Darren Ewert

Darren Ewert is a scammer and nothing else. Keep your distance.

If you want to save yourself from a hell lot of trouble, never invite Darren Ewert and Mike Dreher anywhere closer to you. Looking decent and sounding nice from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this man can take away every cent you have with you.

This guy makes money using other people’s innocence and runs an MLM business to live a luxurious life. He has scammed over 10,000 people, mostly from Asian countries.

I met Darren while I was on a business trip to the Philippines. While having some beer in a bar, we met and started talking. He has good sales skills, and I give him that. Knowing that I was tired and feeling frustrated because of the travel plans from my company, he started his pitch by saying I can ditch all that.

I was intrigued by his first sentence itself. He made me believe anyone can earn much money without working like a donkey. So, I wanted to know more. He invited me for lunch the other day and asked me to watch some videos. Those videos did not have much information. But as planned, I met him for lunch, and he brought his friend—some Mike Dreher.

They both started talking about how great their lives were and how small they started. They asked me to stop waiting for my luck to do the same for me and instead take charge of my fate. They also told me I must invest $149 for a course to learn more about the system’s workings.

They said a coach would be assigned to me who would help me set up everything. Although a little dicey, it sounded great at that time. And when these guys started talking about how their mornings begin without stress and end every day with fun, I could not wait. I had given up hope for a good life.

I paid the fee for the course online and joined their league. At least, I thought I did. Further, there was nothing more I could do. When the coach connected with me, I was all excited. But all ended with nothing but regrets. He did not train me much about anything and wanted me to purchase a machine called Enagic Water Ionizers to start earning from commissions.

The cost of the machine shook me from within. But I was so blind after they talked me into the plan’s benefits that I didn’t even think about it. And I made the payment.

It has been around three months, and I haven’t earned any penny. Even Facebook won’t let me set up the ads as the entire business is based on a pyramid scheme.

They trained me to set up Facebook ads, but those won’t work. And the website I set up does not even appear on the first page for the search results.

How will I make money when no one is ready to pay that much money for the machine? Trust me, and the kangen machine isn’t worth that much. It’s a piece of shit and would cost much less if it hadn’t been for the MLM scheme.

Now, I cannot get my money back. These guys won’t give a shit about my money and won’t tell me how they made those sales anyways. For making money, taking a shortcut is the most dangerous. Who would know that more than me?

I have experienced the worst side of these people. Darren is a sponge; you must never let him suck your blood. Or else, you won’t be able to throw him away.

He knows how to exploit people and doesn’t feel bad about it. That’s the worst part. There is no way these people will stop until they are forced to. These guys are better off on a leash.

Otherwise, any connection with the outside world would lead to chaos. I know a few more people who these guys have scammed and connected with the victims after I was scammed. But they all share the same story. Some might have made a few bucks, but not even close to the money spent on the membership.

Darren and Mike are total frauds.

Is Darren Ewert a legit?

Darren Ewert is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Darren Ewert located?

Darren Ewert is headquarted at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada . You can contact Darren Ewert by dialing N/A or visit their website ca.linkedin.com/in/darrenewert.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Darren Ewert’s customers?

According to Darren Ewert’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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2 Reviews on Darren Ewert

  1. The $149 Digital Business Owners Kangen Water Scheme By Mike And Darren

    I have decided to share my personal experience with Mike and Darren’s $149 Digital Business Owners Kangen Water Scheme, which they market as a 90% done-for-you system that allows ambitious digital business owners to operate an online business from home. As a former member of the “DREAM TEAM,” I feel obligated to offer my honest and impartial opinion of the scheme from a consumer’s standpoint.

    My goal is to provide you with the information you need to make better financial decisions, should you come across this business opportunity. I want to emphasize that my story is not intended to support their brand, but to provide you with insights based on my personal experience and concerns.

    Read My Experience Before You Join Their Scam

    If you are considering the $149 Digital Business Owners scheme, count yourself lucky to have discovered this information. Three years ago, when I was looking for testimonials on the scheme, it was not readily available, and as a result, many former members of the Dream Team, myself included, suffered greatly.

    While there is no information on the internet about Mike and Darren’s business history prior to joining Enagic, I will not delve into great detail. However, if you are interested in learning more about the Dream Team and its leaders, you can visit the Passive Move blog at https://passivemove.com or The Inspiration College YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/@theinspirationcollege.

    Who Are Mike And Darren?

    Mike and Darren are self-proclaimed digital marketing mentors, internet business coaches, and business advisors, according to information readily available on the internet. If you wish to learn more about Mike and Darren, you can refer to the links in this article.

    As someone who is motivated and ambitious, I have always contemplated starting my own online business to replace my 9 to 5 job. This would not only provide me with more time to spend with my loved ones but also allow me to wake up naturally, take vacations whenever I choose, and most importantly, be my own boss. This goal is shared by many individuals who scour the internet searching for online business opportunities. Unfortunately, some online marketing gurus are aware of this and prey on people’s vulnerabilities by offering dubious business possibilities.

    How I Joined Mike And Darren Scam

    About three years ago, I was in search of a work-from-home online business opportunity when I stumbled upon an ad on my Facebook newsfeed. The ad touted the benefits of living a laptop lifestyle and working from home, with the freedom to leave a 9-5 job behind. Intrigued, I clicked the “learn more” button and was directed to a landing page that promised to teach me how to earn money online. The page highlighted bullet points such as “stop stressing about your bills” and “discover how to ‘walk away from’ the 9-5 grind,” which sounded appealing. I signed up for a live workshop by submitting my name and email address.

    After submitting my details, I was redirected to a thank you page and informed that my invitation to the live webinar had been emailed to me. Although I was excited to attend the workshop, I decided to watch the replay, which was available online for 90 minutes. The replay was similar to the live webinar, and the only difference between each week’s webinars was the presence of different DREAM TEAM members as guest speakers.

    Online business opportunities can be attractive, but it is essential to be cautious of false claims and dubious offers. Always research thoroughly and make informed

    Vague Webinar To Lure You Into Their Pyramid Scheme

    The webinar covered a range of topics, including how to manage an online business from home, how to leave your 9-to-5 job when your business grows, and how to live life on your own terms. The presenters claimed that their “proven system” would do most of the work for you, leaving you with only 10% of additional effort to put in. However, the product or service you would be offering to potential clients was not revealed during the 90-minute webinar, and you would need to pay $99 or $149 for further information.

    As a potential digital business owner, I was concerned about not knowing what product or service I would be selling to clients. The webinar presenters seemed to intentionally withhold information about the mystery product or service, even in 2023. At the end of the webinar, I was pitched a “FRONT END OFFER” for $99 (now $149), which included tools, marketing training, and products to start my business, as well as access to an “Elite Mastermind,” a “Custom-tailored Sales Funnel Solution,” and a “Personal Mentor” to help me grow my company.

    Despite these offers and bonuses, I still had no idea what I would be selling. It wasn’t until I joined the $149 digital business owners Kangen Water Scheme that I learned the product was Enagic, a multilevel marketing company disguised as an affiliate marketing training scam. This joining process involved registering for a free recorded webinar, watching the 90-minute webinar, being offered the $149 front-end deal, and then receiving a confirmation email with links to more information about the product. After watching those videos, a strategy call would be scheduled with a “mentor” who would pitch you the trifecta package, which could cost up to $10,000.

    My Purchase Of An Enagic Water Machine

    Although I was able to purchase the SD501 water machine for $4000, I had to finance it with my credit card and make monthly payments through the Enagic Payment Plan. Despite finishing all my payments, I eventually left the scheme because of concerns about its manipulative and deceptive practices.

    There are several reasons why I decided to leave the $149 Digital Business Owners Kangen Water Scheme. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the webinar and the subsequent sales pitch were misleading and deceptive. The presenters purposely withheld important details about the product or service they were promoting, which should have been a red flag from the start.

    Furthermore, I realized that the business model was actually a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme, which is often associated with pyramid schemes and is known to be highly controversial. While MLMs are technically legal, they have a reputation for being exploitative and unethical, with a high failure rate for those involved.

    Additionally, I found that the upfront costs of the business were quite steep. Even after paying the $149 for the initial package, I was required to purchase the SD501 water machine for $4000, which was a significant investment for me. The financing options offered by the company were also not ideal, as taking out a bank loan or using credit cards can lead to high-interest rates and debt.

    False Claims On The Health Benefits Of The Water Machines

    Finally, I realized that the products being sold by Enagic, the MLM company behind the Kangen water machines, were not backed by scientific evidence and were not FDA-approved. While some people may find the health claims appealing, there is no conclusive evidence that alkaline water has any significant health benefits.

    I decided to leave the $149 Digital Business Owners Kangen Water Scheme because of the misleading and deceptive sales tactics, the controversial nature of MLMs, the high upfront costs, and the lack of scientific evidence supporting the products being sold. I urge others to do their research before getting involved in any business opportunity and to be wary of any red flags, such as withholding important information or requiring significant upfront investments.

  2. Darren Ewert and Mike Ewert scammed Bhutanese for 14$ M

    I can’t believe we Bhutanese gave this much funds to this duo for the Enagic mlm scam.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 4500 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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