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$100 refundable deposit from me and then told me that they spent it

TLDR This place took $100 refundable deposit from me and then told me that they spent it on other things. I had to submit a claim to Better Business Bureau and they never bothered to follow up.Claim is below:On April 19th 2018 I made my first visit to alex rabinovich, DDS, MD, Inc. clinic with concerns related to my jaw. My insurance required $20 copay for the visit which was collected at the time of the visit.

After a scan and initial assessment I was prescribed to use a night guard/splint by dr rabinovich. I’ve been told by the staff of the clinic that my insurance(United Health Care) plan pre-approved 100% of the treatment but clinic collects $100 refundable deposit in order to proceed with issuing the night splint.

When I asked the staff member to provide me with more details about the deposit she called the manger who explained that it takes up to 2 weeks for the splint to be produced and deposit is a form of guaranty to stimulate patients to come back when splint is ready. Manager also added that insurance company does not cover the treatment costs in case of no show – It didn’t make much logical sense but I decided to pay it anyway.

Before leaving the office I was told that next visit will not require copay and that $100 deposit will be issued back to me then.When I returned 2 weeks after to pick up the splint I was told that the $100 will be withheld until insurance company will pay the clinic for their services.

I was trying to insist to get any explanation since it was not what was promised to me initially, but I was told that I must have misunderstood something and that I should call the insurance company to ask when the payment will be processed – only then the deposit will be returned to me.

The splint that was issued to me wasn’t fitting me well and I had to come back 2 more times for it to be adjusted. I was told by the doctor and the staff that I can come back as many times as needed for it to fit. I was also instructed by the staff member that copayment is not required before each splint adjustment visit.

Since April 19th I made several calls to alex rabinovich, DDS, MD, Inc. clinic inquiring about the status of my refundable deposit and was told that insurance company hasn’t issued a payment yet. I’ve also made several calls to insurance company and was told that the clinic doesn’t comply with its industry treatment details standarts and all payment claims were declined with the the request of new treatment details explanation.

3 weeks ago one of the insurance representative was kind enough to facilitate a phone call between respected departments of the clinic and insurance company in order to sort out any issues with claims.On June 18th I called the insurance company again and was told that another treatment explanation provided by alex rabinovich, DDS, MD,

Inc. was rejected on June 15th due to insufficient details for requested claim. I just got off the phone with the clinic manager which I talked to during my first visit. She said that I visited the clinic 5 times (not true – it was 3 times ) after my first visit and each of those visits required a copay (not true, each time I was told by the office staff that copay wasn’t needed ) of $20 therefore my deposit can not be issued back to me any longer.

Clinic contacted me the next day after this post was published. I was notified that $40 out my $100 were used against deductible for something. Person on the phone was unable to give me comprehensible answer after I asked why is deductible applied post factum considering I was insured that no deductible is needed initially. I was put on hold several times during the call, it seemed to me that the person on the other line had to check with someone before giving an answer to my questions.

Is Dr Alex Rabinovich a legit?

Dr Alex Rabinovich is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr Alex Rabinovich located?

Dr Alex Rabinovich is headquarted at Sacramento Street 129 CA US. You can contact Dr Alex Rabinovich by dialing (415) 817-9991 or visit their website doctorrabinovich.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr Alex Rabinovich’s customers?

According to Dr Alex Rabinovich’s customers, a monetary loss of US $150 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 150 $
Severity : High
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