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Dion Welton, HOPE IS NOW fake and a liar. Stay wary of him.

Many people know Dion as an inspirational speaker and a famous author. However, this is just for the show. In reality, this man has no shame. He has put many lives into a problem; some have even lost their savings. But that story is something Dion knows how to get rid of.

His obvious ways of cheating people are not new or unique. But he is convincing. I give him that. The way he speaks and persuades people feels real, and I am one of his victims. I did not know about his past or would have kept my distance from him.

But I guess it had to happen. I met him at a small gathering and was impressed by his ideas for making fast money in business. Little did I know he is a cheap artist who can lie to the face. I came into his sweet talks and started believing I could use his suggestions to grow my business.

After losing my money to him, I dug deeper to understand his background. He asked me for more money, and I could not stand that he had not even provided any details of the money I had given him. He spent it on something, god knows, and asked me to keep hope and invest more.

God! He must be thinking that I am entirely naive. So, you need to invest more to recover what’s lost. But is this circle ever going to end?

This guy has got balls. After I read about him, it was evident that I was not the only one he had made a fool of. There were so many complaints against him online. He was even convicted and sentenced to more than four years in prison.

Dion has a history of cheating people and making his charm pay for his exploits. Because that is how he scams people. You won’t realize until it’s doneb

One day, I woke up and thought of calling Dion, as it was already 15 days since I gave him the money. He did not answer. I called after some time, and it was the same thing; he did not respond.

I called him back after two days, and he disconnected my call. So, I tried calling from a different number. This time he responded, and that was the first blow for me. I knew something was wrong. He said that he was traveling and the network wasn’t consistent. So he had to drop my call.

He asked me to wait 15 more days to see the profit coming in. By that time, I was already suspicious. So, I googled him on the internet and found a lot of reasons not to believe in him again.

He was charged for selling his company’s stocks that were already dissolved. He even had to serve time in prison and pay people for the fraud.

He shut me down when I called him to ask for the same. He started shouting and calling me names. I only was concerned about the money that I paid him. I even told him that I would not like to have any business proposition with him and would be okay if he only paid the original amount back.

To this, he became furious and said he wouldn’t be able to do that. He also said the money was lost, and I might have to pay him more to recover that amount. This was the end of my patience.

I told him that if he kept ignoring me, I would contact the police as if he did not care. He said that I gave him the money with my consent and there was nothing I could do.

This is insane. I could not believe him. It further strengthened my belief that he is a pro at scamming people. He knows all the right ways to do the wrong things. He is a real scammer, and you should stay away from him.

His initiative, Hope is Now, is only for damage control. He has no intention of helping people in any possible way. All he wants is to make him look good in the eyes of the world while he keeps scamming people the way he cheated me.

Do not believe a word that Dion says. He is a liar and knows nothing. His PR team is doing a great job of keeping his reputation afloat. But for how long? The way he is making people pay for his luxurious life, he is soon going to pay back.

Keep your distance if you hear his name. This guy will take away whatever he can from you. He does not have any empathy for anyone. He even scammed his girlfriend, a single mother—he sold his stocks, promising to make a profit and pay back. When actually, those stocks were already dissolved. He is a con artist, for real.

Is Dion Welton a legit?

Dion Welton is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dion Welton located?

Dion Welton is headquarted at NY, USA. You can contact Dion Welton by dialing 630-607-2079. or visit their website hopeisnowthemagazine.com/.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dion Welton’s customers?

According to Dion Welton’s customers, a monetary loss of US $70876 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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1 Reviews on Dion Welton

  1. Ignore the warnings about Dion Welton at your own risk.

    Dion Welton pursued me, literally hounded me, to take a job, working for him. He caught my overcoming story, said he wanted to build a team of “good” people. Part of me asked, “how does he know I’m “good” or anything about me? Especially after I read the fraud stories, I wondered this, “Does He consider me gullible, an easy prey, a target?” He offered that he was being open, that his story was “right out there,” that he’d gotten mixed up with some “bad” people. (as if it was their doing, “their fault.” He felt victimized by people who criticized him, as if he was past all of it, done his time. But it was curious, I thought, that the most recent time he had cheated someone was 2017, well past his original crime of having gone bankrupt and sold useless shares for thousands of dollars to investors. He kept pushing against my no to work for him, and accepted my contract terms,…,too easily. I worked for him, braced and ready, if he pulled a fast one on me.

    Sure enough. My first paycheck came due, and, along with it, an excuse why he couldn’t pay. THEN another, his payroll company had kept him on the phone for a whopping “3” minutes. Now, Dion had to “change companies. No paperwork to resign, no proof, just Dions word.

    4 days the prior week, 2 days into the following week. Another, “one more delay, and another promised, “it’ll be in your accounts by ______.” The next morning, my bills still late, Dion shows up, business as usual, not a care in his world, pushing for more sales…and he had doubled sales goals from the week before. Then I saw a warning, in red, that the sales platform he had hired, was threatening to cancel his account for an unpaid bill.

    I wrote a note, including the entire team, and told him that I was terminating our employment contract, and about the unpaid bill. I got a message, beginning with, “_____, I am SO disappointed in you…”

    Oh boy….

    Read all the complaints. Believe them. If you read this and go to work for him, or tie your reputation to his magazine, think again. He’s a very charming fellow. The magazine is a good idea, and full of good people who care about others.

    But I no longer think Dion cares about others. I’m not going to judge him, God knows what is in the man’s heart. But…almost 2 weeks now. I just checked my bank account.

    No money.

    1. Dion paid me. I just got the check. I don’t know why, but he has, the full amount. It’s my way to give credit when due, and I would much rather have written glowing remarks.

      If you are stiffed money, these are your recources: (those starred have enforcement authority)

      1. BBB Better business Bureau.
      2. Internet Complaint Crime Center *
      3. Wage and hour – where business is located.
      4. File a crime with your local police. They will commute it to where the business is. *

      I followed 3 out of 4, except filing a crime complaint. Don’t let them buffalo, or threaten you, or ignore their trespass. Stop them from doing it to others….at least try.

Reviews: 1
Reported Loss : 70876 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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