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Don’t get fooled by Chris Virgin

I bought an online course offered by Chris Virgin from his website At first, I thought, I would be able to make some money using his tactics, however, as the course progressed, I found out that the complete course was nothing but a scam. There was nothing special about the course and whatever was taught was only basics.

I did not like the idea of paying some $197 for a course that offered nothing to me. This guy sells the course by telling that one can become financially independent. The course needs you to buy a domain address and create facebook webinar site and other stuff. But the main part is missing.

The course was nothing but a bait to become one of his victims. He will ask you to find out what are you good at and resell it online. We have seen so many courses similar to this. So, what is the edge that this course is providing, nothing. You will feel cheated after knowing what actually this guy would tell you after taking such a huge amount from you.

If you will see, the email address used for communication is a free email address created with Google, Yahoo and Hotmail. Chris has not bothered to set up a professional email and he is trying to teach us to become professionals who can be financially independent. Even the technical support email is not from the domain he uses.

All these creates a lot of suspicion. Someone uses a free email when trying to hide something. Moreover, one cannot be counted as professional with such silly ignorance. All these factors make a fraud.

I later asked for a refund and he did not give me my money back. He asked me to do things that I did not want to do. He told me the buy a domain on and set up the facebook webinar site. He asked me to follow his instructions to get the refund back.

I rejected to do as he said and he told me that he would not be making any refunds. I kept calling him and he was very harsh. He asked me not to bother him as he was a busy person and did not have time for guys like me.

The thing is, it is not that I am not interested in learning. But, I won’t be paying for some shit that does not make sense. In short, Chris wanted me to be like him. He is trying to sell what he thinks he is good at. However, he knows nothing about earning money through legit options.

Selling ideas of becoming rich that is already been described by many other online courses for free isn’t a genius thing to do. I would regard this course as complete waste of money. I have been trying for a refund which I now feel won’t be possible to get. This guy knows how to cheat others and make money. Many naïve online earners may fall for his shit but not someone like me who has already tried so many things online.

Is Chris Virgin Academy a legit?

Chris Virgin Academy is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 37 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Chris Virgin Academy located?

Chris Virgin Academy is headquarted at United States. You can contact Chris Virgin Academy by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Chris Virgin Academy’s customers?

According to Chris Virgin Academy’s customers, a monetary loss of US $197 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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37 Reviews on Chris Virgin Academy

  1. Very suspicious

    Just finished the webinar so glad I decided to check reviews before paying 197. Sounds like it would’ve been a big mistake. Also, there was someone in the webinar named “maria” what a coincidence!

  2. Not worth it...

    This guy is a street hustler. Nothing more.. Sadly he’s hustling people out of money each and every day for $200 a pop. this is why he’s rich. Save your money and watch better investment videos.

  3. Great Class

    I have been reading these reviews and I am trying to figure out what class did some of these people sign up for. This course is for beginners and I have learned a lot! My only regret is that I didn’t here about this course sooner. The only negative thing I can say about him is that he loves to talk. I understand why though because he is very transparent. In his course he takes you step by step. I am trying to figure out why people would expect to receive a refund when you have receive the course and his knowledge. I don’t know where the scam is. He has really helped me learn some things.

    1. The reason why you think this way is because you don’t know much about investing, but just wait another 3 years after investing then you can judge for yourself. By then you will have made no money or you will have lost money from your investments, a far cry from turning $100 to $100k just wait and see. I have been investing in the market for over 25 years that is why I know this guy is a scam. Not even Warren Buffet has made the kinds of return this guy is claiming he has made. Buffet is the greatest investor that has ever lived but Chris’s return is better than his by 100% just in 10 years when Buffet has been investing for over 50 years. Use common sense and do some math.

  4. Unreasonable criteria to get a refund.

    I did not see this on the website when I signed up, but they claim that it was there. I only found out when I requested a refund. I was sent two screenshots that I had never seen before stating their policy.

    To Get a Refund, You Must First:

    1) Complete 100% of each lecture in the course
    2) Complete 100% of the homework in the course and email your completed to [email protected]

    Please send your completed homework to [email protected] 30 days following the date of your purchase.

    Give us an email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. The Chris Virgin Academy Team will be more than happy to assist you!

    Best regards,


    PA to Chris

    Chris Virgin Academy

  5. I too got scammed and that is money I will never get back!

    If you’re a beginner and know nothing about the Stock Market then highly I suggest you all to go http://WWW.TRADENASIUM.COM. They have two classes that are 4hrs of LIVE; real time breakdowns of stocks and the stock market. They don’t sell dreams with videos claiming you’ll make millions like all the others do. They teach you what every beginner needs to learn. I knew nothing about stocks at all. I’ve tried a bunch of classes and seminars; wasted so much money but Tradenasium was by far the best for me because I am a slow learner.

    One of the guys who runs Tradenasium goes by the name, Rick Tradenasium on Facebook. He is a Day Trader and he is hilarious 🤣. The way he teaches had me dying most of the time which makes the classes fun to learn. He will better prepare you before you go off throwing your money away. Oh and they have a real business email; unlike those free disposable; scammish gmail accounts. So I highly recommend http://WWW.TRADENASIUM.COM.

  6. Just sign up, and as I thought he didn’t tell me when I would get my information. I should have read the reviews first, you cannot sent a email, because the website is not set up. No phone number to reach him. A scam.

  7. Seems fishy

    About 5 minutes into the seminar, I became suspicious. He continued talking the entire time and never interacted with anyone. I began to google him while listening and came across this site. I can’t thank you all enough for your input and saving me from making a really bad financial investment.

  8. SCAM


  9. Racist liars writing bad reviews

    Great course learn a lot of stuff I didn’t know, well worth the money spent. I think these reviews are from Racist liars who are only writing bad reviews because it a black man teaching! If he were white he would have 5 stars!!

    1. Racism is not the case

      Racism is not the case here. I listening to Chris Virgin during a couple of his Tuesday night seminaries and I was attempted to buying the course but there was a little voice telling me to look into this more. I watched more YouTube videos and I found a gentlemen which is white offering a free course for beginners. He is not asking for money he only wants you to visit one his affiliate pages so he could get paid. If you search YouTube there are Tons of Black men and women as well as white YouTubers offering free training. I am a black male of age and I learn to listen to that little small voice over the years. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is a lie. I say again you don’t have to pay anyone, just conduct a search on YouTube and learn to invest yourself. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day investing takes time.

    2. Scamming ingnorant individuals

      The reason I am against what he does, is the same reason you are supporting him. He is scamming black people because they are unsuspecting of the information he is selling. I am harder on him because he is black, taking advantage of black people who have no clue of the information he is feeding them, because they are exited about the story and dream that he is feeding them. It is impossible to make the returns he claim from just starting with $100 especially since he has only been investing for ten years. That’s why he promotes his course for beginners because experienced investors like myself knows he is full of crap.

  10. Dirty scammer. Wants you to do “homework” BEFORE he will give a refund.

  11. NOT A SCAM

    I purchased Chris’s online course on how to invest in the stock market back a few months ago. I followed his blue print on how to research the companies and other information provided in the course, needless to say, I have made money.

    If you plan on buying his courses, make sure you follow his guidance on how to maneuver through the market. This course is not for you if you are not going to put in the work on your end. You can only lead a horse to the water and it is upon them to drink the water or not. I found his course to be extremely knowledgeable and super easy to follow. All of his steps were extremely easy to follow. This course has been such a blessing to myself and my family. I am teaching my family to become financially independent. We are on our way to financial freedom!

    1. NOT A SCAM

      Hard work pays off and thanks to the step by step and good advice from Mr Virgin I finally understand after years of trying on my own, the concept for stock market. Nothing in life comes in the form of a magic pill or the touch of the magic wand. By the grace of God, this method was put on my path and is helping me to finally get a passive income. Im still new at it but I am looking forward to being dent free andam so thankful to Mr Virgin for sharing all this info.

    2. So how come only one star. How much is he paying you, or do you work for Chris Irving academy. No way you purchased this system “a few months back” and are already showing a significant profit. If he was so successful he would not need to scam people if it is not for them he should gladly refund people’s money. Now I’m going to the BBB and the attorney general. Not for OP for Maria who conveniently has no last name. Lies i tell ya

    3. How much did you make

      Maria am just curious as to how much money you made from Chris’s help. I haven’t bought any of his courses but from what I have heard from his videos, a lot of it seems made up. I have been investing in the stock market for over 25 years, and haven’t made close to that he is claiming he has made, but according to Chris’s numbers he should be giving away his course’s for free. $197 for his course is peanuts according to his return in the stock market. Sounds to good to be true and you know the rest.

    4. How did you make money with Chris Virgin

      Why did you only give it one star?

    5. Well Maria since you approve so much of Chris Virgin, why did you only give home one star?

    6. question

      If this is not a scam, why did you only give him one star?

    7. But you gave him 1 Star….

    8. Why only one star then?

      If its that great, why you only give one star?

    9. Clarifying

      So, I assume Maria (with suspicious no last name) put one star because the stars represent “Your overall rating of this report:” as they say. So this troll probably hired by good ol Christopher didn’t like the bad report.

      Honestly, $197 is a pretty tiny scam in the grand scheme of things. If he is a scammer, it’s petty scamming, unless he tries to convince you to buy multiple courses and they increase in price until you are in the inner-sanctum of the cult of the Virgin and you’ve spent thousands of dollars. Then I’d say its a pretty good scam. But, I spend more than $200 on college classes with such titles as “the history of satan,” it’s not that big of a deal, we’re scammed out of two hundred dollars all the time. Cut your losses.

    10. Then why did you give him only one star? I’m confused.

    11. Confused

      Maria If the course was so great and you made money why did you only give one star? Unless you don’t beleive your own review🤔
      Think I’ll hold on to my coins and not waste my time on the free 1hr webinar. In this day and time nobody wants to loose money to a scammer. Thanks honest reviewers now I can report his emails as scam and block him!

  12. Very little information given

    Sorry Chris I did not learn anything new that I did not already know. This is introductory information that you can get from reading a begginers stock market book. Chris appeals to your emotions asnd pain this will cause you to make a bad decision. Lern the stock market by reading books.

    1. Thanks for the warning! I was about to give pay him $197.00! I was kind of suspicious anyway!

      I was about to give pay him $197.00! I was kind of suspicious anyway!

    2. Thanks for the warning! I was about to give pay him $197.00! I was kind of suspicious anyway!

      It sounded like alot of money and it was a self paced course.

  13. I found out he’s a scam artist

    I bought his stocks course and never received course or feedback. I had to contact my credit card to stop payment.

    1. Same here. Then he gave the c/c some nonsense about i need to listen to all the webinars then do the “homework”

    2. You can't make money with this course

      The course supposed to tell you how to make money in the stock market, you go through the course, he said you don’t have to have a lot of money, but I check close at his statements, And he did not made money investing $100.00 like he tell you can. You have to invest thousands of dollars to make money, like he did and everyone else that say they made money in the stock market. I hope I can get my $197.00 back. Scam

  14. Wish I knew this years ago

    Thank you for posting this! A few years back (2018) I also lost $200 to a Chris Virgin course, but this one dealt with how to invest in stocks (for beginners). It seem to me that anything associated with him is a scam. From this point forward I have no dealings with anyone with the last name Virgin. Buyer beware! Thanks again!

  15. My opinion of Chris virgin academy is very low after reading this review!

    I’d caution to stay to do your research prior to purchasing this stock market course!

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Reported Loss : 197 $
Severity : High
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