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Dr. Madu Ivy Joan Is Nothing

I want to be honest and say that Dr. Madu Ivy Joan is nothing but nice and a great healthcare provider.

In my one and only experience at her office, I was treated with respect, by her reception and MA.

However, it looks like during my initial appointment, my copayment was not collected and since I was at the moment very apprehensive about seeing this Doctor, I did not pay much attention either.

Now this appointment was in February 2019. It is now close to May, and the “billing department” called me to let me now that I didn’t pay the copayment.

I was patient and listened and then explained that when I did go back receptionist said that she didnt know why she didnt collect, but to not worry about it.

This lady was just not having it. She proceeded to threaten me, over the phone, at my business line!

I mean she was on a rant like if I had stolen her designer purse or something.

Then proceeds to tell me that there would be legal repercussions and etc and then lastly, says that I was not nice.

This experience left me pretty adamant about not returning to Dr. Madu’s office.

I work with a biller myself and I have never heard her disrespect or threaten any of our Doctor’s patients like that.

Why would you talk to people like that? Thanks but no thanks.

I would prefer a different Endocrinologist since this ones biller has no shame in calling your work and threaten you over less than $100.

I have told many of my patients here to not got to this practice if they get referred to Dr. Madu.

I work with different medical and dental practices as well so I will spread the great news about this practice.

Is Dr. Madu Ivy Joan a legit?

Dr. Madu Ivy Joan is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Madu Ivy Joan located?

Dr. Madu Ivy Joan is headquarted at 1234 W Chapman Ave Ste 205 Orange, CA 92868. You can contact Dr. Madu Ivy Joan by dialing (714) 639-1815 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Madu Ivy Joan’s customers?

According to Dr. Madu Ivy Joan’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5377 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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5 Reviews on Dr. Madu Ivy Joan

  1. She really cares for her patients.

    Dr Madu kept my A1C below 7 for more than 13 years. She really cares for her patients.

  2. I recommend her very highly.

    Dr. Madu has been my Doctor for more than 10 years! She is an excellent endocrinologist . She helped me get my hypothyroid condition in control with the right medication for me. I recommend her very highly.

  3. but very empathetic in her approach to managing your diabetes.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and have been under Dr. Madu’s care for over 10 years. She has been the reason for getting my diabetes under control. She is firm, but very empathetic in her approach to managing your diabetes.

    More importantly, she has helped me manage all of my health issues, and has been instrumental in helping me cope with my pancreatic cancer, and the residual effects caused by my surgery. Dr. Madu takes pride in her ability to help you and I am extremely satisfied with both her approach and her knowledge.

  4. Oh, and I never went back to see her again.

    Dr. Madu is the most inhumane doctor I’ve ever come across. She does not even look at her patients, but instead spends the ENTIRE appointment dictating notes into her computer. She does NOT explain thyroid conditions clearly at all, nor explore treatment optoins with patients.

    If you dare to ask a question, she will be offended, defensive and abrupt. I kept thinking hers and my relationship would get better, so I saw her four times, but things NEVER improved! When she told me I had to have my thyroid removed (which I do NOT, by the way!) and have the bones behind my eyes removed due to Graves Disease,

    she didn’t even wait for me to stop crying before she had me leave the exam room! I sat there next to her, sobbing about my (inaccurate) treatment plan, and all she did was dictate to her stupid computer while I sobbed at the (inaccurate) news she’d just given me! Good God, woman, show some humanity!

    Oh, and I never went back to see her again. I found a kind, competent endocrinologist instead. Did Dr. Madu or anyone in her office ever call to see if I were okay or to even schedule a follow-up appointment? NOPE!

  5. I am so disappointed in this office.

    I am so disappointed in this office. I would love to tell you how the doctor is, but frankly I have no idea because the first time I went I saw the PA (who, by the way is very nice and helpful – nothing against him), and after I got my blood-work done I have tried to get an appointment to return for the results for WEEKS!

    I have left multiple messages over multiple weeks, and finally a couple of days ago someone called me back. Our call was dropped as we were making the appointment. As soon as I called back the phone went to voicemail AGAIN (it has never gone directly through to the office at any time of day). I left 2 messages and it has been days and I have not had a call back.

    I am absolutely astounded. If this doctor wants to get good ratings, she should work on her office staff and find a way to actually see the patients. I suggest administrative quality control here Dr Madu.. your patients cant get to you.

    The worst part about all of this is that now I am in limbo with money spent on lab work and no results, and I have been living with increasing pain waiting for my results before returning to my pain management doctor (whom I finally just went back to since I was getting nowhere)… I will be asking my doctor for another referral. Don’t risk it here if you are in pain or need immediate help.

Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 5377 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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