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Dr. Marty is outdated

If you love your pets, I suggest never consulting any pet product or book by Dr.Marty Goldstein. From his pet food to books, everything is a scam. I got one of his books, The Nature of Animal Healing, and was utterly shocked to see the details this book contains.

This guy needs to update the information in the book. From food recommendations to cooking suggestions, you won’t find anything extraordinary. Most tips are widespread, and most pet owners must know them.

The book was published in 1999. Since then, there has been enormous progress made related to pet care. However, what was most shocking was that he recommended giving grapes and ginger to dogs. And we all know that this food as snacks would only lead to problems in pets.

Grapes are even considered toxic for dogs. It isn’t what we call a holistic guide but feels like someone trying to get information from here and there and stuffing it in the book. I doubt if dr. Martin even researched these recommendations before putting them in plain words for others to consume.

Seriously, what was he thinking? By spreading unassessed information around, he is only responsible for the chaos that might follow afterward. And it’s not just his book; I did order his food for my cat. She took almost a month to get used to the flavor. For some reason, she would sniff the food and leave it right away.

Moreover, as promised about the food, I did not see much change in her health. She was lazy and wasn’t losing weight. She lost little because she would not want to eat the food at all.

Later I checked the ingredients, and it surprised me to see so much carbohydrate in the nutrition composition. Many other online reviews called these two foods for dogs and cats pretty much similar to each other that Dr. Marty sells. Isn’t that a way to make money without investing in another recipe? I would call it fake marketing.

He talks about how much he cares about pets; ultimately, all he wants is profit. It’s so easy to use unethical means to earn money that people like Dr. Marty do not consider right and wrong.

But that is not it. His products are too expensive to be considered pocket friendly. I mean, there are so many great brands with excellent products, and they seem to be cheaper than this one.

I was disappointed with whatever the doctor had to share. Neither his food products nor his book, nothing had much to offer. What would you do when your pet does not like the expensive food you get for her.

I had to get back to my previous pet food for my cat. And the book was a complete waste of money. On top of that, the font size is not friendly either. Although I could read the words clearly, those with numbered glasses might find it too difficult to read.

I feel we must not accept anything available online, especially when it’s about our pet’s health. Consuming information from well-known experts is the only way to provide our pets with the best.

Is Dr. Marty Goldstein a legit?

Dr. Marty Goldstein is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Marty Goldstein located?

Dr. Marty Goldstein is headquarted at 6320 Canoga Avenue 15th Floor, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, USA. You can contact Dr. Marty Goldstein by dialing 800-670-1839 or visit their website drmartypets.com/.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Marty Goldstein ’s customers?

According to Dr. Marty Goldstein ’s customers, a monetary loss of US $560 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 560 $
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