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Fraud Consultants/ Not professional/ Fake/ Easy-money maker!

We signed a contract with Global links consultants, Sharjah, to apply as an immigrant in Canada. After paying the initial payment of 1000 USD and taking all the necessary documents, they emailed us that we met the scores and criteria for a provincial nominee program.

Moving forward, we did not receive any updates NOR emails after so many follow-ups after that email until we decided to visit their office in Dubai.

They informed us that there is a job offer and we need to pay another 1000 USD which is NOT in the contract (Weird, right? After signing up for immigrant- they are offering us a “job opening” in Canada).

The lawyer/adviser named Adv. Femin Panikkassery told us that they would change the contract as they were doing everything possible to get us there to Canada through a job offer and assured us that if we are not satisfied, the 2nd payment will be refunded in full amount as per the contract.

This job offer is fake, which he also admitted and explained that it is only to show the possible employers that we are interested in applying for the job. The job offer document is blank. There is no employer name, etc.) This happened before the covid pandemic in 2019.

Few months after we were still following and no response at all via email. They will only inform us that still no news or telling us that there is no job opening there (informing us only if we call them on the phone or direct call to Femin) until we decided to withdraw/cancel the contract and asked for a second payment (1000 USD) to be refunded.

Until now, it’s been a year since they never replied to our email and always promised to give the refund, telling us that they are still waiting for the money from their head office in Canada. Still, nothing happened and making excuses because it is pandemic.

Please note that this Adv FEMIN Panikkassery is very keen and nice if you talk to him and tell you all the promises and lies to convince you to sign up for them. BEWARE of this immigration consultancy firm.


Is Global Links Consultants a legit?

Global Links Consultants is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Global Links Consultants located?

Global Links Consultants is headquarted at Al Husn Tower, Second Floor, Suit No : 209 - King Faisal St - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. You can contact Global Links Consultants by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Global Links Consultants’s customers?

According to Global Links Consultants’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on Global Links Immigration Services

  1. Putting Together Fraud Criminal Case

    Hello! We are compiling a fraud case for Sharjah Police against Global Links. If you have had this happen to you, please email [email protected].

  2. It’s fake

    I started with this company in 2018
    After 3 years I found out it’s fake and cheating
    I filed a case against the company and I won the case
    It’s our blood and sweat we pay and they easily take our money and do nothing in return. They play smart to make contract with us contains all favors for them in their contract. But there is justice in this world for poor innocent people.
    Alhamdulillah I won the case and got my money back.
    If any of you want assistance or guidance contact me.
    All the best
    Take care

  3. Contact me

    I filed complaint and I won the case.
    If anyone needs assistance contact me
    I will guide you
    All the best

  4. Please be alert

    Dear friends,

    I had bad experience with the company since I registered with them in 2018 and I felt it’s just fake promise.
    Then I filed a complaint 2 years ago and won the case after 1.5 years.
    It took time but there is justice for poor people like me because we work hard to earn money. This is our blood and sweat.

    I would recommend you guys to make sure you have all the necessary documents to prove. At the same time it’s a long process and you need to work hard and be patient and submit the necessary documentation with legal translations.
    If you need any advice contact me.
    Take care
    All the best
    My number is 0556910556

  5. Femin is a big fraud uae government should ban this guy i lost 12500 aed and from kasf 4 years he hanged me for job im ready to go to police if anyone wants to join me pls contact me.

    1. Contact me

      Hi. I got cheated from this same agent with AED 24000 but I filed case against the company and won the case and got my money back after 1 and a half year.

      I tried to file a police complaint. It will not be acceptable because So you need to file a civil case and you really need to work hard and wait.
      Hope your money will be returned. It’s your blood and sweat . All the best.
      More details contact me 0556910556

    2. Contact me

      Contact me

      I will guide you

    3. Please Email [email protected]

      Hello, please email [email protected]. We are compiling a criminal fraud case.

  6. Disgusting global link

    Global link is fuckinng most worse immigration in Dubai. I warn everyone please do not apply from this immigration anymore. They are very smart to make money just will show scam offer letter from Canada and take money. There is one guy name is femin very smart to make money by showing all fake visa from Canada. We should complain to police and shut down this fake immigration office.

    1. Hey alex as i m suffring the same lets go to police and lodge a complain against femin if you know someone gather yhem and lets file complain against femin ols contact me through email

    2. Please Contact [email protected]

      Hello, please email [email protected]. We are compiling a criminal fraud case.

  7. Fraud and Scam Company

    They are fraudsters. He claim that he is appointed by some indian governement entity called Norka and cheat people. Be very careful. We must report him to dubai authorities. He can do anything to squeeze your money,

    1. Please contact [email protected]

      Hello, please email [email protected]. We are compiling a criminal fraud case.

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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