Grant Cardone

Running a self obsessed fraud with Cardone Ventures

Grant Cardone owns Cardone Capital and Cardone Ventures, and it’s a dubious investment scam. You would be churned and burned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I am one of the victims who bought Grant Cardone course paying tens of thousands of dollars for a corporate plan, and I got nothing. This was the most dreadful experience of my life.

When my company was already suffering from a lot of trouble and sales problem, this investment made the entire situation fall apart and asked me to get in touch with Cardone capital.

I am a businessman and like to invest in things after proper investigation, primarily when things work against my direction. I was happy to find that the website has so much to showcase.

When I was in the middle of a breakdown, my friend suggested I look for the Cardone capital, which I was skeptical of in the beginning. However, after visiting his website and knowing that the reference was from a very close friend, I could not stop the excitement to join the course.

I checked so many experts offering their precious knowledge on entrepreneurship and sales that I could not resist. I also checked the price, which was too high for an individual course for a year’s subscription. There was no mention of the corporate plan on their website, and I had to contact the team to know about the same.

At first, I was taken back after listening to their subscription cost. But, my friend also suggested that the results would compensate for the investment in very little time. Getting his feedback was the first thing that encouraged me to move forward.

The thing is, my friend was not an entrepreneur. He had learned about the course by digging and was no expert to suggest the same. However, I ignored those details, and the website did play its charm.

I paid them a lot of dollars for the subscription of 5 months. I cannot talk about the price as they made me sign the terms and conditions that mentioned I should not share it with others.

But for you to know, it was huge. If I could have used it for something worthful, I would have been doing great in my business. I failed myself and my employees. I made the worst decision of my life by enrolling in the course.

After I made the payment, the course was available online. It was huge, and a lot of information was shared through the online portal. I found it challenging to go through all the details in the beginning. But paying so much came with some liabilities. I had to complete the course to make my sales bigger and profitable.

When I started reading through the pages, I found that the course could mislead people. There was helpful nothing included. It felt as if a rough note was taken by the school student.

The entire program was full of crap and nonsense. They had everything in it that you can find on Google. They have not even tried to mend things to suit the course requirement.

Only after three months, I get irritated. Waiting for something essential to pop up, I invested three months going through every course section in detail. And, I got nothing.

I even asked my friend about what he found so unique about the course, and he had nothing to explain. He said that it was just a mere suggestion he came across on the internet and found Grant impressive, and the course seemed legitimate and worth the money.

My friend was sorry too. Listening to that would have given me a heart attack. But, that would not have gotten back my money and time. I was already short in my funds. This course made things more complicated.

Also, one thing that I noticed during the course made me sure that the system was a scam. When I enrolled for the course, they said that there were not many mentors present, and I would have to communicate with Grant Cardone for any clarification. This seemed okay until I discovered that Grant is full of shit. He uses all the wrong words and makes people feel bad about themselves.

Grant never answered my questions. I googled about him and discovered that he was a drug addict and got sober when he was 24. In one of his videos, he also had mentioned that he worked as a car salesman when he was in college. He failed at that too.

He talks about his hard work and commitment, which has gotten him where he is today. But this is also not true. From where I can see him, he is no different from any scammers out there.

It makes me even angrier to know that I trusted a con artist and made things worse for myself. The only way he can earn money is through scamming people.

He only responds to encourage you for payment for the course. Once you make the payment, he won’t bother about your problems. At least, this is what he did to me.

After three months, I decided to unsubscribe from the course. I was looking forward to the refund for the remaining month, which I did not utilize. He should have quickly paid back the two monthly costs. However, he does not have any refund policy.

It was mentioned somewhere in his vast terms and conditions copy which seemed hidden from the rest of the clauses. He did not even bother to tell me if that was the case while paying a massive amount for the course.

Not just this, the employees at Grant Cardone’s company Cardone Capital are no different from their master. These people do not feel anything while abusing you.

When I asked for a refund, I was given a lot of cusses. The employee told me that I should instead subscribe for a year’s subscription to get the full benefit. However, I had made up my mind. I knew that the course was worth nothing.

When he realized that I would not pay any further, he stopped being polite and made me suffer a lot before he canceled the subscription. He also did not inform me about the refund.

After getting a mail to cancel my subscription, I thought that the money for the remaining month would be refunded to my account in a few days.

After waiting for a month, I called back to know what had happened to the refund. I was told that the refund policy is not there in the clause.

I was taken off the course, and they kept the payment for those extra months. Isn’t this a complete scam? If I had known something like this would happen, I would have unsubscribed after two months. My money was already paid.

I had a few arguments with the representative, and he finally decided to disconnect my call without providing me any answer or meaningful reason for the same. I have never felt used to like this before.

There is more to the agony. After canceling the service, these guys started spamming me with their ads and calls everywhere. Whether online or offline, they made sure to use every medium to torture me with their marketing ads and calls. One salesman even said that I was keep fucking calling you until you paid for the course.

What kind of salesman uses these kinds of words to sell their products? There is no way I am going back to Grant Cardone.

He is cunning, selfish, self-obsessed, fraud, and whatever bad you can think of. He pushed me back into my business for years. I was more confident than today when I first started my business.

I had a backup plan. But, this guy left me with no choice. I had to seek assistance and look for investments that I did not favor. I had to break my own rules to stay in business.

And, all this had no change in Grant’s attitude. I sent him emails explaining the problem he got me into, and he still had no politeness to at least reply to that mail with an apology.

I know he won’t refund my amount, but I want to warn others. I have found out many reviews that have been pushed back by his reputation management team. He knows how to play the trick and keep his reputation clean to lure customers.

However, this won’t take him very far. He would be caught for sure. People have started talking about his flop course, spreading the word soon. I have ignited the flame and wish it reaches everyone on the internet and beyond that.

If you are reading this, please check in detail about this man before handing over your money to this fraud.

Grant Cardon is an arrogant and nonsense mentor. He only knows how to lie and make people believe in his fake stories of success and growth. You will repent later.

So, be cautious when talking to this man. He knows how to impress.

Is Grant Cardone legit?
Grant Cardone is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 10 consumer(s) was/were given a Grant Cardone as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Grant Cardone located?
Grant Cardone is headquarted at 18909 NE 29th Ave Aventura, FL 33180. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Grant Cardone by dialing +1800-368-5771 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Grant Cardone’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Grant Cardone’s customers, US $185000 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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10 Reviews on Grant Cardone

  1. You are right! Grant is a scammer and his sales-screws are angry cussers!

    Grant is a dam scam. He had no respect for his own mother who gave him life, so what do you think he will do to you? There is a video of him abusing his own elderly widowed mother, mocking her and making fun of her while she tried to eat Chinese food. His real estate is a scam.

    Would you give someone $200,000 knowing that it would take him 30 years to pay you back that money without any interest or any guarantees that he will pay you back? No.

    But that’s Grant Cardone’s method. Where do the millions of dollars come from to pay for his private jets and luxury mansions? From the idiots and suckers, that’s who. Cardone is a Scientologist who rips people off and verbally abuses people, even his own mother. I’m sure she’s cursing him from her grave.

  2. SCAM

    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have a special needs, teenage son. He can’t manage his own money, so I have to monitor his checking account. He was suckered into signing up for Grant Cardone and paid them $297, which was to be billed quarterly. My son does not have money for this, so I called them to cancel the subscription.

    They canceled it, but refused to refund the $297. He had the service for nine days. I then asked them to pay for the nine days and be reimbursed for the remaining quarter. Again, they refused. GRANT CARDONE IS AN UNREASONABLE JERK WHO WILL NOT REFUND MY SPECIAL NEEDS KID AFTER HE MADE A MISTAKE BY SIGNING UP. TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

  3. Cardone Ventures is Fraud

    Please beware, they will take your money and give you nothing.
    On March, 20, I received the following offer from this scammer: “These are unprecedented times we are in, and to support you, I want to give you Cardone University for the next 30 days FREE.”
    I subscribed, and received an email that login credentials will be sent CEO stately.

    However, I never received an email with login/password info; moreover, when I try to log in with the email I provided at registration, their site tells me “email not found.”
    I emailed Grant Cardone support a few times asking to cancel my subscription because I could not use the training site; however, I never got a reply. Today my credit card has been charged $97 for “another month of subscription. “ I kindly asked them to refund my money; and again, I kindly asked them to cancel my “subscription”, for the fifth time (all my previous letters remained unanswered). Again, no answer. Today my credit card has been charged $97 for “another month of subscription.

    I contacted the bank to block my credit card, as it seems to be the only way to stop this scammer from the other robbery of my account.

  4. Sucking money from Investors, cardone ventures

    1. Grant takes “investors” (your) money and puts it in a Grant funding company Cardone ventures
    2. Once the Grant reaches 30% to 35% of the purchase price he leverages the rest
    3. The loan he takes is interesting only, or close to interest only
    4. Instead of paying down the principal and building equity, he pays out “investors” as a dividend
    5. Grant pays himself 1% from the purchase of a property (ie. $50M apartment complex = $500,000 for a grant to pocket)
    6. Cardone ventures himself 1% to “manage” the management company for the property
    7. Cardone ventures pay himself 1% from the sale of a property
    8. Cardone ventures pay himself an additional 35% of any profits that are generated from the sale, and distributes the remaining 65% to the “investors”

  5. Good report, useful, thanks.

    I constantly scour the internet for bootlegs before I buy a product. And for negative reviews. Anyway, I had downloaded a bootleg version of his books, which I thought were excellent at the time. Simply because, I had never heard anything better before. The saying goes – when you know nothing, everything sounds good. These days I see it for what it is – a bunch of macho, hyped-up, super salesman BS. Back to the story – though I liked the books at the time, I didn’t have enough money to buy the courses, nor did I particularly want to risk it.

    I downloaded about ten bootlegs of various classes of his – and when I opened them, I saw they were total fluff. I mean, just verbal diarrhea. Grant said things were indeed about sales, but they were not valuable. They were just sales-themed fluff. The first video of the course started off by showing him sitting at his desk, with like ten posters of books for sale on his desk, and all he was doing was blabbering about them. No surprise that he doesn’t offer refunds – because if he did, then probably 99% of people would ask for them. So after I had a direct look at his products – I deleted all of them instantly. I was confident they were worthless.

    I had a peek into his background of Grant company, Cardone Capital, and Cardone ventures as well. He was a Scientologist for a long time. And if you don’t know, I’ll tell you that it’s nothing but a kooky cult with an “ideology” full of fluff and many physical threats made to people who try to depart from that cult. So steer clear of Grant Condom at any cost. And always look for bootlegs first – that way, you can see what is inside the actual product.

  6. Doesn't stand by what they preach!

    I bought a 7-figure sales certification and I worked my way through ALL the modules of the training. I had only to listen to the podcasts. At one year access stopped and they said I had access for only 1 year. I showed them EVERYTHING, pre-sales agreement, invoice, receipt and at NO point was it stated only 12 month access. I have emailed MANY times without success – been now told I have gone to the legal team. The customer service is a SHAMBLES. Doesnt stand by what the preach at all. total turn off

  7. Its all fluff and butter

    I have been listening to too many of talks about Cardone capital and Cardone ventures that is when I decided to take a closer look at what’s happening inside. I have watched almost every video that Grant Cardone posts about his Cardone Capital and other knowledge that he likes to share. While there are always basics that he talks about, there are other shitty things that make no sense, like retail is dying. I mean, you can refine his videos by taking out unnecessary noise and get what you can actually find anywhere on the internet. This man is clever and sure is a great entertainer.

    However, this is not the end of my research. What was fishy in the videos was that I found one person who was accused of not paying a fee of $1500 for an online course appeared in the other video where Cardone was asking him not to smoke marijuana. So, either that person was hired and a paid actor or was among this staff whom he pays for shooting with him. In any case, it is still a shady marketing practice.

    Later, I decided to sign up with the website, but there were many problems that I had to go through. The link was difficult to find, and whenever I tried to sign up, the email was bounced back. In the end, I had to use the website form to get the thing done in the future. I thought that I would be put on the mailing list as the reputation of Grant Cardone is too great regarding hard selling. And, that is what happened. My inbox started filling with promotional emails and various other newsletters that I never demanded for. Not just that, the emails were sent to many people by putting all the email addresses in CC instead of BCC. Later, the team apologized, saying that it was some technical glitch. That happened after two days of the mistake.

    According to the claims that he made on Monday’s show, he has spent nothing once the entire investment is complete. He sold 833000 million of stocks; that is all he had. I have also gone through the SEC filings and found that the company is pretty new with a minimum investment of $10,000. According to the company’s policy, all the investment decision rights are in the hands of Grant Cardone. Once you invest in his plans, you are nowhere in the picture when it comes to checking where your money has been put.

    The company invests the money put by investors in multiple multi-family homes and has the right to support it in any other real estate investment without asking for your permission, only based on the manager’s discretion.

    According to the rules, the company plans to sell in 10 years while in the meantime, you remain the investor for all those years. If the sale is made with profit, you receive your profit share. However, the company has the right to obtain lines of credit or incur increased interest rates for securing financing for properties. In these situations, your investment value can shrink to a significant difference.

    Again, there are many other loopholes that make this investment completely risky. You will be investing in properties without any right to vote for your choices. Moreover, you will not be able to convert it in liquidity form before ten years since investment. And, the worst of all, if the company goes bankrupt, your investment won’t be protected under the law.

    If you think that Grant Cardone is making any investment of his own which he claims on the Monday shows on real estate, then you are entirely misjudging this person. Let’s say, he brings a property by purchasing it for $10M. Later, he decides to scale the opportunity and tell investors that the total cost is $18M. So, he got his money back and still remained the highest percentage of the property owner. In addition, he also earns syndicate fees. In short, he is making an 80% return on his investments and a long-term ownership and management fee.

    The company is so suspicious that the investors never get their investment statement. Every month, they receive a check, and that is all. So, investors never know what they are investing in, and the company does not take responsibility for sharing that detail as well.

    You have no right to ask about the profits the investment made or where the money was put. All you know is that the company would share the percentage after ten years. But, what if the company declares itself bankrupt and leaves you in the middle.

    I have been trying to get off their mailing list for a long time. However, these guys always find a way to my inbox. The Cardone capital is used shady marketing practices, but most of the deals are also made to believe making huge success while that are doing just well. The values that the company is based on are purely made to benefit Cardone Capital.

    Crowdfunding into multi-family homes may be in surge today. What if it backs fire? Is there a proper plan for the same? This company is trying its best to make people believe that they are receiving huge benefits by joining it. But, the truth is that the investors are only paying to make the manager, Grant Cardone, rich and extensive. His reputation as a celebrity is also hard to beat.

    However, I really believe that many crowdfunding companies have better propositions than what Cardone is selling. This guy is a scammer and a shady marketer. That is what he is. A clever prick who knows his way out of every mess. Check out his videos, and you will be able to read between the lines. He is just an entertainer and no investor. And, a big fraud.

  8. Revealing. Yes, he is a scammer

    I have finally “given up on” Grant Cardone and his firm Cardone Ventures because of two things:

    The first and utmost because THE Grant Cardone “Scientology connection” are enough to fool you.

    I watched approximately 16 hours of his videos (on YouTube) as well as 3 hours within his “Cardone University” (which my company paid for, and pays me to watch on the job).

    There is a video where Mr.Cardone allegedly has a job interviewee who owes him $1500 for not paying for an online course.

    The exact same “job interviewee” is seen in another video where Grant Cardone tells him not to smoke marijuana.

    So the interviewee is either an actor or a paid member of Grant Cardone’s staff. His “real-life sales call,” I deduce, are essential “set-ups.”

    My tingly spidery senses went off the first second I saw Grant, but my boss absolutely loves the man.

    Grant Cardone’s rule of “no negativity” is a fantastic piece of advice — unfortunately for his marks (e.g., my boss), it also prevents concerned advice from being relayed 🙁

  9. Review of Grant Cardone and Cardone Ventures

    So I read through a portion of the SEC filings that Cardone Capital has submitted since starting building up their organization.

    It’s a genuinely new organization with the reason that you become a “Class An Interest” with a base speculation of $10,000.

    All fundamental leadership influence with the speculation capital created by “Class A Interests” is ultimately saved via Cardone Capital, implying that after you cut the check, you won’t have any further talk into how the cash will at that point be contributed.

    The capital delivered from financial specialists will be utilized to back and buy numerous multi-family homes, (yet, in addition, maintain whatever authority is needed to put resources into another land at the director’s prudence) and after that intended to be sold in 10 years.

    You are relied upon to stay as a financial specialist for that time, and can’t get any arrival on your cash during that time.

    On the off chance that the properties demonstrated a benefit after the development and deal after the ten years, at that point, by then, you would get your arrival on speculation by then.

    Be that as it may, they likewise maintained whatever authority is needed to acquire credit extensions, get against different resources, or cause higher loan fees to get financing for properties, and along these lines, could contract the estimation of your inevitable return.

    I’ll interface the Filing that I got this data from. If it demonstrates productivity on the opposite end in 10 years, you will arrive by then. If it proves productivity on the opposite end in 10 years, you will reach by then. If it demonstrates productivity on the opposite end in 10 years, you will arrive by then.

    If it demonstrates productivity on the opposite end in 10 years, you will arrive by then. Yet, you’re essentially giving Grant Cardone (supervisor of the organization) cash to put resources into properties under his caution. If it demonstrates productivity on the opposite end in 10 years, you will arrive by then.

    They are additionally documenting not the same as a conventional land speculation organization (see Page 17), including an expanded introduction to you as a financial specialist, which could even mean you are not guaranteed if this organization fails or self-destructs.

    With no casting ballot rights or control on your venture throughout its development, and powerlessness to liquefy the speculation until the multi-year length is finished, it is high hazard speculation.

    Be that as it may, I give the data. You can decide for yourself.

  10. Grant Review

    I am not surprised by the way Grant scammed my sister. When I first spoke to him while he was in talks with my sister, I did sense something fishy. I asked my sister to be careful while dealing with him and paying for his courses. However, by that time, she had already paid him in full.

    I wish I could help her a little earlier. The entire money was put to bin as there was nothing valuable the course added to our existing system. A complete waste of money.

Reported Loss :185000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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