I’m writing to warn female travellers in particular about the Romance Scammer, a male of Albanian origin who was an employee working at Daskalogiannis hotel in Loutro Crete named “EMILIO”. He may return for the following summer season or may move on to other locations in Greece to seek employment for the summer season, women beware of this person. I am a victim of this fraudster. This individual targeted me as single female when I visited Loutro Crete, Greece in summer 2018. I suspect this person uses his position working in high tourist traffic locations such as Loutro Crete, to prey on female tourists for the purpose of extorting money from them. Individuals such as ‘EMILIO’ are professional fraudsters that use grooming or scammers persuasive techniques that lure victims to simulate relationships then emotionally blind you in to sending money to them, as this individual had done to me. It can happen to the most well educated individual. To ‘EMILIOS’” advantage, it helped that he presented as a very handsome individual, and to begin with was very respectful, very very charming and seemed to do nothing wrong, all common traits a professional scammer uses to their own advantage. I assumed we were forming a friendship and I extended an invitation for him to visit me in my home country. From September to February ‘EMILIO’ groomed me through Whatapps phone messaging, calls, and video chats for the purpose of extorting money from me. He extorted money from me and I’m certain there have been and will be many many others as well. For what it’s worth I need to ensure that I spread the word about this individual and his fraudulent activities, in the hope that together we can stop him. During my overnight(s) stay at the hotel in Loutro ‘EMILIO’ showed immediate interest in me. He began talking with me daily and this then lead to him making strong romance advances toward me, eventually asking me for my phone number and stating he wanted to see me again. After grooming, winning my trust over the period of time we kept in touch, and by manipulation through exploiting my hope of a relationship, he later fabricated emergency situations that convinced me into send him money, believably reassuring me it was only a loan and that he would re-pay me. He was very convincing. I have attached a file with the images of Emiljan Vrapi (his name as it appears on his ID, which I’m not even sure is real) as he sent them to me, images showing him working at Daskalogiannis hotel, copies of the Albanian and Greek ID cards he had sent me to convince me of his legitimacy, which I now I believe to be fake (at least the Greek Taftotia ID definitely is I’m sure of this), and funds I had sent via Western Union transactions to him to verify my allegations of his fraudulent actions. I have reported this to the authorities in my home country. The purpose of this is to warn others and beware of this scammer. Some of you out there may think how could I have been so stupid?!, let me share with you, I myself am of Greek heritage and do not believe that I was stupid, simply that my belief and value of Φιλότιμο was abused and exploited by this individual. If you wish to read how scam’s such as this are possible look for the article from the British journal of Criminology: The Scammers Persuasive Techniques Model. Please spread the word to all your loved ones and thank you for reading.


EMILIO, EMILJAN VRAPI, AIMILIOS MAVRIDIS is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.


EMILIO, EMILJAN VRAPI, AIMILIOS MAVRIDIS is headquarted at United State. You can contact EMILIO, EMILJAN VRAPI, AIMILIOS MAVRIDIS by dialing 6934561967 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by EMILIO, EMILJAN VRAPI, AIMILIOS MAVRIDIS’s customers?

According to EMILIO, EMILJAN VRAPI, AIMILIOS MAVRIDIS’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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