Ear and Balance Institute owned and operated by Gerard Gianoli, a nasty and dubious medical entrepreneur committing health care fraud and engaging in a scheme of false diagnoses and bogus courses of treatment and unnecessary invasive procedures, dispensing unnecessary and harmful medications all for his personal financial gain and with no regard for patient well being.

Gianoli has been ordering fraudulent repetitive and excessive medical procedures on his patients in order to increase revenue . After been severely injured by this medical provider, he told me to go look for another provider, if I refuse to undergo additional invasive procedures.

In his written medical records he never documented the things he told me upfront about the necessity of additional procedures. While his brother John Gianoli was already sent to jail and his medical license forfeited, Gerard Gianoli is still on the loose and in the business of hurting people for personal gain.


GERARD GIANOLI EAR AND BALANCE INSTITUTE is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.


GERARD GIANOLI EAR AND BALANCE INSTITUTE is headquarted at Ochsner Boulevard 1401 LA US. You can contact GERARD GIANOLI EAR AND BALANCE INSTITUTE by dialing (985) 809-1111 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by GERARD GIANOLI EAR AND BALANCE INSTITUTE’s customers?

According to GERARD GIANOLI EAR AND BALANCE INSTITUTE’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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  1. Dr. Wacko Gianoli

    Gianoli is a lying crook and tells people they have a fistula of the round window when they do not. Does this for money and then later when that fails he wants 10k plus 3k for testing. Straight up lying crook. Dr. Wacko Gianoli.
    Beware of his fake reviews on paid sites.

  2. con artist

    I saw Dr. Gianoli five times and every time he gave me a new misdiagnosis. He insisted my vertigo that kicked in immediately after his surgical procedure had to do with the other ear. What an unlikely calamity. Really? On the same day of the surgery? When I told him about the pain in my ear, he told me there wasn’t any pain in my ear. One thing is for certain: this doctor who brags on his expertise serves probably two lords, one of them is mammon. The Lord of Greed. Beware of anyone who claims to be “an expert.” Most experts in any industry will NEVER claim it. They may show it to you, but you won’t hear them or others claiming it. In many cases, when someone claims he or she is an expert, he or she is a con artist who is trying to cajole you into taking his or word without any outside verification. When in doubt, step back and doubt. Studies show there are more sociopathic doctors than previously suspected and one of their gaslighting tactics is the good ole “I’m an expert” claim.

  3. Beware of his inflated ratings

    I am five years out of surgery for superior canal dehiscence, and I can tell you definitively that Dr. Gianioli was incorrect in his diagnosis, and I never should have listened when he insisted to operate on my left ear. I have partial hearing loss in my left ear that is permanent. I advise everyone to get atleast 3 consults from different doctors. The doctors at both the University of Washington and Swedish Hospital in Seatr told me that they do not think I had SCDS and asked me to reconsider before flying to Louisiana to drop tens of thousands of dollars. Dr. Gianoli doesnt even take insurance so I am still trying to pay off debt. Furthermore, they hand you an ipad add ask you to rate them after just the initial consult instead of after the actual surgery so beware of his inflated ratings. Please seek out 3 consults and do not blindly believe in what Dr. Gianoli says.

    1. “I am God complex”

      I was treated by Dr. Gianoli for what appeared to be Meniere’s. He told me I had permanent damage to my ear and was going to be deaf. He wanted to do lumbar puncture, then surgery, I refused and he put me on different meds that had me like a zombie. Luckily, I found another Dr. who was wonderful and got me off all of the meds. My hearing is normal and I have been doing great for many years. He might be a very good doctor to others but I am done with him! I am happy to tell him his diagnosis was WRONG! Dr. Gianoli has no empathy and I doubt he is honest, he made me feel so scared and sad. Always get a second and third opinion – and find someone who cares, who accepts insurance and has no “I am God complex”.

    2. Hard Core Predator

      Gianoli is a hard core predator in a lamb skin. Instead of simple medication to control blood pressure for me, he put me on diuretics and aggravated my situation badly. Once I was doing so bad he told me that only surgery would help me, he cut off my ear, and now its pure misery without balance, partial hearing and a throbbing tinnitus . Other ENT doctors from Tulane University could not find any reason to justify Dr. Gianoli’s ear surgery. When a doctor deprives you from your most important sense for no reason that is a hard core predator.


      Best doctors in best medical center in the world don’t have “dozens” of reviews, this scammer in the swamps of LA is producing hundreds of fake reviews to attract his victims from all over. Gambling on his patients lives with his scams.

  4. Gianoli forced-induced medical costs

    This doctor is such a fake fraud! In his twitter account he recommends how to avoid medical costs, one of his suggestions: “Stop high risk activity”. Dr. Gianoli is inducing high risk activity on his patients with unnecessary surgeries. This doctor destroyed my ear with his knife, my medical costs are not due to my life-style. My disability and my medical costs were induced by him and to finance his self induced greed and opulent life-style.

    Gerard Gianoli, M.D.
    Mar 20

    Those for #MedicareForAll would get better #healthcare if they:
    1) Diet/lose weight
    2) Exercise
    3) Stop smoking
    4) Stop drinking/drugs
    5) Wear seatbelt
    6) Stop high risk activity
    80% of medical cost go to treating self-induced #lifestyle problems

  5. Gerard Gianoli MD Covington LA

    A false diagnosis of a benign condition that could have been easily regulated with simple medication ended up on the operation table with a catastrophic outcome of brain damage for my spouse. After the tragedy that this doctor brought to our family and our lives, Dr Gianoli altered medical records to justify the requirement for his surgical intervention, and added symptoms that my spouse did not have and never had before the surgery.

    1. Master scammer

      If you’re okay with your doctor telling you that the pain you’re experiencing in the same ear you just had surgery couldn’t be caused by the surgery and therefore not their problem then chose this guy. I will not recommend Gianoli to anyone, even my enemies.

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Severity : Extremely High
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