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Dr. Najeeb lectures never helped me

I am a medical student and have referred to many online helps. I Mostly do my learning through online videos and coaches who have great reviews. When I looked at dr. Najeeb’s rating online, I was very impressed. It never had been a case when someone had amazed me so much with his online presence. Dr. Najeeb lectures review are extraordinary. However, when I took his online classes, I was completely disappointed.

How can he be lying to his students that he is a great teacher when he is not? I won’t say that he does not have the skills. He might be knowing a lot. But when it comes to teaching, it is completely a different scenario. I believe that teachers must know how to connect with students and make them all tied up to the topics by getting them interested in what is being taught.

This was not at all the case with the lectures I checked of dr. Najeeb. On the other hand, I found them very slow and boring. I also understand that a teacher has to take care of every student when it comes to maintain the pace of the classes. However, we are not studying in a nursery class. If we want to check for respiratory lectures, then we all have crossed the nursery class. Dr. Najeeb classes are boring and monotonous.

I was sitting at the chair and watching his videos. Not only one was complete and I felt like I would sleep in the chair itself. It is so slow that you can even take a lunch break without pausing the video and will miss nothing.

All the hype about dr. Najeeb is fake, I guess. Because I do not see any miracle in this guy. He is even worse than the teachers in my college. I even showed his videos to my friends after I realized that I was the only one not liking his lectures.

And, everyone has the same feedback. It is okay if he knows a lot of stuff but understanding others fool isn’t going to make him a master. His lectures are designed for those who are not from medical field. Then why are you even making those videos? We are not fools.

I also tried to check for few topics that I had trouble with and found that the lectures were not clear for those subjects. I had my exams after two days and I believed that these lectures would help me clear that. I was wrong. After one day wasting on these videos, I decided that I would rather study at my friend’s place who has the same amount of knowledge as I had. It worked out well though.

I cleared the test. This guy should learn how to teach. Dr. Najeeb notes or dr Najeeb lectures app, I am not going to use any of these. This man is only good on his dr Najeeb Instagram profile and online reviews. To be honest, I did not like anything that has made his such a star online.

The guy lectures are worthless and feels like never ends. The same thing is put on repeat mode until one feel like changing the track and changes the topic completely. It is better to refer your course book and college lecture that to depend on dr. Najeeb lectures.


Is Dr. Najeeb a scam?
Dr. Najeeb is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Najeeb legit?
First Dr. Najeeb is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr. Najeeb’s consumers?
There is/are 25 review(s) posted about Dr. Najeeb and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Dr. Najeeb located?
Dr. Najeeb is located at Miami, FL, USA. You can contact Dr. Najeeb by dialing N/A or visit their website www.drnajeeblectures.com/ before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Najeeb’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $200 was the total loss incurred by Dr. Najeeb’s customers.

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25 Reviews on Dr. Najeeb

  1. I got my money back

    This person is not a real doctor. It is unworthy of a doctor to lend his face to deceive others. I fell for this scam like a kid judging the world by its own values. The way to recover money in my case:

    Lock the card

    write to [email protected] that you have been scammed and want your money back. After a few hours, you will get a standard response signed with the name and surname of the deceased person whose details you can find on Wikipedia. My message said that I would get a refund in 30 days.

    Report the charge back procedure to the bank. One of the conditions is a statement that you are not using the purchased product (just in case the next steps do not work)

    Don’t watch 8 hours of movies – it’s no use. He did not like on Facebook and YouTube – it will do nothing

    Make sure the payment went through BlueSnap – find the payment numbers https://support.bluesnap.com/page/find-your-order

    Report to BlueSnap that you have been scammed and want a refund. You do not need to log in. At https://support.bluesnap.com/page/shopper-faqs select “Contact BlueSnap for purchase support”

    After 4 days, I received a refund

    Don’t forget the others and write negative feedback on Najeeb wherever you can

    Good luck

  2. I thought I was paying 5$ but I was charged 299$

    I came to a very misleading site.
    I came there through the 5$ link.
    The amount was not shown on the screen when I checked the agree to terms and continue buttons. I thought that was strange, but I was too trusting.
    I was charged 299$ and am just waiting for the office of my credit card company to open. When I tried to submit this I got a message that a duplicate message was already submitted, and it looks like I already sent this. So I guess I am not the only one!

  3. I thought I was paying 5$ but I was charged 299$

    I came to a very misleading site.
    I came there through the 5$ link.
    The amount was not shown on the screen when I checked the agree to terms and continue buttons. I thought that was strange, but I was too trusting.
    I was charged 299$ and am just waiting for the office of my credit card company to open.


    I wish I had done due diligence – but the $5 offer got me. My card was charged $299 without knowing (no amount was listed when I filled in credit card info) and I was not aware of having to watch 8 hours of videos in the next 24 hours! Like many have said – who has time to do that? I’ve reported them to the FTC (Feds and state of FL) and requested a refund from them. Please don’t buy! Every time an add pops up i comment SCAM!

  5. Scam

    This guy is an absolute scam. I got tricked too. They deducted 199$ and they told me it was a glitch and the money will be refunded in 30days. I immediately contacted my bank and bluesnap and they told me to wait for him to refund me. Then I started to spam his Instagram and Facebook and finally they sent me an email asking for my card details to send me a refund. They said they transfered the case to the refund authorities and they will get back to me ASAP. I’m not gonna wait until they get back to me, I’m gonna spam them everyday. We should not back down let’s fight for our money and delete this fraud out of this system

  6. Dr. Najeem website not clear at all

    I purchased Dr. Najeen lectures at the end of September…… I thought tompay only 5 US dollars, while they took 299 Us Dollars from the card. First fraud because nowhere was mentioned thatbyou had to see 8 hours of lectures and so on.
    After this i wrote immediately to the support team and they assured me that not only the 95%would be given back, but 100% but had to be patient and wait for 30 days.
    I waited…no sign from them.
    From that moment every 3/4 days i have been writing to them. Now i contact the Police and my bank and if by wednesday they don’t give a refund, we will open a court case for fraud.

    I warned them. About my steps, so i hope they will refund everything.

    Such a orrible sensation to be treted in this way and i think to all the students who are having the same treatment by this dottor. He can be good in teaching but if he has no moral values he will always be below zero. Veryvsad to speak in this way, but this is the truth.

  7. Dr najeeb is a scammer

    Yesterday Dr Najeeb scammed me with 199$ and after they send an email to say that it s not a scam and they will refund me . did anyone know what i have to do please ?

  8. I have the same experience. Did you get the refund?

  9. Dr Najeeb Scam-- 299$ Lost to the cheater

    Did you get your money back?

  10. Dr. Najeeb is using very misleading and unethical advertising

    As most people have said, this site is shady and dishonest. I have been fighting for months for my refund, and have been emailed saying that it is in process for over two months. It is essentially a scam.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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