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email scam

Completely Out-of-the-Blue and Unsolicited by you personally, an email Letter is sent to you but addressed generically as “Sir/Ma’am”. In response, you are asked to reply and provide your FULL NAMES / ADDRESS / CITY / PROVINCE / POST CODE (sic) / PHONE# / and PRESENT OCCUPATION. An enormous salary of $890/weekly will be dangled in front of you to basically act as a “Girl Friday/Gopher” “running errands, creating orders/pick slips/invoices and sending out packages”.

Why you only have to work 2 days/a week and 3 hours daily. Too Good to be True? You betcha! A Large Bogus Cheque made out to you personally from a Non-Existent Company is couriered out to you from a 3rd Party Individual. You are to deposit these funds (Over $2000 Cdn) into your account; then you will be requested to send out Large Sums (Just under $1000) from this “Account” via Moneygram and Western Union to yet another Anonymous 3rd Party Recipient living in the U.S.A. or God knows, Elsewhere(?).

Though it sounded implausibly enticing at first, sumpthin’ sure-as-hell smelt “fishy” about this proposal to me right from the get-go. However, with further discussions with colleagues and the local police constabulary I finalized my initial impression that it was an out-and-out SCAM; Big Time! Moreover, it is further evident to me now that this SCAM is comprised of a Network of Corrupt, Exploitive Shysters living in different parts of the country and co-ordinating their efforts together with the single minded purpose of RIPPING YOU OFF, Big Time!


Is Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) a legit?

Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) located?

Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) is headquarted at United State. You can contact Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym)’s customers?

According to Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym)’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2380 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym)

  1. They retrieved my email from ziprecruiter

    I just received the same email. The individual appears to have retrieved my email address from ZipRecruiter as I was forwarded the original email.

    Veronica DeFazio at [email protected] forwarded my resume to Denise M Cuthbert.

    Of course, I am not replying to the email.

  2. Scammed by the same name and in the same way... #FeelsBadMan

    This just happened to me i was in contact with a person names Denise M Cuthbert, and she introduced herself as a Medical Specialist through i felt that this was a scam from the Get-Go, i never anticipated that this would happen and now i have a debt of $2000 on my account. Now i am screwed and i do not know how will i be able to get out from this and when.

  3. Additional Information RE: This email Scam

    The source of this scam appears to be coming from a phone number (438-896-2734) traced back to Montreal. The party there is presumably the initial solicitor, a ‘Denise M Cuthbert’ (pseudonym?), Medical Specalist (sic).

    However, there appears to be host of other incidental parties involved here in Canada and the U.S.A.

    The cheque, for example, was couriered out to me for the sum of $2,380 CND was from a company listed as Raysha Carrier Ltd., 11315 37 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 0H4.

    For further investigation, I took this cheque to a local RBC branch. Though they would not divulge any information regarding the company; judging by the horrified expressions on the teller’s faces, I surmised that this company, Raysha Carrier Ltd., has one helluva lot of Red Flags assigned to it.

    Although an initial search of this company through the Edmonton White Pages and Facebook turned up nothing, the company did however surface on Google recently. Whether this company is bone-fide or just a ‘Front’ for this operation; it is but one player in this enormous email SCAM Operation.

    Moreover, FYI, this cheque was couriered out to me via Purolator from yet another party listed as:

    Dane Costa, 324 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2Z2 – 438-896-2734

    Upon depositing this cheque into my account, I was further instructed to forward $850 USD each to the following party in the U.S.A.; first by Moneygram and then also by Western Union to this additional 3rd Party:

    Gentavious Demers
    250 W Genesee Ave
    Saginaw, Michigan
    48602 USA

    FYI: An initial White Pages Search of Saginaw, Michigan did not turn up any listing for a “Gentavious Demers”; i.e., Zero Results found for Gentavious Demers in Saginaw, MI.

    However, it turns out that this Saginaw, MI address at 250 W Genesee Ave is actually a strip plaza: i.e., “River View Plaza Shopping Center”. Moreover, the only store possibly associated with this SCAM could be “Stretch-A-Buck’s Jewelry” (?).

    My overall intention is also to contact the constabularies of Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal. FYI: I have already forwarded this information to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online as well.

    As this appears to be a co-ordinated operation by a Network/GANG of Cyber-Thieves, I am urging the above constabularies to seriously look into this nefarious matter and possibly with the additional assistance of the other City Police Departments, put an Abrupt HALT and SHUT-DOWN to this GANG’s Illicit Operations.

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 2380 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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