Crowdability is a scam and a bogus company

I was looking for some help with my investments and that is when I learned about Crowdability. It was completely accidental that I was directed to their website. I was watching a presentation online. The presentation said that there was a free gift for those who watched the presentation till the end.

So, I did watch the presentation to check what the gift was. At the endo of the presentation, I was given a link to click. The link got me to their website which was very alluring. The link gave me the access to the list of startups for investing and it was very brief. I could not make any notes and failed to understand the list. It never came back. So, I decided to check a little more about what their company was and how they helped people minimize the investment risks.

The website claims a lot of good things about how it has helped many to understand the basics of investing and has given them the right tools to continue making money through investments in startups and other options.

It was very enticing. I give that to these people. They have worked a lot to make their website luring. So, I joined their early stage playbook and paid for their platinum level plan. They offered me online course which was created by Matt and Wayne. At first, I felt that these guys are trying to keep it slow and basic so that everyone can make use of it. You never know if someone is completely new to investing.

So, I gave them the benefit of doubt. However, as the course progressed, I started getting irritated as there was nothing that they were providing for that cost. Everything they said was available on the internet for free. I was very disappointed in them. I had a huge expectation after paying around $500 that they would be giving me something to make my spending worthwhile.

However, it did not happen. The platforms knowledge and everything that they included in the course was pathetic. If I would have known that this is what they are offering, I would have never opted for this course.

The company’s list for investment was also nothing special. They provide no detailed information and you always stay in confusion. The course did not help me at all. So, I called the team and asked if I can get the refund back. And, I was shut out. These people are rude and very cunning. They will make you believe that they can get the world for you being open about the risks and their involvements in making those risks look small.

However, the truth is that these guys are no super heroes of investing. Either they know nothing or are not ready to share their knowledge with others. The course also provided a 60 minute angel investor option. It provided the screening list with course on how to assess and evaluate the companies for investment in an hour. How promising does that look? All these huge claims are just to make your head turn to them.

In reality, these people have nothing to share. Crowdability is a bogus company and is trying to play with our heads to make their way to the next level. Companies like Crowdability must be stopped from taking away people’s money. These guys are making fun of our naïve investment skills. Moreover, they are asking money from us thinking that we are too stupid and won’t know what are they up to.

It is not that I am an experienced investor. I am new to it too. Even though, I found the course useless. I have researched a lot about investing and have come across so much more knowledge which are not only crucial but helpful too. And all the information is free if you will dig a bit more into the internet. There are forums where you will find like minded investors sharing their valuable experience and journey with others without any thing in return.

When I emailed Crowdability for refund of my money, these guys made me wait for a month for the first reply. I kept reminding them and they never came up with a solution. I am not sure how these people have been able to make such huge progress and a place among people’s trust. Because, for me, these guys are nothing more than scammers.

Also, the course was very difficult to access. I was thrown out of my account many times while trying to login to the portal. And, they had to fix it every time. It took them more than 24 hours to take that request and then process it. All these things made the entire experience difficult and irritating.

Matt Milner has no idea that his skills are so limited to be showcased on such a huge platform where people depend on him for investing their savings. Talking about all the great things about how investing in startups can make a fortune may get you subscribers for your course, but ultimately, you will be losing trust.

After going through your course, it is impossible for people to write good things about it. All those great reviews must be fake.

If you want to save your time from investing on worthless courses online, you must keep distance from Crowdability. Their website may say a lot of things about how experienced and skilled they are, the truth is that these guys are nothing. All glitters are not gold and these people are the perfect example of it.

I am very upset that I trusted them. My money went to trash.

Is Crowdability a scam?
Crowdability is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Crowdability legit?
First Crowdability is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Crowdability’s consumers?
There is/are 7 review(s) posted about Crowdability and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Crowdability located?
Crowdability is located at 205 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, USA. You can contact Crowdability by dialing +1(844) 562-7228 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Crowdability’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $500 was the total loss incurred by Crowdability’s customers.

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7 Reviews on Crowdability

  1. I’ve been researching extensively. Especially digging deeper into companies with these sort of claims. Crowd ability was so hyped up that I doubted their credibility instantly! Huge red flag! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true… Always… Always do your research and due diligence thoroughly. Che ck BBB. Glass door. Transparent business. Google reviews and skip past the obvious ones that are created by the companies. The header title usually gives them away!


    They almost got me, just didnt make sence the accredited investor part isnt explained he talks about Congressman eric cantor signing a bill in 2012 bennifiting the pre IPO investor that doesnt have accredidation status, and its as easy as going to gov site getting the CIK num and investing on the “special websites” but every website i went to still required creddentials of a said accredited investor. but still they are as you say really good in luring you in, so i was still going to buy their program,, im grateful for humans like you ,, Thanks again

  3. Developers stay away from this company! They will scam you into doing work for them for free!

    I’m a web developer and this company reached out to ask if I would complete a coding challenge. The challenge was to create a website for them. I did the challenge and never heard back, then found out they used my work! I tried to email them, but they would not reply back.

  4. Like anonomous, Genesis, sounded great. I was excited to delve into it. Reading along I saw a $500. cost. I kept reading and it went down to $39. I thot’ OK, that’s better. Then I saw the site Im about to send money to was not Secure., Annnnd, the copywrite was 2018. Things in business change too often to rely ,on a financial publication 3 yrs.earlier. So I looked up Mat Milner and I found all of you.Thanks guys!

  5. Thank you letting me and all of us know this

    Very good review

  6. Thanks for the tip. they’re advertising all over YouTube now, sadly.

  7. I was about to fall in when I came across your review. Thank you
    very much for saving me a lot of headache and money. I am investing in
    another crowd funding type early stage investing Co. I don’t want
    to get its name mixed up with these people. However, they seem
    legit. I have invested in them, but have not received any
    return yet. I am not complaining because investment takes time
    to mature. I just started investing with them late last year.

    Thank you

  8. Thank you for posting this review

    I was looking into Matt Milner’s Genesis Investing System and the Early-Stage Playbook, but this review was so thorough that I won’t waste any of my time or money on it. Thank you for posting this review, it’s a life saver or savings saver or sanity saver! Greg


    I too was intrigued by the initial presentation. I too am a brand new investor. I paid $79 for a platinum membership. I then was conned into $249 program that fast tracked investors into IPO’s and Angel investing.
    Matt Millan needs to be arrested and prosecuted.
    The very first two emails were completely BLANK! I immediately communicated with Crowdability and was told of a technical issue.
    I IMMEDIATELY had a feeling something was terribly wrong and I had been conned.
    Within the first three hours I sent emails demanding a refund and was informed customer service was reviewing issue.
    Nothing to review I DEMANDED a refund.
    Well, I was sent another email today (DAY TWO) and offered an upgrade that no one else has been offered!!
    We need to UNITE and complain to the FTC and pursue prosecution before Matt Millan and associates take anothers life savings.
    These guys are disgusting, immoral and in the end will answer to a power greater than us.

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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