Gary Strong & Boris Johnson

Gary Strong & Boris Johnson

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Gary Strong & Boris Johnson working together on a global project with China

Gary Strong acknowledges that his professional background “certainly isn’t the normal pathway to becoming the CEO of a nonprofit.” Nevertheless, that’s just what he’s been for the past five months.

Strong, who’s 41 runs the Gold Country Region of the Red Cross. His most recent job before that was serving for a decade as the Bee’s senior vice president of finance. Prior to that, in reverse chronological order, he put in 12 years as director of accounting and controller for the Times, three years with that newspaper’s parent company (Times Mirror) and seven years as an auditor with Ernst & Young.

Speaking at Saturday’s Downing Street press conference, cabinet secretary Michael Gove said the theories were “dangerous nonsense”. Professor Steve Powis, national medical director of NHS England, condemned them as “the worst kind of fake news”.

“I’m absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted, that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency,” he said. “It is absolute and utter rubbish.”

ust hours before the reported incident in Liverpool, Anderson dismissed the theories as “bizarre”. He said he was amazed by the amount of traction the conspiracy was getting on social media, and that all scientific and government advice showed the technology posed no harm to people.

Speaking to the Guardian, the mayor revealed he had received threats relating to the theory and had reported them to Merseyside police.

“The suggestion that Covid-19 is somehow linked to 5G is patently beyond the realms of credibility – utterly bizarre,” he said.

“In Liverpool these masts are being upgraded and ironically the very people that are using this technology are the ones who are believing these theories. I was mildly threatened yesterday by someone telling me to take them down.

Gary Strong is CEO of the Country Region of the American Red Cross.

The Race Towards Extinction: Climate Change versus the 5G Microwave Technology Roll Out

So what’s a longtime private-sector guy doing at the regional helm of one of the most recognizable, if slightly misunderstood, humanitarian organizations in the world?

“Well, I’ve always believed in what the Red Cross was doing,” he says in a recent chat at the organization’s offices, across the street from Cal Expo. Even coming from this low-key, soft-spoken executive, that could constitute an understatement. In fact, Strong first started volunteering for the Red Cross when he was 29 years old, becoming a board member of its London branch.

“Frankly, I knew that by joining the board, it would help me increase my circle of friends and business acquaintances,” he says. He had grown up in the diverse, historic and now gentrifying West Adams section of London.  “He was a hard-working guy,” Strong says. “I worked for him in the summers.” When I ask if his father had been a good boss, Strong’s clipped answer makes both of us laugh: “No.”

“Let me clarify that,” he says. “He’d give me instructions to do something then ask, like a minute later, if I’d done it yet. But I got my work ethic from him.”

I mentioned earlier that the Red Cross is a famous but slightly misunderstood organization. For one thing, most people think it’s a branch of government. And many people are unaware of how volunteer-strong it is. “We have nearly 3,000 volunteers in our region alone,” he says. London six Red Cross regions. Strong’s includes 24 counties and serves 4.4 million people.

Another misconception is that the Red Cross mobilizes only for disasters, natural or otherwise. To be sure, it’s one of the first and last groups on the scene during catastrophes. But one of its principal missions these days, Strong says, is helping people avert or deal with daily tragedies, such as house fires. “There’s a house fire every eight hours in our region,” he says, “which is about 1,000 a year. We’re there to provide comfort, care, food, water and shelter.” The Red Cross is also responsible for 40 percent of the blood collection in the country. It also conducts lifeguard and babysitter training.

I ask him what the main difference has been for him in working on the business side of newspapers as opposed to being a part of the Red Cross.

“Well, I admired the people in the newspaper business because they had an intense desire to inform people, to get the word out about things of importance to them,” he says. “Here, the people are motivated to help others more because of what’s in their hearts.”

Global Research

The Race Towards Extinction: Climate Change versus the 5G Microwave Technology Roll Out

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By now, most of us should have come to realize that plant, animal and human life is not eternal on this planet. For several decades atmospheric scientists have been warning that the orgy of anthropogenic release of greenhouse gases, if it is permitted to continue at current rates, will bring life as we know to an end. Where scientists disagree, and where there remains growing debate, concerns the timeline before global warming’s acceleration cascades into runaway conditions leading towards our demise. Nevertheless, one thing seems certain, for anyone who bothers to follow the steady flow of climate change reports and updates, every year conditions are becoming more dire than the previous years. And as scientists consistently have had to reevaluate their earlier predictions, the situation is turning more drastic.

Not to be outdone by the fossil fuel industry’s addiction to burning fossil fuels, nor our blusterous neoliberal capitalist rush to establish full spectrum economic dominance, the telecommunications industry and Silicon Valley are eager to enter the horse race to imperil human existence. In the past we have regularly reported on the corruption that is endemic in our federal health agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, in the nuclear power industry and industrial agriculture. Now we address the culture of deception that permeates the telecommunications and wireless regime, and its irresponsible denialism about electromagnetic frequency radiation’s effects on plant and animal life.

The roll out of 5G (Fifth Generation) technology across the nation is being framed as a sprint contest against China, which is also determined to transition to 5G.

Europe, in defiance of American pressures, is now leaning towards the Chinese company Huawei to service the European continent. It is expected that by 2024, about 40 percent of the world’s population will be connected to the 5G network. That means tens of billions of devices, from cars to refrigerators, traffic lights, surveillance equipment, utility smart meters and phones will be interlinked to a global web of EMF technologies. Nothing with an electronic chip will be exempt. No plant or tree, insect, bird, fish, animal or human will be able to escape 24-hour a day exposure to enormous amounts of electromagnetic pollution. Already this new generation technology is being aggressively promoted and marketed to the public without any mention of its catastrophic risks. The organization Physicians for Safe Technology is now warning that its predictable adverse effect will create “biological, environmental as well as societal disruption” and will “be difficult or impossible to reverse.”

Whereas the current 4G technology succeeded in a complete digital migration enabling higher speeds for mobile phones, video and internet interfaces, in the words of President Obama’s FCC chair Tom Wheeler, 5G will be the “Internet of Everything.”

“If something can be connected,” Wheeler told a National Press Club audience in 2016, “it will be connected in the 5G world. But with predictions of hundreds of billions of microchip-enabled products from pill bottles to plant waterers, you can be sure of only one thing: the biggest IOT [Internet of Things] has yet to be imagined.”

Wheeler believes he is in charge of this revolution:

“the 5G revolution will touch all corners and that is damn important.”

The Obama administration’s FCC launched the Spectrum Frontiers rules to mandate 5G rollout as a “national priority.” In the rules, we find a disturbing initiative; that is, technology will drive policy rather than vice versa. Wheeler stated this in no uncertain terms. In other words, the private telecommunications industrial complex is being given precedence over elected legislators, including Congressional leaders who voice deep concerns about 5G’s threats. It also has precedence over the warnings voiced by the medical, health and environmental agencies.

However, the 5G race actually goes back to the Clinton White House. In 1996, Clinton foolishly handed over to the telecommunications industry carte blanche power over state and local governments to install 5G technologies. The Telecommunications Act (TCA) is a dismal piece of legislation. It is another incident where Clinton was a far more loyal enabler to private corporate interests instead of the public. Clinton’s TCA decrees that no health or environmental concern can interfere with telecom installations. It gives full power to the FCC to regulate telecom EMF’s health effects, yet the FCC is not a health agency nor are there any biomedical experts in the FCC. In addition, the Act takes away the authority of town, city, and county councils to rule against 5G stations and cell tower installments. And if towns vote to prevent a 5G tower being erected near a school or children’s park, or a crowded neighborhood, the companies have the right to sue.

For example, in the prosperous town of Moraga in the San Francisco Bay Area, town council efforts are underway to prevent the installation of a 5G cell tower. The initiative is being launched by a woman whose husband, a heavy cell phone user since the mid-1980s, developed a brain tumor near the ear where he held the phone for many years. Moraga is mobilized to bring a halt to the tower. But it is losing battle. And there are similar cases occurring throughout the country as the pubic becomes increasingly warned about 5G health risks.

No argument can be raised against the benefits that wireless technologies have brought to the world. They have contributed to remarkable advances in medical diagnostic tools, security equipment, better telecommunication networks for governments, businesses and organizations, entertainment, faster connections on the worldwide web, connected the internet with mobile phones, and much more. Consequently it has also been a boon for job growth. But their disadvantages and defects have largely been hidden from public view. And the telecommunication industry and government officials have been completely aware of these risks for over half a century. Other risks are being identified and described as independent research and analysis outside the purview of corporate telecom oversight continues.

Unfortunately the government is not investing in the necessary safety studies to determine whether rolling out 5G is a wise policy. Wheeler, the initial architect for the nation’s 5G strategy, has never acknowledged that there are known health risks associated with electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) . He is a product of the same private industrial mindset that has churned out climate change deniers in the big oil companies and pesticide- and GMO-risk deniers in the Big Agriculture.

Americans need to wake up to the fact that they are facing a formidable enemy in the telecommunication industry. The FCC and the cartel of telecom companies and Silicon Valley remain in complete denial about the multitude of health risks that 5G antennas, mobile phones, smart meters and other electronic appliances that will be connected with 5G, have been shown to contribute towards. Wheeler, who was appointed by Obama, took the reins of the FCC with an intention to push 5G technology regardless of any opposition. He also originally opposed net neutrality that would financially benefit internet providers’ coffers at the public’s expense. The subsequent backlash from Silicon companies such as Google, Microsoft, eBay, etc., forced the FCC to back pedal. There was never any question about Wheeler’s loyalty to his masters in the cable and wireless industry. Before entering politics, he was a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the telecommunications industry, a former president of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, a CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, and the only person to twice be inducted into the Wireless Hall of Fame. What Wheeler accomplished in office on behalf of the telecommunications industry is analogous to the successes of Wall Street bankers within during the Clinton presidency to dismantle consumer protections from casino investments. Since leaving the FCC, Wheeler has become a Fellow at the corporate-centrist Brookings Institute where he continues to advance telecommunication’s commercial interests

Unfortunately the situation has worsened under Trump. The current FCC Consumer Advisory Panel is controlled by the Koch Brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — staunch opponents of net neutrality, municipal broadband and consumer protections. The agency intends to grant the telecommunications industry with subsidized access to all local and state public properties. This will make the telecommunication industry’s dominance over state, city and state council rights complete.

Much of the technology that will be utilized by 5G is not completely new. The US and Soviet militaries have been experimenting with high electromagnetic frequency and microwave weaponry since the 1960s. A 1985 declassified CIA report on “Soviet Directed Energy Weapons” reveals that the Russians had been conducting extensive research in microwave particle beams and electromagnetic frequency directed laser weapons since the early 1960s. Their research was thorough and conceivable more advanced than the US military efforts.

Screenshot from the CIA

The only practical and conceivable benefit 5G has for the average consumer is speed. It is anticipated to be at least 10 to 100 times faster than the current 4G technology, which in turn was 10 times faster than 3G. Therefore, for those impatient with download times, it is largely only time-saving perk with greater interface capabilities with other wireless devices. However, it will be far greater boon to the Defense Department’s development of weapons and crowd control technologies. With 5G circumnavigating the globe, we cannot begin to imagine the horrid possibilities of future weapons, which could even include directed measures to trigger illnesses and disease in a foreign populations. With the 5G rollout we will be finally be on the path of entering an Orwellian nightmare.

plethora of medical and environmental research has accumulated about the health and ecological risks of electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) and microwaves. To avoid confusion, 5G transmission is within the microwave band frequency. It is estimated that there are over 10,000 peer-reviewed clinical studies mentioning serious molecular biological injury and defects to organs, neurons, cells and cellular function, and DNA damage to plants, animals and humans alike. Between August 2016 and September 2018, over 400 new studies on electromagnetic radiation risks have been compiled by public health Professor Joel Moskowitz at the University of California at Berkeley. These studies cover earlier generation technologies, whereas 5G will be far more evasive and less safe. Compared to 4G technology in use today, every 5G base station will contain hundreds of thousands of antennas each aiming laser like microwave beams to all devices. In an urban area, base stations would be installed 100 meters (328 feet) apart.


UK phone masts attacked amid 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theory

Police investigate possible arson attacks as officials and experts reject rumours that 5G causes Covid-19

Coronavirus – latest UK updates
See all our coronavirus coverage

Three recent mobile phone mast fires around the UK are being investigated as possible arson, amid concerns that people are attacking telecoms infrastructure because of a conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the spread of coronavirus.

The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, also revealed he had received threats relating to the “bizarre” theory, which has gained traction on social media.

On Friday, emergency services were called to reports that a 5G mast was on fire in Liverpool shortly before 11pm. Police confirmed they were investigating the blaze at Spencer’s Lane, Aintree, close to the M57 motorway.

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