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I posted an investment opportunity on Angel Investors and received an email from a [email protected]. She scheduled me for a teleconference with a Mr. Ger Keijzer the following day.

Ger then proceeded to tell me they would be happy to represent us in Europe w/o any fees other than a small commission that was  paid only if they raised the necessary funds.

We agreed and then he told us we had to have a private placement memorandum written specifically for the European Union with a cost of $3,700.

He recommended a company called the Labelle Group in London and said they were a separate company.

I asked our attorney about the memorandum and he said that if we were raising money for a US business there is no such requirement for a memorandum specifically for the EU.

That was the first red flag. We went ahead contrary to our attorneys comments and paid the fee. My first mistake. After several months of nothing happening I became suspicious.

I sent an email to our IT people and asked them to research the IP addresses for both G8plus and Labelle.

It turns out they are both operating off of the same server and are in fact the same company. When I confronted Ger on this he made a big deal and said he was terminating our relationship.

Most important is the fact that an EU memorandum for a US business investment is not an EU requirement.

That is how the actual scam is operated. This guy says you have to do this when in fact it isn’t true.

That is how they make their money…first they agree to raise funds w/o any upfront fees then they say but you have to pay for a memorandum.

I saw the same thing out of Thailand. There they said you had to have a business license.

Is Ger Keijzer a legit?

Ger Keijzer is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Ger Keijzer located?

Ger Keijzer is headquarted at Netherlands and Seychelles. You can contact Ger Keijzer by dialing 00 31 85 888 35 79 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Ger Keijzer’s customers?

According to Ger Keijzer’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3700 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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6 Reviews on Ger Keijzer

  1. G8 Plus Ger Keijzer scammed me

    Had exactly the same scam pulled on us by Ger Keijzer, right down to using the LaBelle Group. Lost €2000. Ger even tried to get us to invest in Bit Coins with someone in Switzerland, who doesn’t exist. Stay away fro G8plus and Ger, nothing but criminals.

  2. G8 Plus Ger Keijzer scammed me

    My exerience with Ger and G8 Plus was exactly like the previous poster described. Everything was the same, including LaBelle. They took us for 2,000 Euros. Stay away from this bad actor and company.

  3. Stepan Altounian

    Stepan Altounian is an Armenian mobster. Please be careful. I once ate in his restaurant and, strangely enough, only shabby Chinese men were present, shouting and spoiling my dinner. If you have any further information about this man, please post is here. Thank you.

  4. Ger is a great guy who helped us very well! Stepan Altounian, however, is a Marijuana dealer, paid by a jealous competitor.

    I worked with Ger and he helped us really well. I looked up Stepan Altounian and, according to the local government, he runs a “Marijuana Farm” without the required permits. He is probably paid by competitors to write this nonsense because of money problems.

    1. You do not have correct info

      Don’t know where you got your info. Our company is fully licensed with a 36 page Development Agreement with the City plus the State of California. Anyone who wants proof can post on this site with their email and I will respond. Bottom line… Ger said we needed a PPM for Europe. That is totally false when someone is investing in the US. Only USA PPM is required. That is how he scams people out of their money.

  5. It's shady not to have a PPM under EU law

    I’m an American living in Germany with an energy startup in the green sector. It has attracted German investors, so I hired a German lawyer to draw up a private placement memorandum PPM for me so that I’m not accused of making a public offering, which is against the law under the BaFin, the German Fed Financial Service Authority ( Other EU members have similar rules since German law is subject to the EU laws. My PPM contains material info on my company and any risks connected to acquisition of shares and limits the number and capacity of investors…so therefore I can’t be accused of making a public offering. If I don’t have this in place, the BaFin can and will investigate for misinforming investors which puts me at risk for legal claims, harm to my reputation, and costs to remedy the situation. The BaFin fines aren’t cheap, even as much as half a million $$$. You have to be really careful not to do business in a questionable way and get into trouble over deceiving investors. What Stepan is suggesting is really shady under EU law and the BaFin would come after you for sure if you take that advice. You really can’t get around the PPM, plain and simple. If you think you can, you’re playing with fire and asking to get burned.

    1. PPM

      This continued writing about a PPM not in place is pure falacy. There was already a PPM per US securities law for investors to read. Since this was a project in the US we only need a US PPM.

  6. According to the SEC, offering an investment without a PPM is a red flag

    It is alarming that this guy Stephen wants to attract investors without a PPM. The SEC warns that such ‘investments’ are usually fraudulent: “Avoid an investment if the salesperson will not provide you with anything in writing. A legitimate private offering will usually be described in a private placement memorandum, or PPM. Similarly, sloppy offering documents that contain typographical, spelling, or other errors can be a red flag that the investment could be a scam.”.

    1. You do not have correct info

      Perhaps you do not understand. We already had a PPM, which is a requirement per the Securities and Exchange Commission of the US. Furthermore the PPM was put together by Akeman LLP, a nationwide securities firm. Both the PPM, Operating Agreeement, Business Plan and Financials were made available to all potential investors in compliance with SEC regulations. Ger had all of these documents. The fact that Ger insisted we have a PPM per the EU was false. Furthermore, he claimed the company that did the work was not affiliatated with him. Again false. The only requirement for funds was what we already had in place. There was no need for another PPM for the EU. Nor is there any EU requirement for a PPM for individuals to make an investment in the US. The only requirement was a US PPM with the supporting documents as outlined above.

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Reported Loss : 3700 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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