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Credit Union of the Rockies used to be a good institution, but it seems they have lost all customer service. I had been with them for 15+years.

We had financed a car and our home and had a standing line of credit.

We maintained a healthy balance in our accounts and were never late on a payment (actually we always paid our loans off early).

Anyway, we were buying a condo as an investment and needed a mortgage for about 25% of the property (we were bringing a 75% down-payment to the table).

Credit Unions of the Rockies uses a mortgage broker, we applied and the service we received was appalling: Keith Schnell, the Loan Officer with CU Members Mortgage was very slow to communicate and even though we applied 6 weeks prior to the closing.

He was still messing around two days before closing.

We ended up taking a short term loan from another source and closing without the loan from the Credit Union of the Rockies.

The poor performance of Mr. Schnell and CUR costs us time, a $400 appraisal and put our $5,000 earnest money at risk.

I have had almost no follow up from the CUR even though I left messages and send a letter when closing our accounts.

I can not recommend Credit Union of the Rockies or the Credit Union Members Mortgage.

Is Credit Union of the Rockies a legit?

Credit Union of the Rockies is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Credit Union of the Rockies located?

Credit Union of the Rockies is headquarted at 1010 Johnson Rd Golden, CO 80401. You can contact Credit Union of the Rockies by dialing (303) 273-5200 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Credit Union of the Rockies’s customers?

According to Credit Union of the Rockies’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5695 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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7 Reviews on Credit Union of the Rockies

  1. My account was hacked and I’m a nurse who works 12 hour shifts. I asked cur to overnight me a new card since they froze my account. They wouldn’t do it. I offered to pay for the cost and they refused. I asked Robert how am I going to get money from my account and he told me to ask a co- worker for money. That was real professional. I called Paula and told her I would not pay my car payment until the bank helped me get some money from my account. She told me if I didn’t make my car payment she could make it look like I was late and send a tow truck to get my car. She said if I wasn’t nice to her she could make my like hell because I didn’t scare her. Needless to say I waited 10 days for a new card and I opened a new account with a bank that will give you a card right away. Don’t go to cut it a terrible bank.

  2. Absolutely orthless in the past few years, they simply cannot keep cards functioning, fraud blocks for every other purchase and the shittiest Customer Service anywhere. don't waste your time, i'm withdrawing everything out of that account in the morning. They WILL leave you stranded each month with put access to your money. do not be a sucker.

    Absolute shite, shutting down the account tomorrow, too much to deal with each month. I’ve had an account there for over 20 years, they now officially SUCK.


    COMPLETELY IRRITATING! Does not even deserve 1 star. If you want rude, slow, obnoxious service this is the bank for you…O and try using their visa bill pay…good one. The system is ALWAYS DOWN!

    Try calling the customer service number to ezcardinfo (CUR Visa bill pay site) and you get an answering machine that tells you in an MIDDLE EASTERN VOICE…”our systems our down please try calling back in an hour”.

  4. Are you Kidding!! This C.U. hires green loan officers that don't know how to process a loan.

    Are you Kidding!! This C.U. hires green loan officers that don’t know how to process a loan. i own a business and have spent over $700,000 in 10 years with them. They don’t know how to process a c corp application and add income back in to your total income.

    Their customer service is handled by people who can not read a client profile and their cocky executives lack in dealing with the public. i have 700+ credit and numerous loans but they can’t understand what a long term relationship is. I am changing to Public Service Credit union and paying off my truck in 2 weeks

  5. This union is not credible to handle people's money!

    This union is not credible to handle people’s money! They wasted almost 3 months of my time for a simple refinance of auto loan. The “new” counselor “Rachel” never followed up with my many attempts at calls, emails and speaking with others. When I went in, she was sick, on vacation or out to lunch. Definately the latter!

    My tax info was lost, then shredded when I left a note on it and voicemail to save for me to pick up! I finally got another counselor who said no excuse for this, should have taken 2-3 days to get my app pushed thru! Her mgr did not call me back, until I mentioned this in an email I cc’d her and then she only said she was sorry and working with Rachel on these issues.

  6. Worse collection service ever!

    Worse collection service ever! I have had an account for 1.5 years now. In November I was contacted by the collections person that my account was overdue. I told him that I had paid everything on time and that I was ahead. Albert the collections person insisted that I give him my debit card to make a monthly payment and he told me that there would be a $15 service charge.

    I told him that I was on time and he said I would need to prove it and then he would refund the $15. I sent Albert copies of my bank statements showing that I had paid on time and I did not owe them anything. One week later after sending the statements I received an email saying that it was on their end.

  7. I purchased a RV in Denver and was told that CUR gave loans so we applied

    I purchased a RV in Denver and was told that CUR gave loans so we applied. HUGE mistake!! If anyone refers this bank run away FAST!!!
    Problem #1 I was on vacation and received a call from Albert B telling me that I missed a payment. I assured him that I did not. He was relentless and insisted that I give him a debit card number to charge the payment and a $15.00 late fee.

    He told me that if I could prove that I had made all payments that he would refund the late fee and apply the payment to the next month. I pulled up my bank statements when I got home and sent him copies showing that I was actually a month ahead. This was apparently “my problem” because I made my first payment the year before early.

    Are you kidding me? You are a bank and do not have accurate records!! Took me 3 weeks to get this problem settled and then another 3 weeks to be told that he could not refund my $15.00 and that he added it to my account (Lie!!). Took 7 emails, 3 phone calls & 2 months before the $15.00 showed up on my account.

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 5695 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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