you.

    The Account Executive, Judy Ricoy, is one of the most delightful representatives you will ever talk to. She is very knowledgeable of the GreenBox Loan Products and if she does not have the answer, she is quick to get it for you.

    The whole process is a team effort and their Underwriters will get directly with you to get the information needed to make the process smoother and quicker to close.

  3. Its a scam.

    I am with Berkshire Hathaway and had a well qualified buyer who got the run around by what appears to be many novices not sure what they are doing. They spent the time,

    provided false hope, and at the end of the day, almost cost us losing a home. We are now with another lender who saw some of the conversations/email trail and was perplexed that greenbox is in business. Please, if you use them, double app because they are impossibly incompentent. I mean this!

  4. This company is a joke from there president Raymond to all there processers

    This company is a joke from there president Raymond to all there processers.they had one of my loans for about four months.the can’t process loans,they don’t know guidelines,

    I had five different processers,they keep asking for different conditions over and over again,it was a nightmare I don’t know who sends them loans please people don’t waste your time you will be sorry.

  5. Dreadful company - avoid at all costs.

    I have been buying and selling property for 35 years and have never dealt with a company as slow as Greenbox. They sit on files for weeks on end, nothing happens then they come up with 50 hoops to jump through. You jump through all those giving them ridiculous amounts of irrelevant information and then they find another 50 just for fun.

    There is no sense of urgency of any kind and a simple loan took over 3 months to process. I bought a car for the same amount as I was borrowing here and financed it in 5 mins on the phone. I have bought, renovated and sold houses more quickly than they took to process this 65%LTV loan.

    I will never deal with them again – they caused me so much unnecessary stress and we nearly lost the house – the money came through a whole month after the original deadline and on the final day of the third and final extension. Then a couple of weeks later they sold the loan on to someone else. Dreadful company – avoid at all costs.

  6. Unfortunately

    Unfortunately I’ve had nothing but headaches with this company they are not trustworthy or responsible.

    Once they get a hold of your email you cannot get out of it I have tried to unsubscribe and I have called them to take me off the email list they won’t.

  7. Its a scam.

    Payam kohanbash is the biggest scam artist and biggest lier he has a program on the radio that is nothing but lies. Do not fall for his scams and lies he lied to us and scammed us by saying he’s no closing cost line that he says to all his clients and the rates he has are very high compared to today’s going rates…

    then when we told him he was lying to us and scammed us he said ” I am Persian and you are middle eastern too so you know we are all liars so why are you surprised “

  8. A knowledgeable a he's a knowledgeable Underwriters.

    A knowledgeable a he’s a knowledgeable Underwriters. Programs do not match underwriting guidelines guidelines. Fairly simple Underwriters tremendously over step over condition consistently just to deny will never send another loan ever

Reported Loss :3985 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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