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I Have Completely Disregarded

I was in search of a personal loan in the amount of 5K to cover some dental expenses.

Having a young credit history, but good overall credit profile, I decided to start applying for my personal loan through Elevations Credit Union after being turned down by big banks.

My applications were denied by the big guys for one simple reason: lack of credit history (whatever that means).

I have never had a loan but do have several credit cards. For some reason, large banks see it as a risk to lend to someone without a history of loans.

It doesn’t make sense as to why, if the person has a good payment history and score.

I mean we all have to start somewhere right?

After reading positive comments and experiences with this CU, I decided to apply online for a loan.

The application portal was cool and neatly designed.

I applied online and the instant decision computer robot said my loan required manual review.

A day later I received a call from a loan officer (whose name I have completely disregarded because he sucked that bad) leaving me a message stating to give him a call back as he had a few quick questions.

His tone was generally positive, so I called him back and spoke for about 5 minutes.

He said I have a great credit score and profile so it shouldn’t be a problem approving my loan.

Then, the weirdness happened. He told me he was sending my loan up for additional review and I would likely get approved.

He’s a loan officer so why would it need further review by someone else? It’s not like I’m asking for $20,000.

He told me he would contact me in 1-2 business days. I continued to check my application status online and suddenly saw it say “denied.”

The reason? Lack of credit history and too many inquires.

Again I don’t understand the lack of credit history as I have several cards and payment history with the cards.

As far as the credit inquires, of course I’m going to have a lot in a small period of time as I was shopping around.

Makes sense right? I sent him a message through the application portal expressing my displeasure.

Credit unions are supposed to be down to earth and have a desire to truly help their members as opposed to treating people like just a number.

That was by far my experience here. The fact he led me on thinking I was approved was thing, but the reasons for denial given to me are pathetic.

Thankfully, I applied for a loan through another credit union and was approved with no issues whatsoever.

Glad I am not a member of this credit union and advise others to stay away.

Is Elevations Credit Union a legit?

Elevations Credit Union is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 10 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Elevations Credit Union located?

Elevations Credit Union is headquarted at 4750 W 120th Ave Unit 700 Westminster, CO 80031. You can contact Elevations Credit Union by dialing (303) 443-4672 or visit their website elevationscu.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Elevations Credit Union’s customers?

According to Elevations Credit Union’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2658 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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10 Reviews on Elevations Credit Union

  1. Total jerks

    HI, ELEVATIONS my son is a police officer in florida and I have a lawyer, like so many reviews on here you are awful on so many levels . I have had my check on file with you for 10 years my wells fargo account and guess what they change their rules where you have to tell your whole checking account number over the phone to some call center they can write it down and order checks and shop away !!!!!!!!!! GREAT ! All places only ask for the last four numbers in a checking account ! Then when they switch the rules and send no letter saying you have to blabe your full ck, number that I did not have one me or thoght I needed to they would not take a payment ……..so they now can say you are late and collect more money and all this change with our notice!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!! They have little safe space kids that if you get angry because they want to destroy your credit which most of them live at home so no big deal and even employees that have worked there have told horror stories ……they can make up rules as they go along and I do not do my business on line for my own safety and peace of mind. I would never do business with people that make my life a hell to make a payment or hurt my security while doing it!!!!!!!!!!!! They will have to prove I got a letter saying you must have give out your full checking account over the phone NO WAY CALL CENTER!!!!!!! stay away the are awful!

  2. The Worst Comapny

    they either claimed they hadn’t received it or there was another step. We faxed the same paper work over 10 times, only to be followed by 5 more “last” steps. This is the worst we’ve ever been treated by any bank/credit union. When we would call our representative for elevations the message was they would get back to us in 48 to 72 hours, also not true.

  3. Tried to deal with them for recent insurance claim where they had to sign off on the insurance check for our roof.

    Tried to deal with them for recent insurance claim where they had to sign off on the insurance check for our roof. They claim that they needed a full report and then they need to send the check off to a different office and then mail back to us within a couple of weeks!

    People are trying to pay their contractors with these checks. I should have been able to go in and get a signature in about two minutes, not two weeks. For context, our friends/family at other banks have been able to get sign-off same day.

  4. Bad Service Provide

    An Elevations ATM at the diagonal bank ate $1,100 cash I deposited. It literally took the money then said bye – no receipt – no confirmation of the amount it took in! Eeek!

    I called customer service while still parked in front of the ATM and the person who answered was very non chalant about the whole thing. He would send AN EMAIL. Yes, AN EMAIL to so and so… Gee – how nice I thought.

    I asked him how long this process would take. Uh, he said, in a very relaxed tone, you’ll get a call tomorrow. And then they would talk to me about how long it would take…. Oh reeeeeeeally? I’ll get a call as a result of your EMAIL.

    That’s so reassuring – and hopefully I’ll be credited MY $1,100 ELEVATIONS STOLE, before my Amex bill is due – otherwise will they give me the 24.99% interest I’ll pay because of their Effed up ATM? Nope… is my guess. But they would gladly take their fee if a payment bounced because of it.


    I would give this bank 0 stars if that was an option. I called and spoke with a “banker” about their HELOC products. Based on the information I was given I decided to proceed with the loan process. AFTER my credit had been run (which I did not authorize), I received a call from a different “banker” stating that the way in which I was intending to use the HELOC “was not an approved use of that product.”

    I then proceeded to ask the same questions I had asked the previous banker to verify the information I had received previously was correct. It was not. Had I been given correct information the first time I would not have proceeded with the loan process. The second “banker” was also very caustic and accusatory when answering and asking questions,

    almost as if he was implying that I was intentionally trying to deceive the bank. Quite the opposite- I was operating under the false information given to me by the previous “banker.” He also never bothered to follow up with me regarding loan status despite multiple calls and voicemails from me.


    After being a member for almost 20 years, I’m finally fed up and going to do my banking somewhere else. Policy changes that have occured over the last few years under new management have made this credit union like any other banking institution.

    Increased credit card and auto loan rates, low savings rates, limited credit card & savings options, account inconsistencies between online and moble options, low knowledge employees, and customer service limited to citing their poor policies.


    I have been a customer for almost a year and in that time things have gone from okay to terrible. They have authorized multiple services that I did not ask for nor want. They decided instead of letting a card decline for no money they will transfer money at a fee to the customer without their knowledge.

    I had some fees reversed in branch however I am unable to transfer any funds to pay bills due to the 6 transfer per month limit being run out by their transfer service that again, I DID NOT AUTHORIZE. They have begun to exhibit many of the predatory practices of institutions like Wells Fargo and I can no longer recommend this place in good conscience.


    HORRIBLE, have to wait more than 30 minutes just to talk to a member representative…….

  9. I'd like to figure out where else I can report information on him.

    I have NEVER had any problems with Elevations Credit Union. In fact, they have always been terrific, respectful and go above and beyond to be nice. However, I just spoke with Frank at the Boulder branch and I can not believe how rude and disrespectful he was!

    He was yelling at me and I was shaken from our conversation. I have NEVER experience ANY customer service from any business ever like this. I’d like to figure out where else I can report information on him.

  10. I can only imagine the hoops I am going to have to get access to MY money.

    I am about to leave ECU after being a member for only a month! These made us get a notarized power of attorney to get an HSA card – even though my names on the account. Then I get my card a month later. I spend an hour on hold to be told that because I don’t know the verbal password…..

    which I never set up they wont activate my card. I am beyond frustrated! I don’t recommend using them. I can only imagine the hoops I am going to have to get access to MY money.

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