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I'm disappointed in the outcome

I had gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Zavala in June of 2017. My results were not good. I developed a crater deformity due to over-resection of the breast tissue as well as a hypertrophic scar under the areola. The staff were friendly, but the post-op consultations were hastily done and uncoordinated like one reviewer has already pointed out. I’m disappointed in the outcome and wished things turned out better.

I pondered why this happened and discovered that Dr. Zavala, the director of Ciao Bella and who performed my surgery, is not a board certified plastic surgeon.

I was assured that he could fix the problems, but the proposed solution was too hasty of one and didn’t align with my research as well as other board certified plastic surgeons have suggested. He also failed to point out any potential consequences for fat grafting and donor site placement.

I’m not saying that you won’t get a good result here and that Dr. Zavala does not have good intentions. I’m merely pointing out the qualifications and what you could expect from this establishment. You get one body for your entire life. Do you want someone who isn’t highly trained and certified to touch your body? Be sure to do your research and consult multiple actual board certified plastic surgeons.

I think it is also fair to point out that a prior patient of Dr. Zavala died after a liposuction procedure at this facility. I had to dig a bit, but if you search for case #MD-13-0426A, you will find the information regarding the matter on the Arizona Medical Board.

Is Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic a legit?

Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic located?

Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic is headquarted at West Ray Road 2310 AZ US. You can contact Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic by dialing (480) 686-8121 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic’s customers?

According to Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic’s customers, a monetary loss of US $750 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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4 Reviews on Ciao Bella Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Clinic

  1. Do not recommend

    I am 5 months post opp. My procedure was fleur de lis tummy tuck (upside down T) lipo 360 and bbl. I am extremely unhappy with the results & post-care . I have tried to voice my concerns over and over to only receive dismissal and be patronized via Dr Edgardo Zavala that I just need time, more time to heal.

    I understand that a 100% perfect ruler line up and down and side to side is not realistic. However my incision scars are so jagged it’s like a partial race track, very sloppy work. It’s been this way since 24 hrs after my husband and I removed the dressing (which will require more procedures to correct). Dr Zavala reaction one week post appt was “ idk what happened it was straight on the table.”

    My left and right flank side are uneven. I was told by Dr Zavala probably one of my hips/leg is shorter than the other & I should get it measured to see.

    Naturally I have a very flat square behind. I was hoping for a nice round butt to give me some shape, confidence. And what I received is semi full behind all in top portion, shaped completely uneven. If I can recall Dr Zavala stated like 900cc was put into each side. Instead of my butt curling like a nice c look like shape of a v. It’s all hip and top heavy with nothing mid & bottom butt.

    My stomach went through a much harsher tummy tuck because I was told by Dr Zavala I had so much skin that pulling from the sides and down will produce a smaller, snatched stomach and waistline. Results: I have a decent size fat pocket/skin in upper stomach that is very noticeable in anything fitted I want to wear.

    1.5 weeks post surgery my incision opened in few spots and became very oozy with yellow/green color. I was told that is was not infected so I didn’t need antibiotics as I requested. I was given instructions to sponge bathe and change dressing twice than down to once a day. After 5 weeks of not getting better and frequent in office visits I was doing. A coworker who was also a medical assistant gave me an antibiotic in pill form, 1.5-2 weeks of applying on the wound it cleared up and finally closed. Thank you Olena, I was finally able to fully shower again.

    I strongly discourage anyone who is considering surgery at Ciao Bella please do your research and go with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is held accountable for their work and has proper credentials to perform the work. The easiest & cheapest way out will result in shitty work & higher cost to fix down the road! Like others in reviews are stating I do not see how any before and after pics advertised could be actual clients or just one unlucky women to have all these needed corrections.

  2. Very disappointed with lipo

    I am very disappointed with the result of my lipo revision on my thighs and abdomen. He had no experience with lipo revision and I ended up having lumps, dents, uneven, and saggy skin. He performed three procedures, and it did not help at all, in fact it made it worse than before. I would not recommend doing lipo here because he told me that he already had experience but clearly NOT. I wish that I was a little more observant and careful with choosing a qualified doctor with more experience. He has ruined my experience and wasted my time/money. I am writing this review because I want people to know the truth and so people don’t fall for the excellent reviews. I paid $8,000 to get results worse than before the procedures.

  3. Of course I tell them because I want all of the people I care about to feel as great as I do!

    I am a year old divorced mother of a teenager. Between working and taking care of life there is little time to take care of me. Dr. Zavala gave me an instant self esteem boost. In a matter of minutes he took years off of my face by plumping my mid face with permanent fillers.

    He also straightened my twice broken nose with the same fillers in just a few minutes. The procedure was virtually painless and the recovery was minimal. I had only slight swelling for a couple of days.

    My friends and family notice how great I look but just can’t figure out what is different about me! Of course I tell them because I want all of the people I care about to feel as great as I do!

  4. The staff is great too!

    I had the natural breast augmentation procedure at ciao bella and my results are awesome. I had to get liposuction because they used my own fat for the breast enlargement which is great because my breast feel and look very natural.

    I researched several doctors and had 3 consults with other doctors but when I went to Dr. Zavala at ciao bella I felt very comfortable and loved everything about them.

    Dr. Zavala explained that the liposuction would also help shape other parts of my body and although it was more expensive than traditional boob jobs, I love the way he shaped the rest of my body.

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 750 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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