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Scott Wigginton Sells Non-Surveyed Properties

Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land LLC has no shame and do not have empathy for those people, whom he robs. Scott Wigginton uses dishonest real estate practices to lure its customers and leave them to suffer. I am one of his victims and was fooled when I purchased a property at The Ranches of Montauk Park in Missouri. Scott lied about the community well at The Ranches of Montauk Park which he also included in the site maps represented on ebay as well as on his website.

When people started moving in, they came to know about the lie and spoke to Scott. However, he assured saying that those were rumors and we should ignore them. After we all shifted, in total 7 families, we were stunned to know that Scott was the one who was lying and not the neighbors.

We got hold of Scott Wigginton and he denied about the community well in the plan. He also changed the land Platte on the website without the community well. After the entire property was sold, he changed the lot numbers as well. Now our contracts have different lot numbers than the ones on the website.

The fraud shook us completely and three of us went to the Dent Co. Tax Assessor office. Ladies working there were generous and showed empathy which we required but was not enough to heal our wounds. They told us that the property was never recorded, neither on Scoot Wigginton’s name nor on his company, Classic Country Land’s name.

They were aware of the similar fraud happened in Houston, MO (Texas Co) on the name of Scott Wigginton and informed us about the same. They said that Scott Wigginton is a ‘CROOK’ and we have made the biggest mistake.

The lady from the Dent Co. Tax Assessor office also informed us that the land was never surveyed and issues regarding fences and boundaries will not be resolved if happens. This information was enough to motivate few neighbors to occupy the unfilled lands. And it soon happened. One of our neighbours, fenced off two more properties other than the one actually purchased.

We even tried to consult every single surveyor in the area to do the needful but no one wanted to put their hands in the Scott Wigginton’s property. Everyone was aware of his frauds, I am not sure how can we miss that information. Either we did not do our research on Scott Wigginton or he was too smart to get away with that.

The problem with boundaries made the neighbors fight among themselves. When one started the invasion, others restricted and the war begun. The police had to get in and the sheriff called Classic Country Land and asked them to survey the land of The Ranches of Montauk Park in order to have the boundaries enforced. It was the right decision and everyone supported except few who were opportunity grabber.

After the law started its pressure on Scott Wigginton, it made him furious and he started threatening to evict us from our own lands that we have leased for 15 years. I pay my monthly payments and have not done anything to break the lease. However, Scott Wigginton filed a lawsuit stating that my lease with them had broken their contract for deed.

I had to hire a lawyer and it’s expensive to consult lawyers. But I had to be sure of my safety. The lawyer confirmed that the threatening is of no harm as the lease was valid. If someone had broken the law, then it was Scott Wigginton. He sold us the land that was never surveyed. I have seen scammers but the audacity that Scott Wigginton has made it obvious that he was not the new comer in that game.

Every real estate company has to follow few guidelines to make it convenient for the land owners during their stay. But, Classic Country Land, LLC, owned by Scott Wigginton does not follow these guidelines. My complaint and many others combined, forced the Missouri Attorney General’s office, as well as the Missouri HUD office to investigate for the illegal land selling against Scott Wigginton. I have seen a lot and would not like the same happen to anyone else. Although, I am moving, I will be assisting the authorities in their investigation.

I searched a lot about Scott Wiggniton and his other properties and found out similar issues. Hence, I have also convinced other land owners who are going through the same hell to help the police department.

Scott Wigginton, I am not sure when we will reach the end and whom it will favour. But remember, I am not scared of you and I will fight with everything I have. However, I am leaving this property because I do not see any future. Especially for my mentally challenged daughter who will be left alone after I leave.

It would be clever for all of us to move out as no one would like to pay for a contract for deed that has the wrong lot numbers on them, has false GPS coordinates instead of properly legal surveys, is not recorded with the county and may never be.

But do not think, I accept my failure. I am going to fight you and at the same time will make sure I have the right house for my daughter. You fooled us because we trusted you. This time, we know the truth and are more powerful than before.

I wish you get what you deserve and our initiative should bring the justice to every land owner’s doors. I also hope that you should be banned and jailed for making us grieve for so long and future land owners can be saved from your scam.

Is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews a scam?
Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews legit?
First Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s consumers?
There is/are 12 review(s) posted about Classic Country Land LLC Reviews and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely Low.
Where is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews located?
Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is located at 1420 W Exchange Pkwy, Allen, TX 75013, USA. You can contact Classic Country Land LLC Reviews by dialing 972-961-4638 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s customers.

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12 Reviews on Classic Country Land LLC Reviews

  1. He almost got me.

    Scott wigginton sent me a lettrr stating he wanted to buy a piece of bare land from me lot 5 sec 5, for a high price. I own 2 lots nrxt to each other. One with my double wide lot 4 sec. 5. When I got the contract it said lot 4 sec. 5. He tried to get my trailer. Won’t answer phone or email I’m going to start with the San Clemente DA and take it from there. I suggest you do yhe same.

  2. How much did they pay you to say this. They are a bunch of lieing SOB

  3. Classic country LLC is dishonest and a fraud

    I purchased property in missiour from classic country they took 99 dollars down and then I set up direct pay they took out the first months payment never heard a word from them I moved to the property four months later from California and three days later I get an email from Lori stating that they were closing my contract and for closing I calledlori about the payments she told me that they no longer deal with the company that was taking the payments out of the accounts I asked her why I was not notified and why didn’t classic country do an electronic payment Lori told me she didn’t have the banking info but if she didn’t have the banking info then how was she able to tell me the bank was Wells Fargo Lori demanded the four months payments I gave her an old account number that wouldn’t clear because I wanted time to check with an attorney before I handed any more money to them I finally she told me that she cancelled the contract and for closed on the property I finally moved from the property with little money left I had my mother call and put a property in Tennessee in her name when we got to the property it was not accessible so I called Carri back and told him we did not want that property and wanted to transfer the down payment to another property Carri told us that we had to put another 99 dollars down and make a payment and that they would refund the first 99 that we put down that has never happened the account number was the same account number as the one we gave them on the missiour property but anything over 300 has to have authorization which we did not give authorization because they never refunded the 99 dollars from the Tenn property I received an email from Lori stating that she closed the contract and for closed on the property Lori stated that I could pay what was owed and get the property back I have sent her 5emails asking her what the amount is that is owed she has not responded to any e mails so I went down to the tax assors off ice classic country ownes this land but it has not been subdivided no plat has been filled with the city therefore they can not suble the sub divided lots they are under investigation in missiour and I have contacted the states attorneys waiting for a return phone call after I am done here I will then go back to Tenn and start an investigation there like the other man said I am not afraid of you one on one they might win but if we all band together they don’t stand a chance and the county attorney told me that they can’t just send you an email and say they for closed the have to file a for lose with the courts you have to be served and the courts will decide until then they can’t even put your land back up for sale so anyone that wants to see this company get what they deserve and hopefully get our money back please email me your story or complaint stop making payment to these crooks and let banking together and stop them from taking anyone else’s money

  4. Review is not accurate or true

    The creator of this complaint cannot decide if he is leasing or purchasing the land in question. I have bought several properties from Classic Country Land in Missouri and all have been professionally surveyed. I have also switched properties with Scott’s company and all payments made on old property were credited to the new properties. Office staff has been extremely helpful and kind and the company has far exceeded my expectations.
    I am looking forward to purchase more land thru Classic Country Land and highly recommend this company.

  5. Rude to work with and scam

    I started chatting through the companies webpage because all of the properties said they were sold. I wanted to see what properties they had available, if any. The second I said I was looking for less expensive land than Colorado and that it’s crowded, the chat was disconnected. This is a scam and I wouldn’t do business with anyone that is this rude!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY

  6. The other reviews are rediculous xD

    Phenomenal company! All land is unsurveyed and they NEVER make a guarantee of water or power, so it’s pretty laughable reading the negative reviews on here. These are really great and kind people to buy from if you want a quiet piece of land to live/work on. I’ve been buying from them since I was 18 and I’ve never had any issues! Very courteous and generous, affordable price structure, all around great. I’d highly recommend anyone to look into what they have to offer!

  7. Horrible experience

    I was one of the ones involved in the Montauk Ranch property scandal. Scott personally contacted me and harassed me. The landowner who was illegally fencing property threatened my life. It got so bad that my daughter and I had to move. Don’t ever buy any property from this fraud. You’ll regret it.

  8. Classic Country Land LLC

    Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land LLC has no shame, this is absolutely right statement, he just demand for an outrageous payment.

    I just cancelled to deal with him

  9. Throw Scott Wigginton Into the Jail.. he mother fucker deserve it.

    Throw Scott Wigginton Into the Jail.. he mother fucker deserve it.

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