Dr. Smikle Collin MD

Intentions Of Practicing Medicine..... MONEY!

DO NOT visit Dr. Smikle Colin! It would help if you took these reviews with a grain since infertility can be such a delicate subject. But please continue reading!

I don’t need a doctor to hold my hand. I need a doctor who can see the whole person and address the problem.

This made me see past his poor bedside manner. I soon discovered his true intent to practice medicine ….. MONEY.

He was able to diagnose my undiagnosed infertility. He recommended the most expensive and invasive IVF instead of running numerous tests to diagnose the problem.

When asked what I would do with triplets, my husband looked at me and replied, “I suppose we would deal!”

I refused to have one of my fetuses aborted, and I was too small to carry three children, so he did not feel comfortable with IUI (a more accessible and affordable option).

I later discovered that there was only a 33% chance of triplets using IUI ….a statistic he shared with me.

Although I don’t know the percentage of IVF success, he could be your man if you need IVF and have no other options. Expect to be treated like a paycheck and not a person.

Another consideration …. There are no reviews for this doctor.

Dr. Smikle may have paid to remove the negative reviews.

Is Dr. Smikle Collin MD a legit?

Dr. Smikle Collin MD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Smikle Collin MD located?

Dr. Smikle Collin MD is headquarted at 1700 California St Ste 570 Laurel Fertility Care San Francisco, CA 94109. You can contact Dr. Smikle Collin MD by dialing (415) 673-9199 or visit their website laurelfertility.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Smikle Collin MD’s customers?

According to Dr. Smikle Collin MD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4332 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Dr. Smikle Collin MD

  1. Apathetic Doctor

    Dr. Smikle is an egomaniac, in my opinion. I honestly think he lacked a sensitivity chip from the beginning of my time spent with him as a patient, especially at the end. When I found out the transfer didn’t take, he kept saying, “I don’t know what happened…everything was looking great,” like he was looking for me to give him answers. I felt like saying to him, “Well, If you don’t know, how am I supposed to know.” Then over the phone, he says, “It’s not your fault!” like, nobody’s fault. He is not good at delivering bad news!!! These things just kind of happens.

    To make matters worse, I scheduled an appointment to discuss the failed transfer. When I get there and finally get called into his office, he has some woman there who is following me inside his office. She tried to stay, not seeming to leave by which I looked at him like, “Who is this?” and without initially saying anything later,” Oh, this is so and so who is shadowing me, and would it be ok if she can stay?” I look at him in disgust, saying, “No, she can’t!!!” You would think that violates HIPAA and something that should be discussed before the appointment.

    Dr. Smikle again shows his lack of professionalism and empathy for me as a woman and patient. Then we discussed the failed transfer, and I asked what our other five embryos’ ratings wore. He shows me all their ratings which, mind you, I didn’t know our three boy embryos were the highest from the start. I told him if I’d known our boy embryos were the highest, I might have considered one of the boys.

    Dr.Smikle said that after mentioning that I might have chosen one of our male embryos(had I known they were the highest rated), he said, “No, you wouldn’t have because you were set on a female embryo.” At this point, Dr. Smikle’s arrogance proved to me that he not only had no sensitivity chip but was condescending as well!!! I wish I had looked into other fertility clinics before settling with this doctor, and his clinic was referred to us by a lawyer.

  2. Really Scammer

    I first saw Dr. Smikle at Kaiser Walnut Creek. I was single and going through the Sperm bank. After two years of IUI, I decided to try IVF because he had moved to San Ramon’s reproductive science center. My embryo transfers took place in August. I gave birth in March 2001 to twins boy/girl at 37 years old.
    I moved on with my life and met a man who loved my children & gave birth at 43 to a healthy baby boy. He was born on April Fools Day, 2006. My husband said, “What do you expect when your pushing 50 and trying to have a baby God’s going to give you on April Fools day?” Nora and Gabriel are now happy, healthy 12 year-olds. He is truly a blessing. I will never forget Dr. Smikle. Elizabeth Bowman ( Kimbrough).

  3. Never Again

    WONDERFUL DOCTOR Excellent support and assistance. It is highly recommended.

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Reported Loss : 4332 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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