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There unprofessional teller

Thanks credit union one for the great experience, I will tell everyone I know how much you suck Sincerly. I USED to brag to everyone about how great Credit Union 1 WAS. I have had an account with them since I was 16 years old.

I am now 26 and I tell everyone I know stay far far away from credit union one.

There unprofessional teller who said her name was PAM most likely makes less than I do an hour but took the liberty to give me the rudest advice on managing my money.

In 2014 I called them from the Lexus dealership on a Friday and they approved me for the full $44,000 no problem said to come in after the weekend to fill out paperwork, even had a voicemail from one of there personnel stating I had been approved for the full amount.

So after talking to CU1 Lexus let me drive it off the lot. Monday was a holiday so Tuesday i called ” Oh we didn’t approve that loan”.

I spoke to 10 different idiots, went as high up as possible. Offered for them to listen to the voicemail, none of them helped or cared to fix THERE mistake.

So I had to tell Lexus you can now take your brand new car that is now used back. luckily they financed me matching my payment and low interest rate i wanted.

I gave CU1 yet another chance and moved my Lexus loan over to them since they offered me yet an even better interest rate.

Well unfortunately that Lexus I bought was totaled in October 2016 I owed 29,000 insurance booked it at 21,000 so i was left with 8,000.

Called credit union knowing i had gap insurance they claimed I DID NOT have gap insurance to cover that 8,000 but of course offered a bunch of ways to finance it, GEEE THANKS.

After a week of crying and losing my mind over 8,000 I owed on a destroyed car. I called again spoke to 4 different idiots just to find out I DID in fact have gap insurance LIKE I KNEW I DID.

Yet it took them months and months, probably 3 months to finish the correspondence with the people at GAP who pay your destroyed vehicle off.

Meaning I had to make the $553 monthly payment to CU1.

CU1 claims “Oh Gap takes a while” So I took it upon myself to call Gap and tried to rip them a new one and complain and ask whats taking them so long they said they were waiting on a response and required documents from CU1 and that they we requested them weeks ago.

I literally had to call CU1 and make them send the required paperwork right then and there i refused to get off the phone until it was done and then i told them I am calling gap after this call and making sure you guys sent it.

They should of put me on there payroll for baby walking them through doing THERE JOB. I never used my savings account ever, No activity in years.

Yet it seems like every other time I go through the drive up and ask to deposit my check into checking it ends up in savings because the tellers don’t listen very well.

I have a scheduled payment for my american express account to come out and do to pending charges I was short like 13 cents.

MY FAULT so i got charged not once but three times a fee. Not once did they think to call me and notify me, no just keep charging me no problem right????

So I refused to pay them anything until they reversed some of those fees as a loyal customer of 10 years , 4 car loans later, one motorcycle, credit card, checking that would be the least they could do.

They again didn’t so I refused to pay anything . so the $75 I was short on my C.C apparently gave them the authorization to FREEZE a $500 check for $75 payment ? does that make any sense.

Is Credit Union 1 a legit?

Credit Union 1 is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Credit Union 1 located?

Credit Union 1 is headquarted at 3525 Eureka St Anchorage, AK 99503. You can contact Credit Union 1 by dialing (907) 339-9485 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Credit Union 1’s customers?

According to Credit Union 1’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4529 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 4529 $
Severity : High
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