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Scott Wigginton Sells Non-Surveyed Properties

Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land LLC has no shame and do not have empathy for those people, whom he robs. Scott Wigginton uses dishonest real estate practices to lure its customers and leave them to suffer. I am one of his victims and was fooled when I purchased a property at The Ranches of Montauk Park in Missouri. Scott lied about the community well at The Ranches of Montauk Park which he also included in the site maps represented on ebay as well as on his website.

When people started moving in, they came to know about the lie and spoke to Scott. However, he assured saying that those were rumors and we should ignore them. After we all shifted, in total 7 families, we were stunned to know that Scott was the one who was lying and not the neighbors.

We got hold of Scott Wigginton and he denied about the community well in the plan. He also changed the land Platte on the website without the community well. After the entire property was sold, he changed the lot numbers as well. Now our contracts have different lot numbers than the ones on the website.

The fraud shook us completely and three of us went to the Dent Co. Tax Assessor office. Ladies working there were generous and showed empathy which we required but was not enough to heal our wounds. They told us that the property was never recorded, neither on Scoot Wigginton’s name nor on his company, Classic Country Land’s name.

They were aware of the similar fraud happened in Houston, MO (Texas Co) on the name of Scott Wigginton and informed us about the same. They said that Scott Wigginton is a ‘CROOK’ and we have made the biggest mistake.

The lady from the Dent Co. Tax Assessor office also informed us that the land was never surveyed and issues regarding fences and boundaries will not be resolved if happens. This information was enough to motivate few neighbors to occupy the unfilled lands. And it soon happened. One of our neighbours, fenced off two more properties other than the one actually purchased.

We even tried to consult every single surveyor in the area to do the needful but no one wanted to put their hands in the Scott Wigginton’s property. Everyone was aware of his frauds, I am not sure how can we miss that information. Either we did not do our research on Scott Wigginton or he was too smart to get away with that.

The problem with boundaries made the neighbors fight among themselves. When one started the invasion, others restricted and the war begun. The police had to get in and the sheriff called Classic Country Land and asked them to survey the land of The Ranches of Montauk Park in order to have the boundaries enforced. It was the right decision and everyone supported except few who were opportunity grabber.

After the law started its pressure on Scott Wigginton, it made him furious and he started threatening to evict us from our own lands that we have leased for 15 years. I pay my monthly payments and have not done anything to break the lease. However, Scott Wigginton filed a lawsuit stating that my lease with them had broken their contract for deed.

I had to hire a lawyer and it’s expensive to consult lawyers. But I had to be sure of my safety. The lawyer confirmed that the threatening is of no harm as the lease was valid. If someone had broken the law, then it was Scott Wigginton. He sold us the land that was never surveyed. I have seen scammers but the audacity that Scott Wigginton has made it obvious that he was not the new comer in that game.

Every real estate company has to follow few guidelines to make it convenient for the land owners during their stay. But, Classic Country Land, LLC, owned by Scott Wigginton does not follow these guidelines. My complaint and many others combined, forced the Missouri Attorney General’s office, as well as the Missouri HUD office to investigate for the illegal land selling against Scott Wigginton. I have seen a lot and would not like the same happen to anyone else. Although, I am moving, I will be assisting the authorities in their investigation.

I searched a lot about Scott Wiggniton and his other properties and found out similar issues. Hence, I have also convinced other land owners who are going through the same hell to help the police department.

Scott Wigginton, I am not sure when we will reach the end and whom it will favour. But remember, I am not scared of you and I will fight with everything I have. However, I am leaving this property because I do not see any future. Especially for my mentally challenged daughter who will be left alone after I leave.

It would be clever for all of us to move out as no one would like to pay for a contract for deed that has the wrong lot numbers on them, has false GPS coordinates instead of properly legal surveys, is not recorded with the county and may never be.

But do not think, I accept my failure. I am going to fight you and at the same time will make sure I have the right house for my daughter. You fooled us because we trusted you. This time, we know the truth and are more powerful than before.

I wish you get what you deserve and our initiative should bring the justice to every land owner’s doors. I also hope that you should be banned and jailed for making us grieve for so long and future land owners can be saved from your scam.

Is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews a scam?
Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews legit?
First Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s consumers?
There is/are 12 review(s) posted about Classic Country Land LLC Reviews and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely Low.
Where is Classic Country Land LLC Reviews located?
Classic Country Land LLC Reviews is located at 1420 W Exchange Pkwy, Allen, TX 75013, USA. You can contact Classic Country Land LLC Reviews by dialing 972-961-4638 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Classic Country Land LLC Reviews’s customers.

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12 Reviews on Classic Country Land LLC Reviews

  1. Classic Country Land Circus

    They let you know on the website that they are a scam company. 3 tell tell signs are listed on the Frequent asked questions that are listed on the website of there’s.

    1. What is due diligence?
    Due diligence is the research you, as the buyer, are urged to complete prior to entering into a contract.

    2. Is the property staked or surveyed? Most of our properties have been surveyed in the past but probably do not still have the corners marked.

    3. How can buyers find out more information about the lots they wish to purchase?
    A. We always encourage buyers to call the county or state agency in which the property is located.

    There are no savings! They talk about no one being able to walk the property with you but if you someone who’s looking to buy land you have to know you can not trust without Verification but when you purchase this property even if you do go and look at the property in person after purchasing the property you will still have to pay to get the property survey so there are no saving. Add an Additional 1200 to the down payment because a survey will be necessary you don’t want to purchase property Only to find out later some of what you thought was yours is someone else’s property. And that part is not always on them some people get land and take it on themselves to take just a little bit more because no ones watching.

    They tell you to do your own research/ Call theState agency for further information but some of us know that that everything has a price even that information because I phone call helps nothing, you’ll have to visit in person and get paperwork that’ll come with a free.

    The most important thing you need to know is never called them physically let them know which piece of property you’re looking at because very soon after your phone call the property was sold to be sold or pending then shortly after that it’ll be right back listed with a much higher price due to them knowing someone has eyes on it.
    So no matter how much you want the property if you email them or contact them they take long to get back with you so take twice as much time as they take to reach you because when they see you really want what they have the scam starts!

  2. Agreed. Throw him in jail again! He’s been to prison before. Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land is a thief along with his side kicks Lori and Jennifer. Total crooks who will rot in hell for being so dishonest.

  3. Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land LLC is a FRAUD

    Scott Wigginton of Classic Country Land LLC is a FRAUD. He is extremely dishonest and a absolute liar. Cheating good people out of hard earned money. Jennifer who works there is a terrible human being.

  4. Classic country land L.L.C.. Sucks if you have a victim of Hackers.. They don’t care.. They want and they got my land back.. I am so sick over this.. For over 3 yrs. And over $9.000 bucks hit their pocket and the land is back up for sale just like that.. No bite me or Hey I’ll just put that down and work with you catching up on your payments a bit each month no problem Larry. I can’t hell what has happened to me with Hackers and I hope one day Mr. What’s his face gets a toast of it someday or on a daily basis would serve Mr. Can’t help you and resale your property.. Maybe that’s what they count on or induce.. I am on Disability and have limited funds but was buying this property fo my son and his family to have.. Low life blood sucker hacked my money and then some.. I have to barrow till I get paid again and I’m not a lazy sack never have been I have worked for what I do have..

  5. Classic country land L.L.C SUCKS if you have your credit card account hacked and can't make the payment it doesn't matter that will not help you save what you have put into it like I have for over 3yres all is lost and nobody will help you I have tried several times through phone and emails nobody will get back with you if try to have them understand what has happened to your money being hacked all they want is theirs..!!

    They do not care.. Classic country land L.L.C is a Ripp off.. If you see that your going to have a problem on payment.. Like myself my life was HACKED..,! Left me with nothing and tried to get ahold of them about the payment.. I have payed for over 3 yrs now and have emailed them over and over with them to see what I can do while my money that had been HACKED from me gets returned with no response being they will get back with you is CRAP.. I AM DISCUSSTED TO THE HILT..,! All that I have paid in amounts to nothing over $9.000 bucks lost.. I am sick..

  6. Buyer be ware

    I am currently buying from these is possible to make this come put in your favor if you .read all fine print .visit and choose wisely and know your rites .do your research.
    I went to the courthouse and made sure deeds wer on file..i learned ther war no legal outbound servey. I chose a lot consisting of three lots registered at the county .i was able to get a survey by a very reputable licensed sereyer in dent county and had it registered with my contract at the county . ther are property line desputes here exspecialy with neighbors of classic country this land was GPS ed.and it can be off as much as 70 ft.ypu must get your own servey..buying land this way is like dealing with rent to own or pay day loans .you gotta do all research yourself .no realtor will do it for you …you also have the rite to use your contract to protect yourself with the law .if a neighbor threatens you call them .and you will need that serve to prove trespass .you can also use it for enforcing damage to a road or rite of way .that contract gives you the rite to do clearly says maintenance is turned over to you..
    Is classic country Gina do anything for you NO. Ther the pay day loan / rooks used cars of real estate world. If you buy from them you need to be prepared to cover ypur own back and research everything ..wen the deed says 12 acres more or less ..count on a little less ..yes it’s that important . be prepared to spend 12000 for a well 1200 For a servey. Build your own road .and remember these kind of properties atract a lot of you might be dealing with neighbors who may have a legit beef if Scott’s GPS serve has your property line 30 ft onto his property.

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