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Wast Of Time

So here’s the story with Elite Connect Real Estate:

They run open houses all over Brooklyn at fake prices that are believable enough to get you to show up, but they have zero intention of selling at the listing price.

Huh? Yes, exactly – the listing price is pure bait. Once you show up, if you’re lucky an agent might be on site.

Otherwise, you get to talk to a clueless “helper” who’s not even licensed and shouldn’t even be there.

He’ll pretend he can’t discuss details either in person or over the phone, and that it’s best that you “come down to the office”. Okay.

Shlep deep into Brooklyn to their offices. Slick looking place.

To match the slick looking owner. They take you into a conference room, and the following ensues:

Owner: Here’s how this works, we list properties below market value, and we create [fake] bidding wars and get the price up to market value, sometimes above.

I’ll know how serious you are by the size of your bid. Give me your best and final bid.

Me: So let me understand, you waste people’s time by attracting people who may not have the means or interest in playing your game, not to mention your own time by courting unqualified buyers who thought they were qualified based on your listing price.

This is a modern-day baiting tactic that while legal, is a sheer waste of time.

I now look at prices, followed by who the listing agent is – anything listed by Elite Connect, and we don’t bother with, knowing it’s a fake price.

Go with ANYONE but these guys, unless you enjoy being a pawn in their unscrupulous real estate chess game.

PS – notice all the 5 star reviews are brand new profiles with only 1 or 2 reviews. More manipulation lol.

Is Elite Connect Real Estate legit?
Elite Connect Real Estate is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 7 consumer(s) was/were given a Elite Connect Real Estate as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Elite Connect Real Estate located?
Elite Connect Real Estate is headquarted at 2811 Ave U Brooklyn, NY 11229. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Elite Connect Real Estate by dialing (718) 942-5952 or visit their website eliteconnectre.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Elite Connect Real Estate’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Elite Connect Real Estate’s customers, US $3277 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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7 Reviews on Elite Connect Real Estate

  1. We highly recommend Issac and Elite Connect Real Estate!

    Isaac was professional, knowledgable and responsive at all times. His expertise made the process of selling our home seamless and stress-free. We sold our home WAY ABOVE ASKING PRICE and Elite Connect assisted us with finding a replacement property, We highly recommend Issac and Elite Connect Real Estate!

  2. The first is I find Elite Connect RE to be very aggressive and professional getting me what I want.

    I was totally confused about some of the bad reviews I read about Elite Connect RE for 2 reasons. The first is I find Elite Connect RE to be very aggressive and professional getting me what I want. Secondly, the criticism about them doing apartments is nuts since Elite Connect RE doesn’t do apartments!

    When I wanted to rent an office, an agent gave me the card to another agency that does that and he didn’t seem to ask for a referral fee. I know Azer Isaac Ilkhanov and Davidson Joseph their 2 top agents. I find them busy but polite and responsive.

    Perhaps the fact Elite Connect RE is now among the top 3 RE agencies in Brooklyn causes foes to try to hurt them. The critics had me going until I saw Elite doesn’t do apartments or half what is claimed by critics. If your going to slander them at least use facts.

    I’d use them again since all I want is results. I don’t care that losers hate them. It’s like high school kids hating the cool kids. The jocks who win are loved and hated by jealous kids. Get over it. If I want my other properties sold for the most cash, I’ll use Elite Connect since cash is king.

  3. Last summer, I contracted with Elite Connect R.E. to sell my home and assist me in purchasing another.

    OnThursday, January 3,, Elite Connect Agents Matt Zeltser and Victoria Morgan completed the sale of my home. Throughout the process, the Elite team were helpful, professional and thorough.

    They updated me as needed and met my expectations. I am pleased with the experience of working with Elite and will use them again should I choose to buy again in New York.

  4. Scammer

    I showed the above property on Sunday Feb during open house. My client made an offer for the listing price. My buyer made a revised offer of $1.050 million when the listing agent asked me to make the best and the highest offer. I submitted offer to the listing agent through email on.

    He called me and told me that my client’s offer was “Accepted”, and the contract had been sent to the attorney. On the contracts was received by the buyers attorney and on the same day I received a call from my buyers questioning me as to why there was an open house if their offer was accepted and when I asked the listing agent about it that since my client’s offer was accepted and their attorney have received the contract today why was there an open house and in response to the text,

    I received a call from “MR. VLADI GOLD” of ELITE CONNECT REAL ESTATE, Founder and Owner of the company telling me that in order to cancel the open house I need to make a separate rider stating that my client will not back off and submit a good faith deposit check of $5000 and get it signed by the buyer. My client agreed to all their conditions and made a bank check for $5000- which was handed over to the listing agent along with sales agreement with the buyer’s signatures.

    Still the open house was not cancelled and when I insisted that my client is bound to buy this house and has agreed to all the terms you have asked and has given the good faith deposit check so in token of acceptance of my client’s offer, get the sales binder signed by the seller, he agreed to it and told me that it will be done shortly.

    On Sunday Feb, I again called Listing Agent and informed him that the open house was not cancelled, and sales binder duly signed by the Seller never sent to me.

    At this point company owner Mr.Vladi called me and assured me that my client’s offer has been accepted and contract has been sent out and told me that since contract was sent that was enough proof that my client’s offer had been accepted and there was no need for seller to sign the sales binder and gave his words that as soon as the contract is received with check duly signed by the buyer, he would make their seller to sign the contract the same day.

    I trusted his words, made the buyer sign the contract and sent out the contract to seller’s attorney for his signature. Moreover, after a lot of pressure he cancelled the open house just before it was going to start.

  5. Don't waist time and money.

    Unprofessional, Rude and Arrogant. Will create bid wars by disclosing privilege information and not disclosed information about property being flooded and sustaining major structural damage. Will harass you to sell your property. Don’t waist time and money.

  6. This is by far the worst unprofessional broker I deal with so far

    This is by far the worst unprofessional broker I deal with so far intentionally create bidding war on every listing. If you see “Elite Connect” as the broker, just skip it.

    You will not get the house unless you add another 100k to the offer.
    I visited a listing at 1m and the agent ask me to put 1.2m offer.
    and This is always their slogan ” we have multiple offer on this listing ” yea right!

  7. Stay away from them.

    Worst Experience in my life. They Lie, they put houses Low so you can go to them. As soon as you walk in an open house they tell you they have an offer for over $200,000 and when you give an offer they don’t give it to owner right away they use your offer for over 2 weeks to try to get another offer. Stay away from them.

Reported Loss :3277 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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