David D. White

Liar lawyer Mr David White and his black dealings Law Firm!

I was practicing as lawyer under a reputed one in Arizona. Practicing made me cross many ethical and unethical lawyer. One of strangest one’s I would like to write about is David D. White and his Law Firm named Law Offices of David D. White.

He was one of those unethically practicing law person in Arizona. Every time you see him, he was always with some or the other wrong persons. Hiring them for giving wrong statements in any case he wanted. When a person is associated with the court, nothing remained under cover.

People used to talk about his dealings he used to make for freeing his clients. Some of his unethical dealings which happened in front of my eyes is what I would like to share to make people aware about his practices.

In this one he had a client who wanted to win at any cost. Mr. White made up every possible accusation any lawyer could think of in such a case. The funny thing about him was that he did not understand the intensity of accusations he used to make.

This made even the court attendees laugh because if the accusations aren’t maintained in an order, they had no meaning. Mr. David White made such a mistake quite often. In the end the client was so fed up by Mr. White that he made a scene while leaving the court.

He yelled at Mr. White for ill managing his case and said that he was going to sue Mr White for all the money that he had paid and tell court about the wrong accusations he had made. Till 2010 he has 8 ethical investigations with Arizona State Bar and of course almost every time he takes up a case, a new one is added to the kitty.

I had a talk with my senior lawyer with whom I was practicing my law. He alleged Mr. White and such lawyers as a black spot on lawyers. He said such lawyers need to exist in any and every profession, they made ethical lawyers, more valuable than they actually were.

He said the law couldn’t do anything about it because people gave such lawyers the support they needed. The reason behind all such people supporting these unethical lawyers, was, because they just cared about money, not about whether the way was ethical or not. The solution to this was proper knowledge to these people about what was ethical and what was unethical.

There one more infamously famous case about a divorcee. In this case he helped the client to prove how the opposite party had sexually abused his son’s. He did this with the help of his “whatever to say in return for money people”. He always keeps them on his list and bilk his clients for money.

This case which I remember because of Dr. Moran who was the witty custody elevator. With his wit he proved Mr White and his client liars. Mr White had also been warned by the court for not keeping the court’s honour by releasing client’s confidential information in court.

There was one more of Ms Thompson in which he was allegedly able to earn 100K bucks from the client. My point is anyone could play with the honour of the court and we have more of Mr White’s everywhere. The law system needs to do something for such liars.

Is David D. White a legit?

David D. White is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is David D. White located?

David D. White is headquarted at East Ray Road 3930 AZ US. You can contact David D. White by dialing (480) 664-4900 or visit their website www.davidwhitefamilylaw.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by David D. White’s customers?

According to David D. White’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 2000 $
Severity : High
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