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Dr. Steven Gundry advertises fake offers

I receive many promotional emails and it is rare that I click on any of them. It takes me a lot to go through the entire mail.

However, I checked the one about Vital Reds, Total Restore and Lactin Shield and It was very frustrating.

It talks about strengthening the inner balance of helpful microbes. I had read about it earlier and knew about the product.

There was a link few days back that claimed to be a short video. However, when I clicked on it, it took 1 hour to complete.

Although it was not a small video but the information seemed interesting.

So, when I saw the offer email, I couldn’t resist myself and instantly clicked on the offer.

The offer said that there was free delivery on all the US orders and there was no shipping charge which seemed nice.

So, I wanted to give it a try.

I clicked on the link and it took me to the page that asked me for my information.

So, I filled in all the details with payment information.

However, it was not getting through and was asking me to select the shipping charge.

The cheapest plan was for $4.95.

This was a big turn off and I promptly called the customer service. They were rude and did not mention anything about the offer.

They told me that the offer has expired. But, they emailed me and I clicked the link right away. It also showed in the website.

So, how the offer was gone in just few minutes of typing my details. I asked them not to contact me again.

This is a fake company that make you think you can get a lot of benefits.

I think I was saved because later when I checked in detail about the reviews, I was stunned.

They have got few great comments in the starting of the review page.

But, when you will scroll down, you will find lots of people talking about their worst customer service.

Dr. Steven Gundry also advertised that the green and white tea do not have caffeine.

Do you think this is possible? On the contrary, they have caffeine in high amount.

People who have tried to give up on this vital red, have to go through a lot of problems.

They have reported about body ache and headache.

They have also mentioned the problems with their heart rate and all these are related to the caffeine addiction.

So, if you want to get rid of this thing, you need to do it gradually.

It categorizes this shitty, vital red by Dr. Steven under other addictive products such as alcohol and drugs.

I would not advise anyone to go for it.

This product is not worth a penny. I had the worst experience with this company.

And if they continue to be like this, soon they will lose their customers for no good.

Dr. Steven is fooling customers though these worthless doses and all his claims have no ground.

Is Dr. Steven Gundry a scam?
Dr. Steven Gundry is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Steven Gundry legit?
First Dr. Steven Gundry is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr. Steven Gundry’s consumers?
There is/are 102 review(s) posted about Dr. Steven Gundry and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Dr. Steven Gundry located?
Dr. Steven Gundry is located at 9465 Wilshire Blvd #300, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA. You can contact Dr. Steven Gundry by dialing N/A or visit their website gundrymd.com/ before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Steven Gundry’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $676446 was the total loss incurred by Dr. Steven Gundry’s customers.

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102 Reviews on Dr. Steven Gundry

  1. He may very well be a great surgeon. I have no doubt he has saved 2000s of lives. Bless him for that.
    But alas, greed and the persuit of the high life can turn even the greatest if people into conmen and thieves.

  2. Horse shit

    Barbara Cattanese, how long have you been working for Gundry?
    If you want to lose weight, expend more calories than you eat. Stop gorging on doughnuts, fizz drinks and endless fried shit.
    Smarten up morons, this is just cheap ass crap in a pill…with little to no regulation as to what goes into it. Add to that he was a guest on Dr Oz….FFS, how may alarm bells do you need to ring before you realise it’s a scam.
    The reason why this shit isn’t sold in EVERY pharmacy and part of EVERY diet around the world is ITS A LOAD OF CRAP!
    So do us a favour Barb…..bugger off!

  3. It is what he says it is and it worked for me but it is too expensive.

    I’ve used the Energy Renew Muscle Recovery and Cardiovascular Health Support Supplement and have ordered it twice. It does boost energy and the ingredients are all from berries like he claims. It is a one of a kind product and it seems like it is expensive to produce considering it is mostly made from unusual berries.
    I would love to continue using it but it is so expensive that I couldn’t afford to reorder it.


    i have been messaging them countless times to state that i have not received the product and all they do is give me some bullshit tracking number that tells me nothing. They’ve already charged me for it and now i am trying to get a refund but i think i will never get my money back.

    Please be advise between think quack doctor and he’s leaky gut remedy i think having a leaky gut is far better than dealing with these monkeys.

    Don’t get conned . Save your money and most of all your sanity. Don’t deal with them

  5. Deceptive order practice

    Company sends products deceitfully.

  6. Keto pills were like taking placebo pills. Gundry is a scam man. Beware!

    keto pills didn’t work. If you order, then he puts you on auto shipments every cycle and hard to stop them. I had to get my credit card company involved to stop the madness. Stay away from Gundrys fraudulent schemes.

  7. Discounted prices offered from on-line ads

    I have found that the offered discounts are only good if you respond while you have that ad opened. As soon as you leave the page to double check if your really getting a discount, you loose the opportunity to use that ad discount. If you call directly to get an order and tell them you just had an ad open with a discount, the operator will tell you that she doesn’t get the promotion, you can only get it directly from the ad. The ads are point of sale. You have one chance to get the discount the first time you open the ad. So you need to beleive the ad is genuine. They are! But you can still order it on the advertised price and then compare to other ads, then call the company within a few minutes to cancel your order. Tell them you are calling your credit company to stop payment before the item is shipped. YOU MUST KNOW THAT THESE ARE AUTO ORDERED THRU A DIFFERENT SYSTEM THAT THE OPERATOR YOU ARE CALLING.

  8. Not a TOTAL SCAM if you just read the ordering summary

    I read the entire disclosure before I clicked on the auto ship order. So if I order 3 jars of VITAL REDS, I know that every 30 days I will recieve 3 more jars of VITAL REDS. I continue to get my discounted price. If no one else is sharing your order, you are wasting the 3 bottles each month. Why not take advantage of the multi product discount. You could receive every month for 2 months then cancel the auto ship. When you run out of the 9 bottles you received, start again. Or do like I do, I order 6 or 12 at a time depending on the best price per jar. I get the best discount price, and I do not auto ship.

  9. Paid between $125 and $160 for this skin cream which does nothing and constant e-mails about other useless products which upon checking reviews are obviously scams.

  10. I haven’t tried yet.

    I just want to add to Mary’s comment. Yes, whenever someone with constipation adds fiber to their diet, they will feel awful for a few days. I Imagine, as she said, nausea can be expected, especially when dealing with gut issues. Think about it. If one is speaking highly of the product, please rate with more stars. The 1 star, yet positive commentary, skew the results and sometimes can be taken as sarcasm. It does seem as if most neg comments have nothing to do with the actual product.

Reported Loss :676446 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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