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Grand Mondial Casino won’t let you withdraw money until you lose

I have certainly played a number of games on various online casino sites and I can differentiate when the terms are only made to fool users. Grand Mondial is one among those casinos which have made sure that a user never wins. Sometimes, they even deduct the amount without any reason for some bonus tricks. All in all, the entire program is a fraud. My friend and I joined this casino together.

We made our own accounts to play games at this casino. We deposited $100 each. He started playing with lower amounts and was winning a good number of games. I thought of investing $40 at once and I lost it. Again, after looking at his winnings, I bet for $3 and I won. As long as I kept betting for smaller amounts, I had a fair share of winning side. But, that did not last for long. After I made a total of $150 and my friend was also close to that amount, we started losing again, whatever we did.

The games are also not great. I had experience with other casinos and they provide better games. Again, coming back to this online game, I felt difficult to make much out of the website. They also asked me to deposit in case I wanted to withdraw the amount. So, I deposited $20. Again, no luck. I kept playing with the amount in my account. My friend was also playing, and he made profits by using small amounts.

After few days, his account was a total of $1600. When he talked to the customer care about the withdrawal policy, they told that he will have to bet for $3000 to take it all. He further deposited the amount to make it a total of $3000 and this time, he lost. He lost big time. When I saw him losing the game, I decided not to get into this scam.

I called the customer service again and said that I wanted my money back. As with my friend, the guy refused to do so and said that I will have to bet for that much of sum for becoming eligible for the withdrawal. I checked other reviews on the internet and I found that people were talking about weird things happening. One complaint said that he wagered for $3 and the total amount deducted from his account was $150.

All these things made me suspicious about their platform and I straight away called the bank people. These guys told me that the money could be withdrawn. I was happy to hear that. They said that it will take some time. When they initiated the process from their end, the amount got stuck in their platform for three days and then, my account died.

In other words, my account was blocked and my money remained stuck in the platform. I called the customer support people of Grand Mondial and they refused to help. At first, they told me that my account was not the only account and there was some maintenance taking place and few people’s accounts were suspended for that reason. I took that for an answer.

But, they had no notice on their website about this maintenance. I further called the team and the other guy told me that the account was suspended for few days for some updates and it will be up and running in a week. I could not get that. How can a company catering to so many users, can keep accounts shut for a week? This wasn’t an acceptable answer. Again, I called them after a week. I was irritated because they had not yet resumed the services of my account.

I asked the guy who took the call about the account problem and he said that there was no mention of such complaint from my end and that the account was still suspended. He said that he would make it live in few hours. I called the same day in the evening and I was informed that the again there were no complaints made on my end.

I was even told that the account I was talking about had no reference in their system. They said that my credentials were not present in their system.

My friend who had played with them had his account with them because he lost all his money and had nothing left to withdraw. This is what I can make out from what they did to me. They never had the intention of giving back my money. They only were trying to make it difficult for me at every step. Grand Mondial and its customer care team is not to be trusted. Now, I am not able to do anything about the amount that my bank was helping me to withdraw.

If you guys have gone through the same scam, please come forward and let everyone know what these guys are up to. Without any hesitation, I deem that I was scammed by these goons. The company is like many other scam companies that run casino games for luring users in losing their money.

I have registered this complaint here and would be doing it again on other websites. They need to know that we, users are not dumb. We know our rights I will fight until I get my money back. This entire thing is dubious and this company is not genuine. Grand Mondial reviews which talk about its great features are fake. Those must be written by these people themselves or they must have paid someone to do so.

Because my friend and I have both been scammed at the same time. There are many reviews that have been through the same experience which do not make us alone. This is a ripoff and they should be treated as scammers and put behind bars.

Is Grand Mondial Casino a legit?

Grand Mondial Casino is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Grand Mondial Casino located?

Grand Mondial Casino is headquarted at Telephone Road 2828 TX US. You can contact Grand Mondial Casino by dialing 1-888-214-1951 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Grand Mondial Casino’s customers?

According to Grand Mondial Casino’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1800 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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2 Reviews on Grand Mondial Casino

  1. grandmondial is ascam

    I ask them to erase my account that’s how bad they are

  2. Grand Mondial Casino Review

    Grand Mondial is a scam website. I was scammed for $2899. They actually suspended my account for no reason. I tried getting my funds out but they blocked it first and then my account just vanished.

    These guys are a freak show. Wish I had never trusted them. What a fraud. They have the string in their command and can pull it off anytime.

    Never sign up with them.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 1800 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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