Dr. Kanwar T Mahal

The Wrong Pharmacy

I actually really like both Dr.Kanwar T Mahal and Amber Mahal. They are kind, patient, and thorough in their time with me.

However, I’m not sure how this continuously happens, but prescriptions and referrals have not one time gone off without a hitch.

Once it was an antibiotic that was never called in after multiple calls to the office.  After the weekend of no Rx, I decided to heal on my own.

The next was for two management meds, which I made an appt for to update the prescription.

It was never called in, and when I called them to ask why, they said I needed to see the doctor to renew these.

I explained that I had just seen her for this purpose, but was still required to go back for another appt.

I conceded, because I truly like the doctor. But then switched to Kanwar, hoping this end would not be as poorly managed.

However, after my first appt, his office sent my prescription order to the wrong pharmacy.

Twice. This was not an easy remedy. It should have been. It required one more visit to the office.

My last example, and there are more, was this Monday when I needed a refill, and called in to the pharmacy.

They faxed the request to Mahal’s office, although this is a maintenance med that should not require this (for whatever reason, he had not allowed a refill).

I called the office to make sure they got the fax, trying to head off any glitches.

The doctor was on vacation and could not refill this. I asked for the doctor on call, but his wife, the other doctor, was on vacation with him.

I asked for their back up doctor, which there wasn’t one.

The receptionist said the MA’s were in charge! Frustrated, because this is an antidepressant to get me through the suicide of my husband, I asked if Dr. Mahal can be reached to refill, since I cannot miss a dosage.

They said they would email him and get back to me. I called 3 times that day, to no avail. At the end of the day, they left a message to say just call the pharmacy to refill it.

They also said I should not wait til the end of the prescription to refill. But remember, this was supposed to be a 3 month maintenance refill, that he actually did not give a refill to.

Back to step one. I did call, hoping somehow Mahal had refilled, and he hadn’t, and the pharmacy cannot refill it.

My last attempt was to call the swithboard, because by then the office was closed.

She read a script, “per doctor’s orders, he is not to be notified of any need for prescription refills.” I am three days without the antidepressant.

So although my 2 year experience face-to-face with the Mahal’s seemed effective and efficient in diagnosing problems, absolutely nothing else was in terms of follow-up.

By the way, this has been the same experience for my two adult children, who are both looking for a new doctor.

Is Dr. Kanwar T Mahal a legit?

Dr. Kanwar T Mahal is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Kanwar T Mahal located?

Dr. Kanwar T Mahal is headquarted at 7710 N Fresno St Ste 102 Fresno, CA 93720. You can contact Dr. Kanwar T Mahal by dialing (559) 437-9100 or visit their website kanwartmahalmd.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Kanwar T Mahal’s customers?

According to Dr. Kanwar T Mahal’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2582 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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2 Reviews on Dr. Kanwar T Mahal


    I have been a patient of the Mahal’s for several years. Don’t understand (anonymous) that’s a red flag. Don’t believe anything you have said about the office or the Doctors. Dirty scam? Be very careful how you slander people, with no back up. `You must of been a problem patient and didn’t get what you wanted. I have NEVER experienced such incompetence nor has my friends or family. The office is so professional and friendly. Everyone makes mistakes but to keep making the same mistake over and over and over?? doubtful, especially Dr. Mahals office. Shame on you!

  2. I would not recommend this staff of highly unorganized individuals to anyone coming to this area.

    Established care here for my family, Wife and two Sons. First couple visits were a little odd when I asked why we were waiting for so long. The staff told me that it is the normal and to get used to it. Final straw was today as my Wife had a migraine for seven days but couldn’t handle the ER noise and the Dr was gracious enough to see her by appointment. We arrived as the first appointment of the day at 8:50 where we were asked to pay our co-pay first. We waited 15 mins to be called back. We were moved to a room and waited an additional 30 minutes.

    We were then moved to yet another standard room where we waited an additional 35 minutes. Bear in mind as mentioned my Wife was in severe pain to the point of nausea and tears. We decided to leave and went through the ER process after all. I would not recommend this staff of highly unorganized individuals to anyone coming to this area.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 2582 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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