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If you wish to be fooled, choose Dean

Dean Graziosi knows how to put alluring ads. You will see some common people paid huge to become the bait for all the gullible people, and the ad would try to show where they would reach sooner. You get the ad and reach a local hotel to attend their free success event only to end up signing for a course that would cost you thousands of dollars.

You are also offered to order his free books, and as soon as you order them, you are overcharged for a huge amount. Which, no one would answer how. I did pay for their course that was scheduled for three days. The free event was more about pricking individuals to pay for the course. It had nothing to do with the successful event. It only outlined how they got so far and has helped so many others to realize their dreams.

Dean Graziosi does a great motivational speaker. However, his skills won’t get you your bread and butter. He is just someone who knows how to trick people into paying for his luxury spending.

The course that I signed for was rescheduled twice. Anyway, that is not the problem I am talking about. I must tell you the bigger ones that might get you into spending thousands of more. After I attended their course, I realized that the three-day course was a joke, and all they wanted was to convince people to enroll in their other course, which was double the price of this course, even higher.

For the first two days, we were only told about the benefits of another course and why it was so important for us to join it. It was too expensive. Even if it would not have, the way they were using the scheduled days for the course I paid for, it was an obvious reason for not paying for the other one.

They did not tell anything important. They kept endorsing their elite course to us. I did not attend their third-day training as they would not give me the world in few hours. Someone I shared my contact details to get the feedback of the course did call me after the training. He said that it was even worse from the last two days of the training.

Thank god, I did not waste my time on these people. I had already wasted a lot of money on this course only to feel like an idiot—Dean baits people into taking up his courses and does nothing to help them out.

If you are one of the lucky persons he has to use for the ad, you may earn some. But, others would be left on their own. This guy is a master in stealing people’s money of their will. You will be scammed if you ever tried to trust this guy. He may know a lot, but as a coach, he is a huge failure.

Is Dean Graziosi a legit?

Dean Graziosi is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dean Graziosi located?

Dean Graziosi is headquarted at East Camelback Road 6900 AZ US. You can contact Dean Graziosi by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dean Graziosi’s customers?

According to Dean Graziosi’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on Dean Graziosi

  1. I ordered two of his books....which did nothing but attempted to goad me into buying his outrageously expensive tutoring program!; despite having me believe that just buying and following his books was all I needed.

    Dean plain and simply is a two-faced low down and dirty con artist!! If something sounds to good to be true… probably is!!

  2. What people say when they don't have a clue.

    I’m currently working with Dean Graziosi, and Tony Robbins. These guys are phenomenal, truthful, and if given the opportunity, they will make right anything wrong that people are doing in their name.
    I hope all of you that had a bad experience do just a little research before jumping to these bad conclusions.
    Your fear and negative thinking are what’s keeping your lives under so much distress.
    Good luck in all your endeavors.


    I write to you as a seasoned real estate investor with over twenty-one years of experience, as I am financially independent of these pursuits. When I agreed to purchase his course, I was continually up-sold and received no promised useful information. Each time I attempted to access what I thought I purchased, I was invited into another web of deception with nothing substantive or promised. When I went to one of their three-day seminars, it wasn’t run by him, as he merely made a cameo. He looked tired, yet amiable.

    The weekend was filled with fast-talking and dishonest salespeople, who tried to sell unrelated products again. Fortunately, I had a good attorney who knew about them and what they do to unsuspecting entrepreneurs.

    I would encourage anyone who is interested in growing their knowledge of real estate investing to steer clear of Dean Graziosi and anyone and any product he is associated with. He is only interested in his own narrow interests and doesn’t offer anything of real value.

  4. I just left half of the first “seminar.” Waste of time.

    This is a scam where they are taking money from people who are already in financial crises. The promises that they are giving sounds too good

    In reality, the information the speaker was giving is not exactly correct, and some are wrong.

  5. I also have ALMOST been slimed (scammed) by this so-called millionaire. Dean Geasey-oily is rich, yes but by taking advantage of people since his very beginnings. I went to one of his seminars and was promised a book that I and others never received. Lie one.

    If I buy the real estate, my business partner, spouse, etc., can attend for free. I asked 3 people if the two of us attended different dates because of our work schedules and was told YES. LIE NUMBER 2.

    Lie number three was all the financial help and low interest on the exclusive lenders, NOT TRUE. The conditions were almost impossible to achieve.

    LIE FOUR ( strick 3, and you’re out, but I stopped counting the lies after round four.) You get all your money back if you get a property. Dean hires a seminar company that, if you google them, has so many complaints also. The bottom line is Dean, and his staff knows his business practices are LIES, MISLEADING, and questionable.

    I am glad he is under investigation with the F.B.I. and F.T.C. and soon the Department of justice. It is always safe to do your due diligence and check reviews, the scam reports, etc., before giving money to such dream sellers and dream breakers.

    Tony Robbins was at one time somewhat honest, but he has to know the scammer Mr. Wennie Greasy-oily is. So Tony Robbins is also in bed with the fortune robber. You always have a 3 day right of refusal to get a refund and always use a credit card along with reading the contract or buyer’s order.

    Almost all one needs to make extra income can be found on youtube. One also has to be careful on youtube for scammers too, but if they are not selling something and only giving the info, you can at least make some notes and gather the needed info in the comments.

    A hint is if a YouTuber PS – I did get my money back even when I canceled on the 2 nd day because I called my bank before 3 days. BEWARE These guys at all costs.

  6. Dean Graziosi

    I clicked on add-in YouTube and now keep getting many very encouraging emails from Matt Larson, Tony Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi .

    I asked myself the question: “Why rich people, as they are would be concern about me?”. Every day I was asked to attend their “live” introduction to their course.

    Something like that: “we couldn’t be more excited to spend some time with you LIVE tomorrow night.”

    “We want to make sure when you are done you can say, “Wow, I’m so glad I didn’t miss that!” .

    “Hey, it’s Matt Larson Here! (as you probably know, I’m one of Dean’s top students, and I help teach the Real Estate Profits From Home course)”.

    I started to research on google; I always do this, and finally, I found this review about the truth of this business “If you wish to be fooled, choose Dean.”

    I’m so glad and appreciative to this person who spent his time letting other people like me knew that he needs to stay away from his dreams and continue to work hard to earn money and sleep well after.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elena.

  7. Dean Graziosi

    They are good at getting money but once they get paid they don’t want to honor the return policy.

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 2000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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