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The office staff are friendly and polite. I arrived a bit early as I always do and still I waited almost 2hrs for a 10min consult.

He literally spent half the time complaining that I didn’t have a list of preventative meds (which my other neurologist already sent him) aside the abortive meds I’ve tried.

Badgering me for half the appointment and the other half was spent trying to talk me into “trying” medication.

Sorry but I’ve tried over 20 meds and almost all have caused horrific side effects.

My first visit with the Dr. was meh. I found his bedside manner needed some attention. He’s not exactly warm. Regardless I was hopeful.

The room is very clinical and I got a sense that I was going to have a huge issue with insurance because for 10min I was told so by the doctor.

Not exactly something I would have expected. I left feeling hopeless and already making plans to go elsewhere.

Later that day I contacted my original neurologist who stated he was being extremely demanding, wanting additional info when what was provided was sufficient.

I agreed. I wasn’t sure I would even go back to this place.

I got approved by insurance (I never had a doubt till this doctor put doubt in my mind that day) and I had to call them to schedule.

Not exactly on top of things there. I was able to be granted access to his practice for treatment prior to NOVEMBER.

Seriously I had waited months already for this short and not-so-sweet consult and I was not going to wait months for treatment.

When I came in for treatment, I brought my neurological treatment report from my previous neurologist because, well, IT WORKED.

I waited about 30min or so for my appt and the nurse handed me a cold pack to put on my forehead.

Not something I’ve ever needed so this was kind of putting me on the defense already.

When the doctor finally came in I asked if he had received it and was told I’m a very cold tone “I do things MY way”.

Uh okay… what exactly is that I asked. He didn’t go into details but explained himself in a very short and curt way.

Basically what he opted to do was fewer injections and less of a dosage in total but more Botox into each site.

I saw and read the neuro report he sent to my other doctor.It’s been a week and I’ve had zero relief.

I have had tons of migraines still and two full blown cluster headaches which have resulted in my crying like a baby in a ball, rigid and drooling on myself.

My shoulders and neck are just as stiff as they were before and I’ve seen zero noted improvement.

Now I have had Botox injections before and every single time, I had relief by now.

Typically within two weeks I was symptom free. I also had received more shots and more units (100 more than this doctor gave me).

So as far as this experience goes…meh. I’ve had better. I will gladly update this review once I have a better experience with Dr. Wasemiller Wayne.

And I do plan to follow up after the holidays to see if I can have him do any more injections or if I am stuck waiting to see my other doctor – who btw is 100x better even with his off-putting bedside manner which some report.

I would love to see how any of those same people who complain about that doctor would react to this experience

Is Dr. Wasemiller Wayne a legit?

Dr. Wasemiller Wayne is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Wasemiller Wayne located?

Dr. Wasemiller Wayne is headquarted at 4120 W Memorial Rd Ste 218 Oklahoma City, OK 73120. You can contact Dr. Wasemiller Wayne by dialing (405) 302-2661 or visit their website mercy.net/.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Wasemiller Wayne’s customers?

According to Dr. Wasemiller Wayne’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3252 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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