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Cancelled my grandchildren appointment for years

I called For All Children & Adult Dentistry several times to cancel an appointment for my grandchildren.

They were rude and never answered the phone.

I sent three emails asking for their records, but they haven’t responded six months later.

Is For All Children And Adult Dentistry a legit?

For All Children And Adult Dentistry is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 14 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is For All Children And Adult Dentistry located?

For All Children And Adult Dentistry is headquarted at 242 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ 07032, United States. You can contact For All Children And Adult Dentistry by dialing (201) 955-2500 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by For All Children And Adult Dentistry’s customers?

According to For All Children And Adult Dentistry’s customers, a monetary loss of US $150 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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14 Reviews on For All Children & Adult Dentistry

  1. I think it was unprofessional.

    For a possible root canal, I needed to see an Endodontist. A dental assistant took X-rays. The assistant asked me to stay in the reception area. A few minutes later, another assistant called me and informed me that my tooth needed to be extracted. I inquired why, and she replied that my tooth could not be saved.

    To clarify, I asked the dentist to visit me. She said that she had seen my x-rays and recommended that my tooth be extracted. A doctor in the hallway, tending to a patient, looked at me and shouted something. She said that my tooth should be pulled.

    She was probably the endodontist. It was disappointing that she didn’t take the time to explain my x-rays to me. It was unprofessional.

  2. This place is very unprofessional.

    This is a very amateurish place. This dentist should have his license revoked.

  3. Scammer

    I had a terrible experience with a Spanish woman ( Cuban). I saw her rude to everyone who came up to the window, for whatever reason. Every time I entered, very few of her staff members were the same. This is a sign of how long it takes to get service.
    Good employees leave if their boss isn’t able to keep them happy. I felt like I was working in a factory, hearing children screaming. I was paid a lot of money and worked hard for it… the least I deserve is a polite, friendly “welcome” to our office …. at the right time !!…….?

  4. Wont recommend this office.

    This office is not recommended. When I get to my appointment, the waiting room is boisterous with children. There is no television to entertain them. I complete the paperwork. I am called back about 15 minutes later to receive x-rays. The back rooms are full, so the tech can’t see the child or parents waiting in the car.

    I am told to wait in the waiting area until they have a suitable room. I wait for an hour before they call me back. Finally, they called me back, and I waited another 25 minutes to see the doctor. I was answered by both the doctor and my assistant. I was not happy with the length of the wait and the disorganization in the office. The office smelled like feet.

  5. This place is very unprofessional

    This is a very amateurish place. This dentist should have his license revoked.

  6. Worst experience ever!

    Worst experience ever! The hygienist is dangerous! I will be filing a complaint from the past. Do not bother to ask the manager. She would make excuses and say, “this is probably the best cleaning I’ve ever had.”

  7. Bad experience with Dentist.

    Poor experience with a Dentist. The doctor is not patient with children, especially when they are afraid of their instruments. My daughter refused to open her mouth because she was scared, and the doctor had to leave twice. This was the first time I’d ever been to a dentist. Even though it will take me 40 minutes to drive, I will be returning to the old dentist.

  8. I was the last one leaving and no one in the waiting room.

    My son had a 7:00 pm appointment. I called to ask if they could let me go an hour earlier. They said that I could get there at 6:00. The waiting room was half full, so I waited for about 1 1/2 hours while many people left. I asked the receptionist when my turn would be, and she replied that I was next. Thirty minutes later, I go in.

    I called the manager to ask why I had to wait so long. She said they were sorry and would do their best to make it right next time. I left the office at 8:22 pm. I was the last person to go, and there was no one waiting in the waiting area. How is this possible?

  9. Dont go here , all they care about is money

    Dont go here , all they care about is money, I run out my deductible and, they did a procedure without planning, they will rip you off!! especially if you don’t speak English for fact I know that every professional had an: “oath” to: “serve people not to take advantage of them” and not to think how much money they could get. So, if you don’t open your mouth they will rip you off.

    Even the manager, acts like she is helping the people, but she is looking for your “weak spot” and jacking up the PRICE, so they just get richer by been dishonest..

  10. I would definitely recommend this office.

    Everyone, especially the doctor is very professional, accommodating, and helpful. Updated and modern office! Wait time is not very long. Very pleased with the female dentist, she is very professional and honest. I would definitely recommend this office.

  11. If i could give zero stars, I would.

    If i could give zero stars, I would. These are the same people that rushed me to take out my tooth and left a piece inside, but were not in a hurry to take responsibility for it getting infected and causing me to go through immeasurable pain and barely help , so I was forced to go to 3different ER’s asking for help and pain medication.

    I spent a whole week and a half CRYING my eyes out, unable to eat, or drink, swallow or speak properly. My cheek got SEVERELY INFECTED to the point that i had swelling and a rash going from my left cheek to the whole left side of my neck and chest.

  12. Only recommend this place if you have all day to spend at a dentist office

    Only recommend this place if you have all day to spend at a dentist office. Waited 80 minutes before I finally had enough and walked out. When I inquired with the front desk, I was told “You’re next” yet people that came in an hour after me were being seen before me. Lazy, unprofessional staff all around.

  13. The dr was very nice but that's about it I definitely won't be going there again!

    This place is absolutely awful! Very ghetto and extremely untimely! I was harassed all week to be sure I was there promptly or I’d get a $25 cancellation fee and wasn’t even seen for over an hour.

    The color scheme is awful and the place is very dirty and old, holes in the floors and upholstery I almost threw up. The dr was very nice but that’s about it I definitely won’t be going there again!

  14. For All Children And Adult Dentistry Is Bad Service.

    Going there for with my grandchildren cancel appointment and was berated on the phone never going back there again and sent three emails for my children’s records and still to date have not gotten them 6 months later

Reviews: 14
Reported Loss : 150 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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