DH Stevens Plumbing

Difficult company to work with DH Stevens.

It was challenging to work with DH Stevens Plumbing. They visited my home three weeks ago and told me that I needed a new faucet part.

They would order it. DH Stevens Plumbing CO didn’t call me for three weeks.

It took me several days to reach someone who told me I needed a new faucet (he thinks), then he hung on me and said he didn’t have time to talk to me.

Even though I paid $175 for my initial appointment, I have waited.

Is DH Stevens Plumbing a legit?

DH Stevens Plumbing is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 25 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is DH Stevens Plumbing located?

DH Stevens Plumbing is headquarted at Quincy Street Northwest 1351 DC US. You can contact DH Stevens Plumbing by dialing (202) 882-4500 or visit their website dhstevens.net.

How much monetary loss is incurred by DH Stevens Plumbing’s customers?

According to DH Stevens Plumbing’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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25 Reviews on DH Stevens Plumbing

  1. Scammer

    Stevens team. My bathroom was in a terrible state when I woke up very early. My cousin recommended Stevens Plumbing & Heating to me. They are very responsive and provide excellent service. They are also very affordable.

  2. Make what decisions and by someone who is not even there

    Take what decisions, and not by someone who isn’t even there. He didn’t give me a badge, nor did he tell me that he was with Stevens. It wasn’t until three days later that I realized this, so I called them to set up an appointment.
    During our conversation, I mentioned that the employee had tried to bully me into my house because it was an emergency. The owner then refused to believe me. He said that he knew his employee and that this is a fabrication.

    I verified with the neighbor that no uniform was worn. He also didn’t know they were coming in. There was no report at the conclusion. The neighbor only knew the name of the company because he went outside to see the van.

  3. I will certainly call Steven's (Mike and Ed) again in the future if I need to.

    Mike C. and Ed were great to work with. They are both very knowledgeable professionals. After Mike and Ed helped me fix my radiators, the heat worked perfectly. These two men are great to work with. I will call Steven (Mike) and Ed again if I have any questions.

  4. It now works perfectly. Thanks guys.

    This company helped me with a minor issue I was having with my sprinkler system. They were done in about thirty minutes. It works now. Many thanks, guys.

  5. I have used them in emergency and regular work.

    Stevens is “your” plumber. He’s trustworthy, honest, competent, and offers excellent customer service. They have been a great help in both emergency and routine work.

  6. Average Good Service

    I had a small problem with my sprinkler system, so I called to inquire about how quickly someone could inspect it. The service was excellent. Within a matter of hours, a technician arrived and fixed the problem.

  7. Julio came promptly and did great job

    Julio from Stevens Plumbing provided excellent service for me one week ago. When the hot water supply line under my bathroom sink burst, I couldn’t shut off my main water valve. I called an emergency plumber. Julio was prompt and did a great job. We are grateful!

  8. Very Sad

    He said he would call me back once he had thought about it. It was because it made him uncomfortable to return to my home after I complained. Boohoo! If this is the standard for customer service, I will push my management company to hire someone else.
    I’m sorry, but if I were to spend so much time with a company to lie, then my life would be meaningless. Stevens is out to get you and your money.

  9. Very Bad

    It wasn’t until three days later that I found out, so I called them to set up an appointment. During our conversation, I mentioned that an employee of theirs bullied me into my house because it was considered an emergency (which it wasn’t).
    The owner must have been the one who suddenly refused to believe me and said he knew his employee. I think this is an outlandish lie. I verified that no uniform was worn, and the neighbor who was also present confirmed it with me. He did not know who they were, but he went outside to check the van.

  10. I received a single text message but it did not state that anyone from any company would be stopping by my place.

    I got a text message down the stairs from my downstairs neighbor advising me that there had been a leak in their bathroom and something was going on in my unit. I wasn’t in the bath at that time and hadn’t been for several hours. After stopping for breakfast, the downstairs neighbor decided to call emergency services. I received one text message, but it didn’t state that any employee visited my house.

  11. Beware of racist technicians

    Was crossing the street one saturday afternoon using the cross walk with the light, and one of their drivers comes speeding onto the street from a left turn and almost runs my girlfriend and I over. He then proceeded to make bigoted remarks at us, as if it were our fault for cross the street using the cross walk and light.

  12. They are listed as 24/7 emergency service but they are not

    They are listed as 24/7 emergency service but they are not: I called their answering service three different times from 10pm until midnight to report a major bathroom leak and gave them my info but they never called back. I even gave give them the benefit of the doubt and called them twice the next day at 7am and 9am but they never returned my call.

    I won’t be doing business with them. Sadly, the reason I called them is because I wanted to support a local business in my neighborhood and they looked professional. I called “Len The Plumber” instead, they were polite and professional and will come out anytime and not charge extra.

  13. Stevens Plumbing & Heating came to find a leak downstairs my apartment.

    Stevens Plumbing & Heating came to find a leak downstairs my apartment. Finally They found leak in neighbors apartment. They also entered in my tenants apartment and found tenant was out of town. They make the bill for $960. for labor and said they found broken pipe behind the refrig.

    A professional Refrigerator Service tech came and found that some one has messed with the refrig pipe behind, even though there were no leaks in the pipes going from Refrig water inlet valve to the water shutoff valve in the kitchen cabinet, He also noticed that the Floor behind the refrig was very dry and there was no sign of any kind of fresh water or moisture !!!

    What a bunch of worthless, unknowledgable, unprofessional people take advantage of innocent people. They better be sure the BBB will be hearing from me about their horrible business.

  14. Difficult company to work with.

    Difficult company to work with. They came to my apartment 3 weeks ago and said I needed a new part for my faucet which they would order. Three weeks later, no call from them.

    Took me a couple of days to get a hold of someone who said I need a new faucet (he thinks), but the guy who handles that, or my unit is not in and “he does not know when he will be”, then he hangs up on me and when I call back he says he doesn’t have the time to speak to me, even though I paid $175 for the initial appointment and have been waiting…

  15. That's false advertisement.

    I wouldn’t say they are the best. Just called and they said they couldn’t have service to my house for another week. Do they think someone is suppose to stay in a house with a clogged toilet for a week? I’ll never call them back. 24Hr Emergency service my butt. That’s false advertisement.

Reviews: 25
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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