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Fisher Investments is good only at marketing

Fisher Investments is a trap, and they market themselves to be the best investment firm. I moved all my portfolio in 2007 to this firm. I continued to work with them for few years, and after continuous problems with my account, I left their company in 2013.

I got a call from Fisher a few months back, and it was again their marketing department that was looking for a reconsideration. So, I could not resist myself and posted this review.

When the first time they lured me into getting my portfolio with them was the continuous assurance that they were not traders, which they are actually. This bait got me into a lot of trouble later on. But, this time, I am not going to fall for their sweet talks.

When I had an account with them, they underperformed with every benchmark. I believe that they work on the theory of one size fits all. This is the most stupid thing to do when you are working as an investment company.

In 2012, when I was hit by the bill of capital gains over 225K, they stayed behind the market significantly. In that same year, they dumped most of their holdings twice, which substantially affected their clients.

The worst part was when I did some research on my own only to find out that they had not cared about the 13% of my portfolio that went in a “double down bet” when the market was rising.

They did not care to inform me. They paid Barclays as well as USB to write the note. It’s more complicated than anyone can guess. In short, when I got to know about their tactic and asked them to leave, they said that the whole thing could take more than two weeks to unwind the trade.

They admitted that the fee was too high, and the things were too complicated that they were not sure if they could find the buyer.

If you wish to see Fisher Investments’ performance and what they actually get you as a return, visit Morningstar and check out PURIX, the mutual fund they offer.

Being their institutional mutual fund, they put every private client group onto this fund. This gets them the lowest possible returns with the highest risk possible. If you can guess, they have made a 6.79% return long since 1996. So, if you consider inflation, you are actually losing money. On top of that, they have 1.25% Fisher Investments fees.

They are on the verge of collapse, and I hope it comes sooner to them. All they are doing is pretending to be your safe keeper and doing everything to take it all away.

Fisher Investments reviews are all scattered on the internet to give you more insight into their scam. Fisher Investments career is already downside. If you want to be a part of their investment plans, you should get health insurance first. They can get you into that much trouble.

Is Fisher Investments a legit?

Fisher Investments is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 25 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Fisher Investments located?

Fisher Investments is headquarted at Whitfield Street 6-10 England GB. You can contact Fisher Investments by dialing +44 800 1444 731 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Fisher Investments’s customers?

According to Fisher Investments’s customers, a monetary loss of US $250000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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25 Reviews on Fisher Investments

  1. Stay away from Fisher……..

    Put half a mil in march 9, 2022, increased to 554,000 in 3 weeks, they did Nothing… stops, no selling of profitable or loss stocks, absolutely nothing. As of this writing, now 468,000. This is nothing more than a mutual fund scam of 80 stocks, with absolutely no monitoring. They only are interested in the quarterly commision. I moved out totally, 2 days ago. What a ripoff…..they are totally incompetent in investment field…….during this same period, i gained almost 20%, with my 50 years experience of stock market investing. STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS !!!!

  2. Just Used Car Salesmen

    I constantly get aggressive calls from Fisher salespeople telling me how great they are and trying to sell their services.

    They come off as nothing more than used car sales associates and nothing to back up their claims.

    If they were legitimate, they wouldn’t need to get on the phone and sell people in that manner.

    The top fiduciaries let their reputations sell them with referrals.

    I have yet to hear of one person who would recommend Fisher.

    If a financial advisor finds it necessary to hound me on the phone to sell something, I’m not interested in working with that person.

  3. Had someone call claiming to be A V.P. at fisher Investments praising his employer as a great investor since he has so many published books and experience with equity investing. I said I’ll stay with passive funds and won’t be greedy.

  4. Fisher on the "outs"

    For some time, I have been disappointed in Fisher’s management of my portfolio. At my age, I want away from stocks – diversity is a better option for me. I attended a Fisher round-table recently. Maybe 25 investors were in attendance – 2 Fisher reps. Maybe in their mid-30s.

    I wouldn’t be far off in estimating the average age of the attendees to be the late 70s. Many appeared to be in their 80s.

    They were listening (me too) to a couple of kids talking about world events and recessions. Maybe it is me, but I don’t want to listen to kids telling me their theories. This all could be me.

    I am not a follower, and the rest of the group seemed to be a cult following. I was amazed to listen to people at the table talk about the ups and downs of the market and the patience you need in the down cycle while you wait for the recovery.

    By the time the next cycle comes, around 1/3 of the people (again in that room) will be dead before there is a recovery. I can’t do it anymore. I do not want a heavy investment in stocks unless I manage them directly – I want diversity – Fisher does not have that. I also want to take advantage of a down cycle.

    I do not know how you would do that with Fisher. Shame on me for listening to kids discussing the world of investments. Xenophobia appears to drive Fisher as does, “my way is the best way.”

  5. Fisher Investments is very misleading, Stay Away!

    I consider myself a reasonably prudent investor. I think I have done very well on my own investing for retirement. This year it looks like my investments went up about 25-30%, which I am still questioning because it seems too high. I am single, and I have about $950,000 saved up. I am still working on a contract basis to have something to do in semi-retirement and to cushion my retirement.

    Like many people, I use various calculators from Brokerage houses to see if I am still on track. The one exception is Fisher Investments. They mislead you with their calculators, only to try and get you to send your investments to them, which I do not appreciate.

    I want to use their calculator to see if there is something I need to be concerned with. Instead, Fish Investments wants you to give them everything about you before they let you use their calculator. After reading so many negative reviews about Fisher Investments, I am staying away from anyone associated with them. They are bad news as far as I am concerned.

  6. As soon as they came to Camas, they sent out this huge envelope about their company. They wanted me to send info about my account. I didn’t read anything in the portfolio.

    A few days later, they called and wanted to know why I didn’t send any info on my account. I told them I’d been with this person for a long time and wasn’t interested in their company.

    I’m sure glad I didn’t do anything with them, after reading about them and the article about his dirty mouth. He sounds like a total phony. People like this always get their just reward.

  7. Misleading Reviews

    I have been a Fisher client for close to 7 years and my insurance guy sent me this website in an attempt to sell me an annuity and discredit the company. These reviews are among the most misleading and ridiculous statements I’ve seen in years. Fisher has been nothing but honest in representing themselves both during the “sale” but more importantly during the relationship over the years. The poor ranks here are the scam themselves, easily either from competitors trying to pitch scam products, or from people with serious misconceptions.

    If you are meeting with Fisher, or already a client, don’t fall prey to B.S. reviews!

    1. Looking for an advisor

      How do we know you don’t work for Fischer yourself? You seem too defensive not to be

    2. The Pressure Salesmen

      I recently ordered Fisher’s 13 retirement things to avoid (free). I just wanted to confirm my investments, but the next thing I heard was my phone ringing with some high-pressure sales associate from Fisher.

      I did not give out my number, so I guess he researched to get it. All he wanted to do was argue with me, which I grew tired very quickly. I finally had to tell him I was done. Not my idea of a good adviser.

    3. Except for 2008-9 Fisher has performed exceptionally for us.

      Don’t believe the negative reviews on this site. I would suggest going to one of their meetings and ask the participants how their performance was.

  8. Unsolicited Mail

    When you receive their package in the mail and you open it and start to read their pitch. The 1st RED FLAG is the word Congratulations. The second Red FLAG is the word Logical. Why would some company that i have no ties to what so ever congratulate me on my financial success ? And if i am a success why would i need them? Logical Question!! And thirdly the cost they have incurred mailing out expensive Envelopes printing,mailing,handling etc when a phone call would suffice. But they don,t because they are SCAMMERS.
    It is a shame they try to steal from americans.

  9. Was thinking g about Fisher until now

    I have about 6 years left till I consider retiring and was considering going to fisher investments. But after reading everyone’s post on how bad Fisher preformed and that they are supposed to be professionals. My Fidelity account is out preforming Fisher by 12% and I do my own investing. I guess I’ll go talk to the local fiduciary and see what they can offer

  10. Too Many Commercials To Be Legit

    I almost went with them due to their “Sincerity” on their commercials, but your website saved me. I can get a decent safe return investing on my own without paying out a kickback of 1.25%. Thank you !!

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Reported Loss : 250000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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