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The Worst Customer Service

It is a terrible place. I’ve ever seen the worst customer service, and I’ve experienced plenty of it.

I first called Dr. Kevin M Man via phone, a referral from a general physician.

The excellent Dr. must screen all referrals.

He advised me that I would need an endoscopy. Ashley, the surgery coordinator, would contact me to set up an appointment.

So I tried multiple times to call her, but she never answered. Finally, we spoke, and she could not hear me. My phone was fine, so she hung up.

Now, I am the customer trying to do business with her. Wouldn’t common sense say that you should attempt to call the customer back as the business? But I had to call Princess back because she disconnected mid-call.

Then, she said that she would mail the instructions.

As the customer, I had to call the Doctor and then go to the office to pick them up. It was a waste of my time and money.

This was necessary because they cancel orders if you don’t follow their instructions within 24 hours.

It turned out that there were two pages of instructions, but I didn’t know any additional instructions because I hadn’t done this before.

She scolds when I call her the day before to inquire.

As I stated, I had never had this done. She had some questions/ concerns that were too difficult to answer for me.

It was a significant burden, she told me.

I didn’t know until the call that I was going to 3370 Geary. I nearly showed up at 450Sutter. Nothing beats providing all the information to a customer!

Although it was set for 8:00 am, I was initially told to be there by 6:30 am after speaking with them.

I received the standard reminder call for a day before procedures. A message was left saying to report at 7:00 am.

So I called Golden Gate, not the Doctor’s office, to avoid Ashley. I was told it was 6:45 am now because this is early in the morning is essential.

This is my time, especially considering I had to wake up at 3 am to take 3, 16-ounce cold glasses of water and some nasty medicine.

So I arrive on time and sit down until 7:30 am. It’s a waste of my time.

Imagine if they took their time. Even though they were given instructions over the phone, it was essential to be there on time because sedation can take over an hour.

It doesn’t take long to tell total lies. It is almost like they are treating me like cattle.

These forms are filled out about how I have to give up my rights and pay for everything they ask.

I was aware of the cost upfront, but it was shocking to learn that I would be paying a financial interest.

Dr. has a financial interest at Golden Gate. I could arrange for something else if I so desired.

They tell me that at 6:30 am on the day of my appointment. It is too late for me to change venues. Conflict of interest? Corrupt.

They had to take my picture, which I protested as another victim of Equifax’s data breach.

They need it to protect themselves from insurance fraud.

Really? They could see my face and driver’s license as I stood in front of them, so they verified that it was not required for retention. …. That was what the Boeing Company, Equifax and, OPM and IRS Heartland Payment Systems, Target, to name a few, also swear to.

There are no consequences for theft.

Dr. Kevin Man, the great and all-powerful Doctor, was as arrogant as ever and didn’t bother me. He spoke to me about 1 minute before my procedure.

I am told that he will talk to me next. When I get out of sedation, they ask me to put my clothes on immediately. I told them that I didn’t feel well.

I want to know what time it is. It’s 9 am! They insist that my ride, which Commandant Ashley ordered me to take, be there by 9:30 am.

I was not allowed to wake up from sedation for 5 minutes. It is so rude and unsafe.

You don’t wake up from being drugged every day unless you are in the Tenderloin.

There was no privacy when I was putting my clothes on. This was in front of the counter in the recovery areas.

Several medical staff was there, and some were wholly unprofessional and rude.

While I’m changing Kevin, The Man appears and can’t be bothered for 2 minutes.

He doesn’t tell me anything. He didn’t ask me where my pain was before. He also did not show any interest in finding a solution.

The medical professional might be able to perform the job for which they are being paid so much if they had skin in it!

I am taken to a waiting area and ordered to sit down in a chair. It is now 9:08 am. I will continue to sit there until 9:00 am.

Although I had plenty of time, I could change in 5 minutes.

However, Nurse Ratchet, a cattle prod, was right there! You have to find a better option than this.

Is Dr. Kevin Man MD a legit?

Dr. Kevin Man MD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Kevin Man MD located?

Dr. Kevin Man MD is headquarted at 1 Shrader St Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States. You can contact Dr. Kevin Man MD by dialing (415) 362-3336 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Kevin Man MD’s customers?

According to Dr. Kevin Man MD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5443 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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2 Reviews on Dr. Kevin Man MD

  1. It's been three months since I first contacted his office and I have nothing to show for it.

    It has been three months since my first contact with his office. I still have nothing. I have not received any prescriptions, answers, or communication. I have found some relief by searching the internet for short-term solutions.
    Although he seemed kind and thoughtful, he didn’t offer any real help and stopped contacting me. He didn’t answer my phone, and I tried for two weeks to get him to contact me to talk about something that could have been solved over email within a day.

    He charged my insurance company a fair sum, and I had to either deal with my issues myself or find another doctor.

  2. Office Staff, BAD!

    OFFICE STAFF scored a zero! Dr. Mann scored a 5. My wife and I were both his patients for many years. However, his office staff’s insensitivity to our concerns and their “poor manners” in answering our questions and processing – AND THEN, even more critical – continues.
    Their “professional ineptness” in handling forms “life-saving magnitude” procedures to my health. This had to be rectified and remedied with other medical professionals. We were then “forced” into changing doctors. Dr. Mann, GREAT! The Office Staff are terrible!

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 5443 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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