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This place is probably fine for a different medical issue

I didn’t like the doctor here. He told me 5 times to go to the ER because he thinks I could have appendicitis. Well I called my gynecologist and he said if you had appendicitis the pain would be so bad that you would just go straight to the ER.

I should have just called my gynecologist first and not wasted my time coming into this place. This place is probably fine for a different medical issue. But avoid all urgent cares if you have severe abdominal pain because they will just try to send you to the ER.

Is FastMed Urgent Care a scam?
FastMed Urgent Care is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is FastMed Urgent Care legit?
First FastMed Urgent Care is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by FastMed Urgent Care’s consumers?
There is/are 5 review(s) posted about FastMed Urgent Care and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is FastMed Urgent Care located?
FastMed Urgent Care is located at United States. You can contact FastMed Urgent Care by dialing (480) 214- 4468 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by FastMed Urgent Care’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $280 was the total loss incurred by FastMed Urgent Care’s customers.

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5 Reviews on FastMed Urgent Care

  1. Fake and dishonest

    I came here for a breast exam July 28 last summer. I had family planning Medicaid. Not only did the lady at the front desk tell me it would be covered by my Medicaid if I put it under physical but she neglected to know or explain that this clinic didn’t do physicals or use family planning Medicaid at all. So I came in just a couple days before I got full coverage Medicaid (which I got 8/1). Fast forward to last month I got the Bill when it was far past the window to cover it retroactively with my full coverage Medicaid. I also got a huge bill that said $351 and cut down to $179 with insurance. All the doctor did was ask a few very bored questions and a feel me up aka a minor breast exam. Not a physical and NOT a mammogram, which requires equipment. My mom was an Air Force captain and nurse in the military for forty years. She said a breast exam costs no where near that much. They screwed me by giving wrong info, billing me for much more, and giving me the Bill too late to be covered. Then when I called the clinic and the billing department no one knew anything or cared to be helpful. Entirely unethical, corrupt, dishonest and unprofessional. And their good reviews are half fake, written by people who work there. Pathetic.

  2. Scammers

    I had a doctors appointment last July 28th. It was to check my breast bc I feared a potential lump. A doctor asked me a couple questions then touched them for about fifteen seconds and said I was fine. Not until five months passed did I get a text for a $179 bill. I called to question it as my family planning Medicaid went to full coverage on 8/1 a couple days later, but the receptionist had assured me my appointment was covered. All they said was a physical wasn’t covered nor was my insurance. Turned out the paper Bill showed it cost $351 and the insurance had covered about $150. I did NOT have a physical nor did I have a fancy mammogram. They billed me with fake charges and ignored the fact that my insurance did pay part anyway. What’s worse? The receptionist lying, the bill arriving so late my fill Medicaid couldn’t retroactively cover it? Or the fact that the entire bill is a sham and I got charged $359 to be felt up by a doctor for less than 2 minutes? This place is pathetic. They have ignored my calls, passing me off or saying they will call back and then not doing so. The main billing company is just random phone tellers who work for the three states involved and try to get you to pay having not one clue about your charges. My mom was a nurse for 45 years in the military. I’m certain when she tells me it’s bullshit I’m right and I will fight it.

  3. Well i had something bad happen to me somebody that broke into my house and stole my information from me and made a bank card in my name but a different adress and went to fastmed urgent care and paid with my card for the service’s they got there and never asks them for an ID to use my card. i bank on line and caught it the next day and i called my bank and cancel that payment then they wanted my insurance to pay for it but i called my insurance company and told them about it .but now my bank wants me to make fastcare pay me back the money they used and they wont answer my calls .and i have to talk to the bank see if they payed me back but fastmed urgent care doesn’t want to call me back or answer my calls

  4. I was overcharged by $186. Don’t let this happen to you.

    Total frustration trying to deal with this Office and their Billing Office. On June 30th I took my granddaughter to this Office for Swimmer’s Ear. The posted Office Visit price is $119., unless treatments, stitches, etc. are performed. It was a regular visit, with a prescription for ear drops given. No extra time, no tests, no treatments. Two days later, pain was much worse. We returned and were given an addition prescription.

    I thought I paid for the visits at the time, as I presented a medical credit card both times. Apparently Insurance was billed first and declined to pay. On August 27th, I received a text message on my phone that my bill was now ready to pay – $95. Not sure what was going on, I called the Billing Office, where I left a message. After waiting for three days to be called back, I called the clinic for assistance. She could not give me any information, but she did email them asking them to call me. Which they did, but were totally unhelpful. The Billing person said that since Insurance did not pay, the card would be charged $195. When I said it was a $119. visit, she said she had no information about that. I asked for an itemized bill and she said they don’t issue those, ask the insurance company company what the extra charges were for. Then proceeded to lecture me that I signed a paper saying I understood their billing practices.

    I returned to the Office requesting an itemized bill for both visits and was refused. The young woman at the desk was annoyed with my questions and borderline rude. She DID run me a copy of what I signed about understanding the billing policy – which says your card on file will be charged if your insurance doesn’t cover everything. She also gave me a receipt for the charge to the card on file for the first visit – now $200.! After stating again that I was entitled to a bill for the services I was charged for, she stated it is not Office policy to provide bills.

    Having found an email address to register complaints with the FastMed Compliance Officer on the wall, that was my next step. I sent an email with my concerns to them. You can imagine my surprise when I received another text message saying that the second visit (which they told me was $95.) was being billed to the card for $200.! Sent an additional email to the company wanting to know why I am being overcharged by $81. for the first visit and by $105. for the second visit. And why I can’t have an itemized bill for the services I’m being charged for. First email was sent August 30, this is September 3rd, no response whatsoever.

  5. Fraudulent treatment

    Happy Valley Road, Glendale AZ location. Went with swollen ring finger. X-rays taken and diagnosed as broken, splinted and follow up scheduled in 1 week. More swollen at follow up, more x-rays, still broken and wedding ring cut off. Went to hand surgeon, x-rays taken and finger NOT broken. Billed by Fastmed almost $400.00. Wrote letter stating that I would not be paying this bill and the reasons why along with release of records from hand surgeon in support. Dr. from Fastmed left voicemail to discuss. Multiple attempts to reach doctor failed, never in office. Fastmed has now sent file to collection company with request to report to credit agencies. No serious attempt to discuss issue was made. Fraudulent treatment practices with fallacious billing practices.

Reported Loss :280 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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