Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants

Dr. Vladimir made me disabled and threatened me

I went to Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants for my deviated septum. The problem was minor, and he suggested that it be fixed without any problem or side effects. I had checked his website, and it seemed nice. The before and after pictures were excellent, which was the only reason I chose him over other doctors. Moreover, people had written fantastic reviews about him.

However, it turned out to be a nightmare for me. I want to talk to those who have described him as a true artist or do not even exist. Because he ruined my nose, I believe he is a monster, and all those reviews are fake.

There was no complication in my surgery, and dr. Dr. Vladimir advised that there would be an easy procedure involved. But I ended up becoming disabled. Instead of fixing my problem with the deviated septum, he wrote in the report that the septum was already straight. He did my rhinoplasty, and afterward, I started having breathing issues. With that, I had a constant nose bleed. The problem was worse, and I started having hearing problems and problems with Eustachian tubes.

Before surgery, I was fine. I never had hearing issues. Even my nose was functioning fine, and there weren’t any breathing issues. Dr. Grigoryants intentionally extracted a lot of tissue and cartilage from my nose. This is the reason why my nose collapsed right after having a very primary surgery which he did. Not just that, I also suffered from internal and external valve collapse. The reason is his surgery.

I met many ENT doctors and rhinoplasty surgeons who spent hours listening to my pain. On the other hand, dr. Vladimir did not give any shit about what he did to me. After the surgery, dr. Vladimir told me that he would shave the spur on the nose bridge he left during the operation. He told me he would use a numbing cream to perform the procedure.

Which he did but in turn further damaged my supraorbital and supratrochlear nerves. Because of the nerve damage, I have pain in the sinus. I never had a sinus as well. My breathing issues worsened.

After that, I left reviews on this website, and people started threatening me. I started getting calls. The messages read that I was some competitor and not a natural person. I feel sad.

When I tried to learn more about the doctor, I realized that there were other patients too who were victims of dr. Vladimir Grigoryants. This guy had the nerve to offer me a refund in exchange for signing a form depriving me of my rights of talking about the operation.

I only know how I feel after the surgery that was supposed to be simple and free of complexities. I understand that there is nothing I can do, but I certainly can warn others. I do not want any girl in her 20’s to go through such an experience.

Recently, when the problems started getting even worse, and I started having issues with my mouth and lip function, I discovered that Dr. Grigoryants had cut my septic depressor muscle.

Also, because of his fake report, other doctors are not able to help me. As doctors mainly depend on reports, I am deprived of getting the right help.

He intentionally destroyed the reports, and I know for what reasons. This has caused me further mental pain. I cannot reach out to other doctors as they keep getting confused about the condition I am currently facing.

A nose has a vital role in everyone’s life apart from being one of the attributes for appearance. And, because of dr. Vladimir, forget about good looks. I am disabled now. I have problems with my mouth, nerve damage, and my nose collapses. And, these are just a few complications to note.

I have been fighting day in and day out with different issues and fear that I may witness any new problems anytime. This doctor is a shame for the entire profession. We consider doctors nothing less than god. And, this one is just the opposite of that. He is a monster and a cold-hearted prick.

Is Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants legit?
Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 10 consumer(s) was/were given a Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants located?
Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is headquarted at 1808 Verdugo Blvd Suite 403, Glendale, CA 91208, USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants by dialing +1 818-952-7070 or visit their website www.vgplasticsurgery.com/.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants’s customers, US $10000 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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    I submitted a review of Vladimir Grigoryants on complaintsboard and posted a copy of my medical records to serve as reference. Posted under adhesive Tiffany. Since then I have received harassing calls, emails, and have been experiencing slander. Last fall 2020 I found that he had reached out to my primary care physicians office saying that he was a physician of mine. I verified this through one of the nurses working there via phone. I suspected it because all of a sudden I was being treated really bad. I had to explain that he was currently not a physician treating me and that I saw him years ago in 2009 for a rhinoplasty. I signed no medical authorization form nor did I mention to any of the staff there that I had seen Grigoryants for rhinoplasty prior to phone conversation. I have had to change my phone number and email address several times and have a new android phone where my text messages cannot be viewed by the public. The nurse I had spoken with was concerned that I was “making up” health issues. I went into see the primary physician there for extreme nerve pain in uterus. She asked me sarcastically if I was really in pain and I was bent over. I got a referral to see an OB doc and they performed minor procedure. Was treated very badly. Two days later they discovered a hole in my small intestine that she had made. Had to have about 8 inches of small intestine removed and reattached. PLEASE BE CAREFUL FOLKS


    I posted a review of my experience on complaintsboard about Dr. Grigoryants. My complaint is under Adhesive Tiffany and posted a copy of my medical records to show that I was truthful. Since then my Ebay account and Facebook account have been hacked into. I had to switch to using a safer android phone so no one could see my texts too. I found out through a nurse at the last primary physician office that Dr. Grigoryants contacted them and said he was a physician of mine. This was in the fall of 2020. I had to explain that he was not a physician of mine and that I saw him for one procedure April of 2009. I never signed any release of medical records or mentioned to anyone that I have ever had a rhinoplasty because it didn’t relate to any of my health issues. I had to switch primary physicians because I was treated so horribly by that office. I have also gotten harassing emails and photos of Asian women in lingerie and I am half asian. I have changed my email address and phone number many times. The nurse that I talked to said that Grigoryants concern was that I was making up health issues. I had surgery after that and a hole was accidentally poked in my small intestine and had to have about 8 inches removed. I was treated horrible when I was in the hospital. So thankful to still be alive today but still suffer from pain. Have switched primary physicians since then. If this has happened to anyone else please speak out. Do not lay down and take even if you are poor and without family.

Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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