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Dr. Michael G. Close gave me a medication I need and have been taking for a few years. I went to refill it through my mail-order company and they said they could not refill it – I called and found out they need his “DEA number.”

I called the receptionist today and apparently he can no longer prescribe that medication – he no works with another doctor to prescribe it.

I was not informed when this happened, and calls from my mail-order pharmacy to his office were not returned (the receptionist said going through everyone’s file would take forever and that they did not receive a call, for what it’s worth.)

So today I’m scrambling to find a doctor to fulfill this prescription.

That is on top of other bad experiences. I made the appointment for 7:30 so I could get to work by 9.

He didn’t even get there until about 8 a.m. The nurse drew blood and then Dr. Close came in and just talked to me about medicine and diet and other random stuff.

I didn’t stop him because I thought he was building to a point but he wasn’t.

He was called out of his office finally at about 9:15 and came back asking if I was in a hurry and I said well I wasn’t but I was hoping to get to work by 9 and I’m already behind so I need to go.

So he wrote me prescriptions and then said I need to come back in because we never did the actual appointment – checking my heart rate, breathing, etc.

Finally, a few days after that the nurse called on a Friday afternoon and said my blood revealed a few things that we need to talk about.

I missed the call but left two messages. I never received a return phone call.

Who calls a patient and tells them there are a few things from their blood test to discuss and then doesn’t follow up or return their calls?

Avoid this doctor. I don’t think there is any malicious intent but this is really basic stuff a doctor and his staff need to be able to do, and pretty serious.

If you’re wavering after reading the reviews, trust your gut and go somewhere else.

Is Dr. Michael Close legit?
Dr. Michael Close is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 4 consumer(s) was/were given a Dr. Michael Close as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Dr. Michael Close located?
Dr. Michael Close is headquarted at 2300 W Armitage Ave Chicago, IL 60647. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Dr. Michael Close by dialing (773) 243-0010 or visit their website drclose.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Michael Close’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Dr. Michael Close’s customers, US $1455 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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4 Reviews on Dr. Michael Close

  1. His staff is very efficient, his nurse is more than capable, the receptionist is very friendly and helpful..

    I have visited Dr. Close over 5 times. Thus far I find his knowledge, manner and concern near the best I have experienced. My health concerns are numerous and he has really been a “go to” person for me. His staff is very efficient, his nurse is more than capable, the receptionist is very friendly and helpful..

    He has done well with cross over problems due to a transplant I had a few years back and I know he is constantly thinking to help enhance my quality of life which is what it is all about in the end.

    I can deal with a wait and it being somewhat crazy at times because I know when it is my turn I will get a Doctor who is genuinely concerned about my quality of life.

  2. Afterward, I researched it.

    Let me explain my two-star review. I will relate the simple facts, and you be the judge. I, too, believed I had found my best-ever doctor. Dr. Close has a very hip and informal style which is a refreshing change of pace from the stodgy, self-importance of many other docs. However, I did not find him very intuitive. He tries to “figure out” what’s going on.

    Though not ideal, that was something I could still live with. But where I parted company with him is when he said to me he had a really great antibiotic for my sinusitis.

    Did I want to try it? (Yes, he likes to ask you what YOU want.)His hipness caused me to let down my guard. The stodgy doc would have had me online in a second researching the drug. Instead I went to get the prescription filled and took one of the pills. I figured one couldn’t hurt. Afterward, I researched it.

  3. I'm hoping so, since I believe it has relevance.

    What I have found out about is that if a review is low-rated in a sea of glowing reviews the system will filter, in essence — delete — the review if the reviewer has few or no other reviews posted.

    Since my review is an all-too-true reprise of my experience with Dr. Close I feel it deserves to be seen and not trashed, so I am trying again, this time giving a two-star review instead of the one-star that I had originally given. Maybe this time my review will be retained. I’m hoping so, since I believe it has relevance.

  4. I had sinusitis.

    I had sinusitis. Dr Close prescribed an antibiotic that many people have experienced serious side effects with. I took one capsule, then read up on this drug. I stopped taking it when I read about people’s experiences. Then a few days later I got very bad double-vision, a known side-effect of this drug. This symptom lasted TWO months!

    The worst part was I didn’t know if it would ever go away. I phoned Dr. Close and told him what happened. He never followed up. The positive things people say about him are true, yet, in my opinion, he is not careful enough in what he prescribes.

    Levaquin should be a “last line of defense” antibiotic because too many people have suffered harm from it. In fairness, it should be noted that many physicians prescribe it cavalierly, but that doesn’t make it right.

Reported Loss :1455 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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