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Feel uncomfortable with the front office people

I would give Dr. Dalton zero stars. I have been seeing Dr. Dalton since early 2011. At first I liked her modern office that felt unlike a clinical doctor office and the short wait times and easy scheduling. I soon came to feel uncomfortable with the front office people who always seem to be new and with questionable training taking my vitals and health history.

I find it awkward when someone doesn’t properly introduce themselves to me and then asks me delicate questions I wont list here (excuse me, who are you and your what are your qualifications??). After an initial good impression of Dr. Dalton I developed a sense that she was simply ‘good enough’ as a doctor. But she isn’t close to good enough.

I’m in the process of filing complaints against her to save other folks from her lacking and harmful medical care.It is essential to understand that Dr. Dalton is a part time Dr. (not to be confused with a doc who doesn’t work 40 hours a week, there’s a big difference). Dr. Dalton’s part time status translates into her really not providing consistent care or being able to treat or consult on ANY acute,chronic or even occasional condition.

Are you 100% healthy and simply need a doc to list as your PCP for your HMO? You are in luck as that is the sort of patient she wants! Just don’t get sick! Each of her specialist referrals was terrible. My partner goes to Dr. Dalton also and this has been the case for both of us.

She doesn’t refer to the best or most appropriate specialist; she refers to the folks who she won’t have to go through any paperwork for you to see.You may feel really grateful to have what you feel is pretty good health insurance. Please know that she will bash your HMO plan and use it as an excuse to not do her job. So unprofessional.

Need her to help you with a prior authorization? Forget about it. She point-blank told me I had to get another doctor when I tried to get her to help me just a tiny bit with a chronic condition. Yep, this happened and here’s the story. I got an order for an MRI from an out of network specialist. I took the order to Dr. Dalton, my PCP, as that’s logical, right, and what the specialist said to do.

I made an office appointment and everything so Dr. Dalton would be paid for the time and asked her to submit the order for me. She said sure, everything is cut and dry with the order, and that she would have her staff submit it. After an initial denial (which is common), my insurance authorized the MRI order. But it languished in Dr. Dalton’s hands for 4 months until I called the office about it.

“Oh that’s news to me” said Dr. Dalton via email. You bet I called my insurance provider and not only was I told the letter was sent to her, but it should have also been viewed in the online portal that the insurance company provides to doctors. After much email back and forth she agreed to do what is standard practice for a doctor’s offices to do–fax the darn order to the imaging people.

But she needed me to call her office staff and walk them through sending the fax. Weird, but okay, I can do that. It took me a few days because I have a full-time job. But then the day before she took off on vacation she wrote me an email and said it was too much work for her staff (to fax 2 documents!!) and that I needed to get a new PCP. Unbelievable. I think that just might be an ethics violation.

Meanwhile, I’m still in chronic pain and my specialist can’t move forward without that MRI.You should be aware that Dr. Dalton has a condescending manner when she assumes you don’t know what she is talking about. Also know that she tries to be an “email only” office meaning and that the main way of communicating is by email. Sure, fine by me, though not always an efficient use of time.

Especially when her office staff and Dr. Dalton use the same free Gmail account and it’s hard to know who you are communicating with. Recently she told me that it was “too difficult to scroll through emails piecemeal” and that is a direct quote as justification for her office’s lack of attention to standard medical care that I have a right to receive.

I’m switching to a new PCP not just because Dr. Dalton told me I needed to, but because I need a doctor who can actually provide me with healthcare. Oh yeah, and when Dr. Dalton dumped me as a patient via email (without providing me with an referrals, mind you) I was then informed by Dr. Dalton’s office that they charge $25 to send a patient’s chart to a new physician.

I’m aware that this is somewhat standard but I thought, huh, $25 so my new doctor can see that my old doctor did just about nothing except tell me I should eat Kellogg’s’ Raisin Bran? Seriously? I’ll pass. No thanks.

Is Dr Frances Dalton a scam?
Dr Frances Dalton is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr Frances Dalton legit?
First Dr Frances Dalton is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr Frances Dalton’s consumers?
There is/are 8 review(s) posted about Dr Frances Dalton and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Dr Frances Dalton located?
Dr Frances Dalton is located at 3756 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610, USA. You can contact Dr Frances Dalton by dialing (510) 420-1860 or visit their website doctordalton.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr Frances Dalton’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $400 was the total loss incurred by Dr Frances Dalton’s customers.

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8 Reviews on Dr Frances Dalton

  1. How is this woman still practicing?

    I have never written a review before. I am finally writing this brief synopsis of the flagrant disrespect and awful “treatment” I received from Ms. Dalton (not a doctor by any true standard) as I was seeking help from a severe opiate addiction in 2017.

    I have since cleaned up on my own and life is absolutely beautiful. Thinking back on the past few years and remembering the brief 20 minutes with Ms. Dalton before she hurried off to “a meeting” (not counting the 45 minutes I spent in the waiting room), I remember her behavior towards me making me feel worthless and crazy. I am not one, even in the midst of a chaotic crisis such as addiction, to equate my self worth with the mistreatment of another. I remember, a few months after seeing Frances Dalton, lying in bed going through heinous opiate withdrawals–since I clearly could not access proper recovery treatment through Ms. Dalton, as she was not only outrageously rude and dismissive, but also refused to orchestrate any kind of referral to outside treatment–and casually browsing her Yelp reviews. I remember, feeling as awful as I’d ever remembered feeling, that a wave of assurance and grace came over me as I realized that I was not the only patient whom so-called “Dr.” Dalton had mistreated. I hope this review is the final tale you have to read in order to cross Frances Dalton off your list of potential healthcare providers.

    I found Ms. Dalton on my list of providers from my insurance. I checked out her website–seemed clean, modern, & efficient enough for me. I was seeking a primary care provider, as I had just moved to Oakland, but my main reason for scheduling an appointment was to get a referral to some kind of addiction treatment program, as is common practice. I don’t need to mention again that I arrived early for a 20 minute appointment (she makes it very clear, in the booking process and in her hurried demeanor throughout, that an appointment with her is TWENTY MINUTES and NO MORE) and waited at least 45 minutes to be seen. When Ms. Dalton finally calls my name, she seems flustered and… elsewhere. Her questions and responses to me are dismissive and hurried. She takes me back to a room where I am thrown up on an examining table and, in what had to be less than a minute, she was apparently satisfied with her charade of going through the motions in taking all of my vital signs. It really felt like I was playing doctor with a child. Ms. Dalton was clearly in a rush, but I was looking forward to receiving help for the pressing issue in my life, anyways. I disregarded the bizarre excuse for a check-up, and sat down across from her in her office, where a large computer screen she is already focused on is facing her.

    I’m not sure when I brought up the subject of my opiate addiction and explaining my purpose for the appointment. I do believe the trauma of her disgusted reaction may be blocking that memory from me. I do remember it was extremely painful and humiliating. I had never had such a judgmental and inappropriate response from a healthcare professional before. This woman has the bedside manner of a prison guard. Of course, being at the lowest point in my life, I kind of just figured that, if I’m going to admit my addiction to anyone, I should have to deal with the consequence of being judged, cringed at, and chastised. No no no NO NO NO! a HEALTHCARE PROVIDER is supposed to CARE for MY HEALTH! I was there on my own, taking the initiative to turn my situation around! I went there for help, and left feeling hopeless.

    To add insult to injury, when you see Ms. Dalton for any medical issue outside of, perhaps, a band-aid or an aspirin, you are not paying a doctor for their medical expertise. You are paying a rude imbecile to consult Google or Wikipedia. I am NOT KIDDING. She literally googled heroin addiction and showed me a wikipedia article. She asked invasive questions about how much I use and whatnot, not to write them in a patient file, but for what seemed like her own voyeurism. Her face was twisted up in disgust for the entire appointment. I explained to Ms. Dalton that what I wanted was a referral to a doctor who could provide me with a prescription for suboxone, so I could continue working as I transitioned to a drug-free lifestyle. Another search engine consultation was made, as I sit there in her office, stunned. I am looking around at the medical school diplomas on her wall, wondering if they are even real.

    The real cherry on the cake was yet to come. Our 20-minute appointment was over, so she quickly escorted me to an empty room with a phone (I felt like I was in some sort of detention hall) where she handed me a random number on a paper and told ME to call and ask for a referral. Um, what?? What am I paying you for? I’m referring MYSELF? They were so confused. They didn’t accept my PPO or provide outpatient treatment.

    This review is too long. She’s awful, 0/10, DONT DO IT.

  2. Very Bad

    Hysterical, my daughter phones me and tells me of her situation. I phone Dr Dalton’s’ office for an hour before I reach a real person and explain the situation.

    The receptionist Robert also reiterates Dr. Dalton’s’ policy about car accident patients. My reply was “you should have informed my daughter this information upon her making the appointment”. I would have been able to supply the necessary medical information or allowed for the upfront payment.

    Either way my 19 year old daughter who is totally insured with a PPO and the PPO is paying all her medical costs for the accident was refused medical care from Dr. Dalton.

    Dr. Dalton did email me her patients registration agreement and it does state that when making an appointment that is related to a car accident payment is requested upfront and the patient then seeks reimbursement from the insurance company.

  3. Dr. Dalton is outstanding.

    Dr. Dalton is outstanding. She works hard and tries to work w/me to determine what is best for my situation. She is very informative re: meds and possible side effects,

    which are generic and which are best alternatives to non-generic meds. She is not one to pretend that she knows everything, but instead looks things up w/you in the room to be sure all meds are compatible and are effect based upon your lab work.

  4. The staff was down to earth and very professional.

    I had a very positive experience with Dr. Dalton. She was recommended, and took great care of me. The place was busy and i did have to wait- and, thats great b/c she had people coming to see her that obviously trusted and believed in her. The staff was down to earth and very professional.

  5. I've only had one visit with Dr. Dalton and that was definitely enough.

    I’ve only had one visit with Dr. Dalton and that was definitely enough. I was having trouble breathing during that time and I had a full blown attack at work. I had a hard time breathing and it felt like there was something stuck in my throat,

    I felt like I was going to pass out, and the room was spinning. So I went to see Dr. Dalton to get it diagnosed. She arrogantly laughed it off saying that it’s was just an anxiety attack like she was not concerned at all and that it’s not a big deal.

    I asked her if I could get an x-ray and blood test just to rule out any other possiblities. She seemed extremely annoyed that I did not just shut up and listen to her advice that it will eventually go away. I told her that I was scared to go back to work and have another attack and possibly pass out, she laughed and assured me in an arrogant manner that it will never happen.

  6. Dr Dalton is a great disappointment for me.

    Dr Dalton is a great disappointment for me. Initially I saw her at least for the annual physical, but twice in a row I saw only a nurse. Whenever I had an urgent need for a doctor she was not available, I had to go elsewhere. She is offering “phone consultation” – how crazy is that?

    Recently I discovered that she is also into acupuncture and other “wellness” crap. Since I am a scientist and don’t believe in these things now I have to look for a new doctor.

  7. Obviously there are a wide range of opinions about Dr Dalton from very poor to excellent.

    Obviously there are a wide range of opinions about Dr Dalton from very poor to excellent. I can only tell you about my experience. My 19 year-old daughter a college student living/working and attending CCA transferred her care (she has a PPO) to Dr Dalton a month ago and has been seen by Dr. Dalton as a new patient.

  8. Since I am a scientist and don't believe in these things now I have to look for a new doctor.

    Dr Dalton is a great disappointment for me. Initially I saw her at least for the annual physical, but twice in a row I saw only a nurse. Whenever I had an urgent need for a doctor she was not available, I had to go elsewhere.

    She is offering “phone consultation” – how crazy is that? Recently I discovered that she is also into acupuncture and other “wellness” crap. Since I am a scientist and don’t believe in these things now I have to look for a new doctor.

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Severity of Scam :High
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