Dr. Karen Callen

Dr. Karen Callen's Bedside Manner Was Terrible

I went to see Dr. Callen per my mother’s recommendation, as she was her OB/GYN and she had good experience with her.

I went specifically to inquire about birth control pills. I had never been on the pill before and I had concerns because I have a long history of clinical depression.

In my medical history that I had just filled out in the waiting room, with my mother, I put down that my mother has a history of blood clots.

Dr. Callen failed to take a half-way decent look at my medical history, as she didn’t even bother to find out whether I had seen her before, which I had.

I know that she sees tons of people, so I would be willing to let that slide if it weren’t for her other serious errors.

She ended up prescribing me the birth control Loryna, which I only found out by looking at the physical prescription, because she didn’t even tell me the name of the pill or even give me instructions as to how to take it. Zip.

All I know, from having several friends on the pill, is that taking birth control is a pretty involved process… it’s really imperative to explain to the patient how to take it, especially someone who has never been on it before.

As it happens, I wasn’t planning on starting it right away, so it didn’t cross my mind until about a month later when I decided to start taking it that she had given me absolutely no instructions.

I was looking up Loryna online and found on the medication’s website that it has a higher risk of causing blood clots than other birth controls pills.

Clearly Dr. Callen did not care to look at my medical history thoroughly enough to find that I am at high risk for this, since my mother has a history of blood clots. My mother was in fact, taken off the pill because of this.

Dr. Callen’s bedside manner was terrible, particularly for an OB/GYN.

When I mustered the courage to tell her I had been experiencing pain during sex, the topic clearly embarrassed her.

She let out a nervous, disparaging snicker, gave barely any explanation as to what might be causing the issue, did not ask any questions, or make any suggestions, and basically made me feel ashamed to have brought it up.

This is exactly the opposite of how I should feel talking to my gynecologist.

An OB/GYN should not only be able to talk about sex with her/his patients, but should take extra care to make sure patients feel comfortable talking to her.

As if there’s not enough shame surrounding female sexuality already.

Is Dr. Karen Callen a scam?
Dr. Karen Callen is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Karen Callen legit?
First Dr. Karen Callen is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr. Karen Callen’s consumers?
There is/are 4 review(s) posted about Dr. Karen Callen and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Dr. Karen Callen located?
Dr. Karen Callen is located at 1725 Montgomery St #200, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA. You can contact Dr. Karen Callen by dialing (415) 666-1250 or visit their website goldengateobgyn.org before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Karen Callen’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $5522 was the total loss incurred by Dr. Karen Callen’s customers.

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4 Reviews on Dr. Karen Callen

  1. Good Service

    I have been seeing dr callen for about 4 years and she is wonderful.

  2. Not Good Service

    Dr Callen delivered our first son. She was so kind to my wife as the labor turned out to be pretty long and traumatic. But she got us through it. I never really felt she spent much time with us at the check up appointments but everything was going smoothly at that point. But when we really needed her she was there for us.

  3. I will be looking elsewhere for an OBGYN.

    I was very excited about working with Dr. Callen given the 5 star review ratings here on Yelp.com and was looking forward to my appointment with anticipation. Unfortunately, I my experience was much different than what I expected. I waited 30 minutes in the general waiting room and then another 45 minutes in the exam room.

    When I was finally seen, Dr. Callen was blunt, cold, brief, and difficult to engage. She barely asked me any questions and seemed annoyed by mine. She changed my medication, but did not tell me what the name was or any potential side effects–she simply told me where she called it in to.

    In total, after waiting over an hour, I was given only 4 minutes of her time! It was very disappointing and felt written off. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt (maybe she was dealing with an emergency, hence the delay), but either way, at the bare minimum, common courtesy should be displayed. I will be looking elsewhere for an OBGYN.

  4. I regret ever stepping foot in Karen Callen's office!

    I regret ever stepping foot in Karen Callen’s office! I moved to the city and had to find someone 4 months into my pregnancy and she had openings–because she takes everyone and has too many patients! She won’t remember your name OR your medical history.

    I was an older mom, 38, and had previous pelvic problems and surgeries and was really concerned about a vaginal birth. I wanted a C section but she said I should try vaginal first. CPMC was over crowded the day I gave birth and she let me push for 3 hours, then ripped the baby out using forecepts.

    Karen gashed my entire right side vaginal wall and caused me to have severe pelvic prolapse. Ironically, my friend had the exact same experience with Karen who obviously lacks forecept expertise. We call her “The Butcher” because after she gets through with you you’re mincemeat. She did not remember me or my history and should have given me C after 1 1/2 hours of pushing.

    I”ve been in physical therapy for 3 years now and have to have major pelvic reconstuctive surgery to repair the cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse,& vaginal prolapse caused by excessive pushing and force of the forecepts.

    My physical therapist can’t believe she made me try a vag birth after so many pelvic surgeries and problems. The worst part is my sex life is ruined because i’m still in pain and other parts are numb from the nerve damage.

Reported Loss :5522 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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