Four Star Denver

Incredibly Unprofessional

Four Star Denver is owned by The Summit Apartment Group, runs multiple apartments throughout this area and is incredibly unprofessional.

They will take forever to get back to your work requests, if they fix them at all.

Their prices are way above normal, and the lease is completely in their favor, and a pain for the renter.

Make sure to read your lease thoroughly! Look at the reviews below and do not make the same mistake we did.

Is Four Star Denver a legit?

Four Star Denver is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Four Star Denver located?

Four Star Denver is headquarted at 1835 S Pearl St Denver, CO 80210. You can contact Four Star Denver by dialing (303) 999-3876 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Four Star Denver’s customers?

According to Four Star Denver’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3214 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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13 Reviews on Four Star Denver

  1. You absolutely do not want to do business with these people.

    I was an owner of a property, a neighbor, in the same building as Four Star’s office in downtown Boulder. Four Star was the HOA management company for the HOA community that I, along with 10 other surrounding residential and commercial property owners, was a member of. You absolutely do not want to do business with these people.

  2. Great company to work with.

    Great company to work with. Mel was very helpful and knowledgeable! She made everything fast and easy. Applied and got back to me two days later. No run around and no problems.

    She worked around my busy work schedule and made the process stress free for me! The place is in great shape and she took time to make sure everything was perfect for me! I will definitely be working with her the next time I move!

  3. Beware! Compant

    Switch and bait. They take advantage of CU Boulder students. If you think you would get back your deposit back…you are up for a rude awakening. We received less than half back with claims which are unfounded. Thieves. Beware!

  4. I want to never rent from FourStar again

    I want to never rent from FourStar again, and as much as I love the apartment I’m in, I seriously have hated living here as it has meant dealing with FourStar. They will nickle and dime you! Some notes – you are not allowed to use the garbage disposals. (When they actually work.) No food, not even citrus peels, can go in them per FourStar.

    But they still charge the same rent even though you have a non-functioning garbage disposal. Speaking of the kitchen, the dishwasher also has never really worked. Glasses come out with lip prints and spots, dishes look cloudy and gross. Everything has to be pre-washed before putting it in the dishwasher. They “fixed” it by telling my they couldn’t fix it… Seriously,

    I was told to buy more expensive dish washing liquid (no that did not help). They do not care if the other tenants leave dog poop everywhere so if I walk outside (in the heat it is bad) it reeks and it’s hard not to gag. There is rubbish all over the property that they just ignore (broken pallets, a broken office chair, empty plastic bottles of oil).

  5. Scammer

    I want to never rent from FourStar again, and as much as I love the apartment I’m in, I seriously have hated living here as it has meant dealing with FourStar. They will nickle and dime you! When I moved in here, it was clear that they hadn’t properly cleaned it. I spent two weeks cleaning grime from fans, windowsills,

    doors – it was bad! But they considered that clean and never compensated me for my time spent bringing this place back up to snuff. Instead I was charged because of the previous tenants (obviously not the cleanest) clogged the drain and the “maintenance” cleaned it while I was renting (a couple of months after I moved in) so it’s my responsibility to pay for – even though I never caused the damage. Speaking of drains, you are not allowed to use the garbage disposals.

  6. Any good review of this company has to be fake.

    Any good review of this company has to be fake. I surmise they switch back and forth from leasing agent to property managers so the one person you deal with you tell yourself will be fine because they have this one glaring review against a litany of company complaints. Right?

    Well that is very likely fake, and FourStar will not care one iota about you once you sign their heavy-handed lease. It was longest lease I have ever signed. Terms are not favorable, and we never should have rented with these people. Read these reviews and other very concerning ones online. Just Google them and you find all you need to know, all these people complaining are not in the minority.

    Everyone gets disrespected and/or ripped off by this company. They are well known for keeping security deposits on no reasonable basis which is very much illegal. Research and know your rights people, don’t let them get away with this crap with YOU at least. Stand up.

  7. Not Good Service

    Given the ads on craigslist they have a lot of problems

  8. This isn't a very professional company and I would not recommend it.

    I was told incorrect information concerning a 60$ utility fee which I was told included Wifi, gas, electricity, water, and trash removal. However, this actually only included gas and water. The building has WiFi which has a very poor connection but it was advertised as “complimentary free WiFi”.The property manager just won’t return my calls and I have never actually met him even after going to the office multiple times. Only through email have I gotten responses and I was told no one uses the included WiFi because of the poor connection.

    Why even advertise it then? This company has high rent for a pretty outdated unit and make sure that, if you do choose this company, you know what’s in your lease because the leasing agents will not tell you correct information for the sake of getting you to sign. I was also rushed into the sale by the leasing agent and felt pretty pressured. This isn’t a very professional company and I would not recommend it.

  9. Absolutely horrid experience.

    Absolutely horrid experience. I was a great tenant for 2 years in a one bedroom apartment. I moved out to live in a less expensive apartment and found that not only did they withhold ALL of my security deposit, but they were charging me an overage fee. All in all, they expect me to pay them an overage of my security deposit which would result in a full payment over my rent. I will never rent with them again. I am throughly disappointed with the way in which they handle business.

  10. Bad Service.

    This company seem to think that tenants do not need anywhere to dispose of garbage. Nearly a week now and yet still no garbage bin. Garbage is now being piled up, outside in ninety degree heat. Four Star are being reported to Lakewood Health Department and tenants have engaged an attorney and are documenting the company’s inaction and incompetence, including taking photos and videos (see attached). Any rent rises in the near future for tenants who have complained will be taken as retaliatory and the company will be taken to court.

  11. Scammer

    It turns out that David Roth, at Four Star Denver, was trying to overcharge tenants with fraudulent late fees, and other unethical and illegal practices. He’s now been given the boot. However, the company, it appears, are still breaking the law.

    They seem to have shut off some of the water to some properties in Lakewood, to cut down on water bills, but leading to such low water pressure now that some tenants can’t even use the showers anymore. Add to that that they’ve been renting out units as two bedroom, when in fact they’re one bedroom with an office, that isn’t up to code to be used as a bedroom, and this company are now in deep trouble.

    Fortunately we managed to make sure that the new owners of the properties in question cannot buy the space next door, so they will be selling on again. Unfortunately, they’ve given notices to quit to tenants, including a veteran who has lived here for twenty years, so that they can remodel the units and then try and rent them out at higher rates.

    They’re scum and are in for one hell of a legal surprise in the near future. Plus, they’ll find it very hard to rent these properties when they’re next to a construction site and there are other issues (which will be revealed later). 😉

  12. Her knee-jerk reaction was to call me unprofessional

    I have been working with Four Star Realty for the past month; house showings, rental applications, visiting with realtors, the works. Today for the 4th time in a row, having been told previously that I was the sole applicant for each property, I was told that another applicant had beaten me to the punch. Somehow, in the hour or so it takes to view a property and apply,

    some one else in the world was able to view the property and apply (despite my being at the property and seeing no one else save myself and the realtor). So I call BS. Clearly this company has a vendetta of sorts against me, for whatever reason, and is coming up with whatever excuse they can find to not rent to me.

    The buck would normally stop there for me, but I was curious. I called in and spoke with a Lauren Chappell, the property coordinator/manager. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong that these other invisible applicants were able to beat my applications. Keep in mind I had spoken to other realtors at Four Star prior to this who verbally and via email confirmed the receipt of my application.

    She tells me that there is no record of my payment or my application (yet I have the email open in front of me saying that she personally had received it). I was shocked, how could two other realtors on separate occasions have claimed to see my application in front of them and then when boss-lady gets on the phone it’s gone? I suggest, someone in the chain is lying.


    DO NOT RENT FROM FOURSTAR – YOU WILL REGRET IT! Do not buy into any of the fictitious 5 star reviews. FourStar is a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE AWFUL company that will make you regret living in Denver if you rent from them. They lie, cheat, and sneak charges on your bill to basically take as much money from you as they can. But if you have an issue?

    Their response is to ignore you, they won’t reply to voice mails or emails and it can take months to get anyone to even respond – which is where they promise more lies (“We’ll call you back in 45 minutes” they never called back – not ONCE). They even threatened legal action towards me for LEAVING A BAD REVIEW!

    They’ll be the sweetest, most helpful people ever – TILL YOU SIGN THE LEASE AND MOVE IN! Then you’re trapped. Do NOT sign up for automatic withdrawal of rent – once your money is in their hands it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get back and there will be random charges that they WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT!

    JUST CHARGE YOU! I moved in to a broken shower that took me asking about for three days before FINALLY someone told me they would get someone over there. I moved in with no working shower and had to leave so many voicemails just to get it addressed!

Reviews: 13
Reported Loss : 3214 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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