Courtesy Buick GMC

I am disappointed in this LOCAL dealership provider.

Normally, visiting a Courtesy Buick GMC could be quite an experience. However, visiting online allows you to understand the competitive market in the surrounding area. My wife and I visited this local location before going out of town.

After doing a diligent research online, we came to see one particular vehicle at this location. The salesman was very nice and aggressive at the same time.

We didn’t mind his approach.

After a detailed inspection of the vehicle and the review of the carfax, we attempted to do a trade.

Our cost to trade was deducted tremendously. We were told that impact related incidents caused the deduction.

We decided not to trade and also not to buy. Being a local supporter of the businesses around us is a HUGE thing.

We visited this location once more in the same pattern and wanted to see another vehicle. We had no intent to trade.

It was an used SUV. Salesman, Mike, noticed me from the last visit and said he would be right with me shortly.

Another salesman quickly approached and asked, “how much I wanted to spend a month.”

I did not respond to his question and I told him I was with Mike. This salesman later came out with keys to the used SUV.

After giving a very detailed report about the used SUV with no mention of the carfax and/or any known accidents, he handed me back to Mike.

After reviewing the carfax, the vehicle was in a severe front vehicle impact. “Mike” later explained it has already been discounted for $19k with the knowledge of the severe damage.

He said the owner hit a DEER, but he mentioned this was all he knew about the accident.

He said they had repaired the damages at the dealership. I declined this offer, but the salesman was very persistent.

He later came back and said they will take $500 off price. I told him my vehicle was evaluated here and was deducted tremendously.

I politely stood up and exited the dealership, while I noticed another person following us out the door (maybe finance person).

Mike made a condescending announcement and pointed to my vehicle and said, “Look that’s the vehicle he’s trying to TRADE!” I drove off in disappointment.

Here are the THINGS to consider:
1. The preparedness of your customers and their valuable time
2. Fairness: if your willing to take off more than $2k for a person’s traded vehicle value; be FAIR and take off any and all $ value from any severe impact related to sellable vehicles associated with the dealer
3. Transparency
4. Customer Service

I am disappointed in this LOCAL dealership provider.

Is Courtesy Buick GMC a legit?

Courtesy Buick GMC is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Courtesy Buick GMC located?

Courtesy Buick GMC is headquarted at 1857 Edwards Lake Rd Birmingham, AL 35235. You can contact Courtesy Buick GMC by dialing (205) 588-4380 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Courtesy Buick GMC’s customers?

According to Courtesy Buick GMC’s customers, a monetary loss of US $557 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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2 Reviews on Courtesy Buick GMC

  1. We would not recommend using this dealership for service or repairs.

    We did not buy our Buick Enclave at this dealership but have been there twice for repairs. Both times we have had trouble getting someone to call us back and had an unsatisfactory experience.

    We only went back the second time because the first “fix” created another related problem although they claim that this is not true and charged us an additional $600. We do not believe that we were treated with honesty and respect.
    The attitude of one particular employee seemed to be one of glee instead of sympathy that our vehicle wasn’t working. We would not recommend using this dealership for service or repairs.

  2. This Dealership and Ross Bagette there Used Car Manager is not trustworthy.

    This Dealership and Ross Bagette there Used Car Manager is not trustworthy. Provided me with False information about a truck I bought. Failed to disclose that truck had major repairs at time of purchase even when asked. I was only made aware of these repairs while at another dealership having service work done. Ross presented truck as “Certified Preowned”….. Certified by them???

    Local dealer is refusing to service truck states i need to go back to Courtesy GMC to have problem fixed. they are 2.5 hour drive one way and i do not trust them due to their non transparent business practices. Do not Trust this dealership. They have not been willing to help resolve my discord with them and basically have told me better luck next time!

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 557 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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