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My experience was needed 200 to help me get funding for my business and also help me with information by their team to help me run it but I never heard from anyone within a week I asked for a refund and still waiting on it

Is Funding Target a legit?

Funding Target is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 14 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Funding Target located?

Funding Target is headquarted at Co Rte 5, Parsons, WV 26287, USA. You can contact Funding Target by dialing 1 800-433-1560 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Funding Target’s customers?

According to Funding Target’s customers, a monetary loss of US $217 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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14 Reviews on Funding Target

  1. SCAM

    This company is a scam that takes money from hard working small business owners. After not being able to receive funding, I asked them for the refund that they guaranteed they would give. They told me funds would be returned to me no later than October 11th. Here we are in December and still no refund. I have called and left voicemails and sent emails every day since the 11th and nobody answers. I have turned them into the BBB and have gotten an attorney.

  2. Sounded legit but no funding yet and no communication from them

    They sounded legit on the call. I completed all the requested info and sent to them within 24 hours. They stated that it would take from 4-6 weeks after submitting business plan to Feds to know whether accepted or rejected. They also stated that my fee would be refunded if a grant was not approved.
    A MONTH later they emailed me the business plan. I signed off on it the same day I received it, over 6 weeks ago now, and have heard NOTHING from grants.
    Now I cannot get Funding Target to answer my calls!!!!! Beginning to think this is a scam/ripoff.

  3. Stay clear!! They take your money and don't help you!

    We paid them $289 in March, gave them all info they asked for within 24hrs. They would give us a date of when we would receive a list of grants to apply to and would ghost us. After a month of no answers, no return phone calls or returned emails they gave us a new rep. He did the samething! Kept pushing back the date that he would supply us with grants and when he finally gave us a list (which consisted of 6) none of them even had grants! Again we were ghosted, no return calls or emails after we were told the problem would be rectified. Finally after 4 months of nothing but headache and aggravation, we asked for our money back. They lied and said they had full conversations with us which never happened and then tried to say that they sent us an email which never happened. Afterbasking for a refund, we were told that they went above and beyond looming for grants which they didn’t have to do…thats literally what we paid you for!!! Stay clear of these scamming morans!!

  4. Scam

    I tried working with this company several times started May 2021. They gave me the run around for 7 months. Jim Austin is a scam artist and so is his manager Chris. Chris asked me why I wanted a refund and proceeded to speak over me.

    He tried to bully me into not getting a refund. My husband had to put him in his place and let him know he was wrong with customer service and to quit speaking over me where he sat their and listened to my husband the whole time with no interruption.

    This company does not meet deadlines, are not professional, makes excuses and do not get anything done, they are bullies and huge scammers. Please do not waste your time or money on this company it’s not worth the tears.

  5. Cancelled my interest

    Thank God I read the reviews before I gave this company a chance, the thought of losing 200 for no success or accomplishment of getting the help business owners need, it is my best interest to keep it moving to another company.

  6. Disappointing

    I sent a payment to this company. I’m a single mother with a rising business in this Hard time. I spoke with a really nice lady on the phone everything seemed so promising and even looked up the website. All for them to take my money and not respond. As hard as times are with the virus and everything it’s very disappointing that they would do something like this to a small business. I have tried calling and emailing. No response. Please just be very careful people do not give these ppl your money !

    1. Official Reply

      Nothing Received, Please Contact Us

      At FundingTarget, we understand the process in applying professionally before deadline dates is difficult. When setting up your file a receipt is immediately emailed to you for you to take care of. Upon Receiving your signed receipt a Getting Started email is immediately sent to you to begin. Upon reviewing all files, we have not received any phone calls or emails that you have tried to reach us. FundingTarget customers rely on us and we are working hard every day especially during this time of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 to make sure the system is fully operational and running smoothly. We look forward to assisting you.

    2. Scam

      The pattern is the same. No answer or return call after they take the $217.00. I will be reporting. Never mind, our Justice System is basically useless and they love these kind of schemes

  7. Ripped Off

    On 12/03/2019, I paid $217 for the “Full Solution” business plan package. I received my first and only draft on 12/17/2019. I submitted my revisions that very night per their instructions. I followed up with a phone call on 12/27/2019 as I still had not received my revision and I was told that I would have it on 12/31/2019.

    However, as of writing this review it has now been 18 business days (excluding Christmas Eve, Day, New Years Eve, Day) and I still do not have my revision.

    In fact, I’ve left 2 voicemails and submitted an email and they have ignored all of my communications. I have requested a refund and they have ignored that request as well.

    All I have is a revision of a business plan that has a watermark all over it in PDF form. I have nothing else and this company has failed to deliver on what I’ve paid for.

    I’ve submitted a dispute with my credit card company and I’m filing complaints with my State’s Attorney General and also filing a VA complaint as I am a Veteran as well.

    Do yourselves a favor and absolutely DO NOT use this company!!! Clearly they’re in the business of ripping people off!

    1. Official Reply

      FundingTarget focuses on completing each file professionally. When you signed up and submitted your information, timelines were informed on when your documents would be ready. You were not satisfied and requested a refund. Our agents accommodated your requests and emailed your document before the due date. You submitted changes and the changes were emailed to you on time. We did receive your messages and forwarded the files each time you claimed you did not receive your documents. One was sent to you On Dec 30, 2019, January 3, 2020 and January 10, 2020. Whether you are a veteran, minority or a regular business owner looking to start up your business or expand, It is our priority that all is done in a timely manner. Should you require any further assistance do not hesitate to contact us. We are always there to help you.

  8. Scam!!!

    Contacted this company to assist with starting a new company in July. I did get a draft sent to me but it was full of junk not ever related to my industry. After calling over and over for a month I finally reached someone and Requested to talk to some one about getting it fixed. It is now December And no corrections, no calls to me , And no answers To my calls .
    Taking money from people that are needing assistance is shameful.

    1. Official Reply

      Please Contact us

      We understand that your business plan needs to be updated. Your business plan is sent as a draft for you to review. Upon receiving the draft you can make necessary adjustments or simply call and review the plan with our agents. We have reviewed our records and nothing has been received from you please contact us via phone or email to review your business plan. Looking forward to working with you soon.

  9. Awesome Service and very Helpful

    I signed up as I believe this company can help me for my business funding. The advisors and customer service representatives are helpful. Customer service is accommodating and helpful. I have recommended their services to several people already. I received the documents and they were excellent.

    1. The real question Jhett is are you a paid reviewer for this company because your statement is generic and you didn’t state whether or not you actually received funding.

  10. Free Consultation with No Obligation

    Our team only contacts individuals who have requested assistance from our company. We understand the work and the time involved when assisting each individual. It is important for our Advisors to make sure each client is well informed on the pricing and services that is offered by our company. Our Advisors offer free consultation with No obligation.

  11. Service for Business plan and grant writing

    This is the worst company ever a total waste of time and I don’t believe this to be real I tried to be patient they still have my business plan unorganized at this after building it 1-2 months ago. I sent several emails of what to make corrections of and nothing was corrected. at this point, I’m requesting my money back today

    1. Rude personnel, pushy. They just reeked of the smell of a scam. I appreciate the comments left here. Hopefully others will read before pursuing doing business with these hucksters.

  12. Wow


    1. Impossible

      It is impossible for our team to process a fee that is not authorized. When you contact us, we do not have any personal information such as credit card information. There is no fee to speak to our advisors, we offer free consultation with no obligation. If our services are something you consider, our advisor will set up your account. If there is any concerns, issues, our team is always available to assist. Simply call and speak with a representative.

  13. Superb Service

    I have bought many books and spent hours trying on my own, I liked your fast service. Each agent simplified the process and explained how the service works. I have recommended your services to multiple people. They also tell me that they are extremely satisfied. Your customer service team was helpful, friendly and fast. The paperwork was professionally done. Loved the fact that you provide everything and if I needed help you were there to guide. Thanks for being there all the time.

  14. Ripped Off

    I paid $217.00 for their services a all of the grant information was outdated. I have requested that my money be refunded back to me because per our agreement if I didn’t receive any funding I could get a total refund. Now there is no one answering my calls and when I leave a message there is no return call. Please don’t become a victim like me. Thank you for reading.

Reviews: 14
Reported Loss : 217 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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