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Feel uncomfortable with the front office people

I would rate Dr. Dalton as a zero star. Since early 2011, I have been going to Dr. Dalton.

Her modern office felt different from a clinic.

I also liked the quick wait times and easy scheduling.

The front desk staff, who constantly seem new and have questionable training took my vitals and health history and made me feel uncomfortable.

It is awkward for me when people don’t introduce themselves properly to me, then ask me sensitive questions I won’t list here (excuse my sir, who are you? and what are your qualifications ).

After a positive impression of Dr. Dalton, I felt that she was a good enough doctor. She is not good enough.

I am currently filing complaints against Dr. Dalton to protect others from her lack of harmful medical care.

Part-time status for Dr. Dalton means that she cannot provide consistent care and consult on any acute, chronic, or occasional condition.

Do you have a 100% health record and need a doctor to be your PCP on your HMO? You have to do if she chooses you as her patient! Each of her specialist referrals was horrible. Just don’t get sick!

My partner also goes to Dr. Dalton, and it has been the same for us both.

You don’t need to refer to the most qualified specialist; she relates to those she doesn’t have to do any paperwork for you.

She will make fun of your HMO plan and use that as an excuse not to do her job. So unprofessional.

Do you need her to assist with prior authorization? It’s overrated.

When I tried to convince her that she could help me with my chronic condition, she said it was impossible.

This is the truth. An out-of-network specialist gave me an order for an MRI.

As it was logical and correct, I gave the order to Dr. Dalton.

I had an appointment with Dr. Dalton and was informed that she would be paid for her time.

I asked her to send me the order. She assured me that everything was clear and she would submit the order to her staff.

My insurance approved the MRI order after a common denial.

It remained in Dr. Dalton’s possession for four months before I finally called the office.

Dr. Dalton emailed, “Oh, that’s new to me.” You bet, I called my insurance provider.

Not only was the letter sent to her, but the doctor should also have access to it in the online portal provided by the insurance company.

After much email back-and-forth, she agreed to fax the darn order to the imaging personnel as is the standard procedure for doctor’s offices.

She needed me to call her office and guide them through the process of sending a fax.

It’s strange, but I can do it. Because I work full-time, it took me several days.

The day before she left for vacation, she sent me an email saying that it was too difficult for her staff to fax two documents! I had to obtain a new PCP. Unbelievable.

This could be considered an ethical violation.

My specialist cannot move forward with my chronic pain without an MRI. Dr. Dalton assumes that you don’t understand what she’s talking about.

You should also know that Dr. Dalton tries to be an email-only office, meaning that her primary method of communication is via email.

Yes, I’m OK with that, but it is not always a good use of my time.

It’s challenging to identify who you are talking with, especially when Dr. Dalton and her office staff use the same Gmail account.

She recently said that it was too difficult to read emails coherently.

This is an exact quote that she used to justify her office’s neglect to provide the standard medical care I am entitled to.

Dr. Dalton’s office informed me that it costs $25 to send a patient’s chart to a different physician.

I am switching to a new PCP because Dr. Dalton said I should, but I also need to find a doctor who can provide proper healthcare.

Oh, and Dr. Dalton deleted me as a patient by email without providing me with referrals, mind me.

Although I know this is a common practice, I thought $25 to let my new doctor see that my previous doctor did not do much except tell me to eat Kellogg’s, Raisin Bran. Seriously? I’ll pass. No thanks.

Is Dr Frances Dalton MD a legit?

Dr Frances Dalton MD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr Frances Dalton MD located?

Dr Frances Dalton MD is headquarted at 3756 Grand Ave #201 Oakland CA 94610. You can contact Dr Frances Dalton MD by dialing (510) 420-1860 or visit their website doctordalton.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr Frances Dalton MD’s customers?

According to Dr Frances Dalton MD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $400 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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5 Reviews on Dr Frances Dalton MD

  1. How is this woman still practicing?

    I’ve made progress and now live a beautiful life.

    Looking back over the years, I recall the 20-minute conversation I had with Ms. Dalton just before she left for “a meeting.”

    This is not counting the 45 minutes that I was waiting in the waiting area.

    I can still remember how her treatment of me made me feel worthless. Even amid a chaotic crisis like addiction, I don’t think there is one.

    It is wrong to compare my self-worth with the mistreatment or treatment. Frances Dalton was the one who treated me.

    I remember lying in bed, suffering from opiate withdrawals, for a few months. She was rude and dismissive and refused to refer me to outside treatment.

    I also casually browsed her reviews. As awful as I had ever felt, I experienced a surge of relief and grace when I realized that Dr. Dalton was not the only one who had been mistreated.

    This review should be the last you read to get Frances Dalton off your list.

    Ms. Dalton was on my insurance provider list. Her website looked clean, modern, and efficient to me.

    As I was looking for a primary care provider as I just moved to Oakland, my primary purpose in scheduling an appointment was to be referred to an addiction treatment program.

    I do not need to remind you that I arrived early for a 20-minute appointment.

    She makes it clear in the booking process, and her hurried manner throughout, that an appointment with me is TWENTY MINUTES long and that she will only be able to see you if you wait at least 45 minutes.

    When Ms. Dalton calls me, she looks confused and a bit lost.

    I find her questions and answers dismissive and hurried. She brings me back into a room and places me on an examination table.

    In less than a minute, she is content with her act of taking my vital signs. It was like playing doctor with a child.

    Ms. Dalton was in a hurry, but I was eager to receive help for the urgent issue in my life.

    I ignored her bizarre excuse and sat down next to her in her office. A large computer screen was facing her.

    It’s not clear when I brought up my opiate addiction or explained my reason for the appointment.

    The trauma from her disgusted reaction might be preventing me from recalling that. It was excruciating and humiliating, I can remember.

    I have never received such an insensitive and judgmental response from a healthcare professional. This woman is like a correctional officer in bed.

    Being at the lowest point in my life, it is evident that I would have to face the consequences of being judged, cringed, and chastised if I admitted my addiction.

    No, no no NO NO NO!

    I was looking for help and felt hopeless. A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER is supposed TO CARE FOR MY HEALTH! I went there by myself, taking responsibility for my situation and making a change!

    You don’t pay a doctor to see Ms. Dalton if you have a medical issue other than a band-aid, aspirin, or minor medical concern.

    To consult Google or Wikipedia, you are paying an imbecile. I am NOT KIDDING. She googled heroin addiction, and she showed me a Wikipedia article.

    She wanted to know how much I used heroin and other things, not to put them in a patient record, but for her voyeurism.

    Ms. Dalton’s face was full of disgust throughout the appointment.

    I explained to Ms. Dalton what I needed: a referral to a doctor that could give me a prescription for Suboxone so that I could continue to work while I switch to a drug-free life.

    Stunned, another search engine consultation was made as I sat in her office. I stare at her wall of medical school diplomas, wondering if these are real.

    The cherry on top was yet to be added. The 20-minute appointment was made, and she quickly took me to a room with a telephone (I felt like I had been taken to a detention center), where she gave me a random number and asked me to call to request a referral.

    Um, what?? What am I paying you? Are you referring to ME? They were so confused. They refused to accept my PPO and didn’t offer outpatient care.

    This review is way too long. This review is too long.

  2. Very Bad

    My daughter calls me hysterical and informs me of her current situation. I called Dr. Dalton’s office for over an hour before I got a natural person to explain the situation.
    Robert, the receptionist, also reiterated Dr. Dalton’s policy regarding car accident victims. I replied, “You should have told my daughter this information when she made the appointment.” I would have been able or permitted to provide the required medical information.

    My 19-year-old daughter, who is fully insured with a PPO and is responsible for all medical expenses related to the accident, was denied medical care by Dr. Dalton.

    Dr. Dalton did send me her patients’ registration agreement. It states that payment must be made upfront if a patient makes an appointment for a car accident. The patient then applies for reimbursement from their insurance company.

  3. Dr Dalton is a great disappointment for me.

    Dr. Dalton is a massive disappointment to me. At first, I only saw her for an annual physical. But twice in succession, I saw only a nurse. She was unavailable when I needed a doctor in an emergency. I ended up going elsewhere. Is that crazy?
    I recently discovered that she also likes acupuncture and other “wellness.” Because I’m a scientist, I don’t believe these things. I need to find a new doctor.

  4. Obviously there are a wide range of opinions about Dr Dalton from very poor to excellent.

    There are many opinions on Dr. Dalton, from negative to excellent. My experience is all that I can offer. My daughter, a 19-year-old college student who lives/works at CCA, transferred her care (she had a PPO) to Dr. Dalton one month ago. She was seen by Dr. Dalton and is now a new patient.

  5. Since I am a scientist and don't believe in these things now I have to look for a new doctor.

    Dr. Dalton is a massive disappointment to me. At first, I only saw her for an annual physical. But twice in succession, I saw only a nurse. She was unavailable when I needed a doctor in an emergency. I ended up going elsewhere.
    She offers “phone consultations” – is this crazy? I found out that she also likes acupuncture and other “wellness.” Because I’m a scientist, I don’t believe these things. I need to find a new doctor.

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Reported Loss : 400 $
Severity : High
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