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At one point in time Everyday Healthcare was an amazing health clinic, but that has changed. In the last few months, my appointments have been changed at the last moment.

I’ve been forced to see a Nurse Practitioner who was still in training when my appointment was to see Dr. Wilson for a follow up on a complex issue.

In my most recent visit, I was talked down to by a provider who I don’t think took the time look over my medical record, and wasn’t aware of the history.

When I asked for a referral because of a chronic issue, we were treated as if this was our first point of contact and stated he did not have enough evidence to refer me.

I have provided this office a paper copy of my medical records, including MRI results and other tests done.

I’m not sure if this provider did not look at my records, or if those records were lost.

He pushed for x-rays and treated me like I needed to start from square one.

I would have been open getting a x-ray done, but I also feel like this provider should have looked over my records and scans before trying to get more tests done.

He treated us like this was our first visit to a doctor we visited about this particular issue, it isn’t.

When we questioned him about the MRI’s and other scans done, this provider replied in annoyed tone said “it will be up to the spine guys to review that”.

The woman handling medical records seems to be unaware of the federal law.

They are breaking federal regulations, claiming that they can only provide paper copies.

I’m sending out a fax and registered letter requesting me records in a electronic format with copies of of the federal law that states: a patient has the “right to obtain from [their health care providers] a copy of [their medical records] in an electronic format,” 42 USC § 17935(e)(1).

Is Everyday Healthcare a legit?

Everyday Healthcare is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Everyday Healthcare located?

Everyday Healthcare is headquarted at 4177 W Shaw Ave Ste 107 Fresno, CA 93722. You can contact Everyday Healthcare by dialing (559) 225-4706 or visit their website everydayhc.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Everyday Healthcare’s customers?

According to Everyday Healthcare’s customers, a monetary loss of US $856 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Everyday Healthcare

  1. Scammer

    My appointment was at 9:45am, I was home from this appointment at 10:30am. Despite the speediness of the appointment, Dr. Wilson spent a great deal of time talking to me regarding the reason I was there,

    as well as providing me with a referral for further diagnostics. Have been coming to Everyday Healthcare for over ten years and have been very happy with the quality of care received.

  2. Never Again

    I wish 10 stars was an option. Been through 2 doctors so far and Dr. Wilson was my 3rd and last stop. Got seen in about 5-10 minutes after being there. Staff is super nice and very kind.

    Dr. Wilson was very professional with my visit. My other doctors just assumed my issue was something else but he instantly ordered CAT scans and blood tests so we could know what it really was.

  3. Good service

    I was looking for a service on Saturday. I found the the place my location and I called they took me in the same time. I waited for my turn Doctor came he friendly and he checked me he say I look healthy he go see the receptionist he was fantastic and I was out . Good service

  4. I thought I had found my primary care.

    Revising review after last visit. I usually have a good experience with Dr Wilson but on 12/11/13 after making appt with Dr Wilson I was examined by the PA in training Mary Jo. I was being seen for follow up to ER for bad asthma attack. She entered the room reeking of strong disgusting perfume and sent my asthma flaring again! I had to get a breathing treatment right away. She did not know correct questions to ask or give a proper examination for my condition, I have been thru this many times. Mary Jo should know especially this time of year, wearing fragrance can be harmful to patients. My opinion is she needs to return to school.

    also the girl at front desk is probably the snottiest receptionist I have encountered. Fortunately she is not always there at my visits. All the other staff are great, nurses, other receptionists, Dr Wilson. The other problem is lack of doctors available. Dr Wilson is not there everyday and when he is leaves by 1:00. Such a shame, I thought I had found my primary care.

  5. I will not be recommending or going back to that place.

    The staff there is horrible. Was recommended by a co-worker. I waited over 2 hours and just got frustrated and left. Waited an hour in the waiting room and then got escorted back. Staff took my reading and left me in the room for nearly an hour. After an hour, I just stood up and left. The staff and doctor was chatting away as I was waiting. On top of that while I was in the room, I can hear people’s name called. By the way, I was the first patient there so there should be no excuse. At any rate, I will not be recommending or going back to that place.

  6. Do not go here. Save yourself the trouble of dealing with incompetent staff.

    I don’t know how this clinic received such high rating. Horrible customer service with no sense of what the hell they’re doing. I went in with minor pains and they sent me to be tested for appendicitis. And then on my way out, Dr. Wilson told me to call him and tell him what the results of the tests were. Um, the results are going back to the clinic, so shouldn’t he be calling me to tell me what the results are? And, OMG, do they drag their feet!

    They finally receive the tests and every time I called to talk to Colleen, the NP, regarding if the results, she would always be “too busy” to talk to me. I don’t know how she’s busy because when I went in, there was no one in the waiting room. It’s three days later since they have my labs and I still don’t know what the results are.

  7. Scammer

    Why are they called ‘Every’day healthcare?

  8. Overall attitude was just unprofessional.

    Front office was very rude. Overall attitude was just unprofessional. They are front office to greet and exit with rolling their eyes as if people are there to ruin their day.

  9. Highly not recommended.

    I’m very disappointed with Dr. Wilson. we spent 3 hours waiting for processing and when Doc came in, he just dismissed us like we’re in the office for fun. He said my child is fine within a minute of the visit. I’m very disappointed with this health care facility. I can’t believe this facility can bill my insurance company saying they provided health care for my injured son. Nothing was done to his injured area.

    No treatment nor instructions how to care for his foot. A doctor’s note was requested and all it said on the note was “may return to school/ work next day.” I specifically asked MD to write something to address his PE excuse and it was blank. When i asked them to fix the note i got the rudest attitude from the from office. What kind of Health Care Facility is this?! Highly not recommended.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 856 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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