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Catfishing. . I met Chris on the dating site Plenty of Fish. He says he is a marine engineer working on boats and is in Dubai. He provides very realistic pictures. But on further investigation the telephone number is a list to an L Richmond in Escondido on lilac Mesa Road. And 3235094634 is a Voit or disposable line phone. He talks about wanting to get married right away, has a house in La Jolla, has a Mercedes-Benz he was going to give me. He said all the right things. Ladies beware of this guy he’s not for real. I reported him to Plenty of Fish and Facebook and his profiles have been deleted

Is Chris Van Dirk a legit?

Chris Van Dirk is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 12 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Chris Van Dirk located?

Chris Van Dirk is headquarted at 106 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. You can contact Chris Van Dirk by dialing 3235094634 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Chris Van Dirk’s customers?

According to Chris Van Dirk’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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12 Reviews on Chris Van Dirk

  1. Questions

    I think I have a friend being catfished by him. Did he ask any of you for gift cards of that sort? He also says he has a kid. That his wife is deceased & that he works in Dubai.

  2. Thank you for sharing

    I had a friend I tried to help not fall for the scam. It may not have been this one, but the scam was the same. She lost a lot of money to a catfisher. Thanks for bringing this one to the attention of the public.

  3. Thank you to the lady who had the courage to expose him. He is one of many, unfortunately.

  4. Thank you for this post. Thank you dirty scam for making this possible.

    Catfisher on Plenty of Fish. Not a real person. Possible Nigerian Romance Scan. Don’t send money!

  5. Thank you for this post. Thank you dirty scam for making this possible.

    This is a story that happens frequently. Most are too embarassed to speak up. Thank you to those who did.

  6. Thank you for this post

    Thank you for sharing. Hope this helps others out.

  7. Thank you for this post. Thank you dirty scam for making this possible.

    Just be careful, ladies. These catfish are slick (and slimy)


    I was contacted by this slimy catfish on Plenty of Fish. Very similar story, claims to live in La Jolla, to be wealthy, educated, works as a marine engineer, now is working on a contract in Dubai.He’s not real and you will never meet him in person because he is not who he says he is. I have researched him online and appears he is running an internet romance scam.My intention in posting this information is to play it forward. I knew his story was too good to be true but could never find proof until I saw the post listed above and others. He’s a fake. Don’t fall for it or his lies.

  9. Catfishing

    DatingScam, lies, not real, will never meet. Smooth talker, pretends to be rich. Will tell you he has leave on contract abroad–Dubai usually. Claims to be a marine engineer. Nigerian Romance scam. Goes by name Chris Van Dirk, POFname is chrismramazing, using disposable number 3235094634

  10. This guy is a SLIMY CATFISH. He’s on Plenty of Fish,pretending to live in La Jolla(moved from Beverly Hills after his wife died to get away from the bad memories)drives expensive cars, has expensive house and other luxuries. He’ll come across all polite and caring , then just when you think you’re going to meet, he has to go overseas to work–Dubai.He can’t meet you because he’s not real. It’s a scam, ladies, don’t fall for it. He’ll sound like he’s amazing (even throws that word in his profile title) but soon you’ll find out he’s a con running a romance scam. Check out Nigerian romance scams to find out how this works. Goes by the names Chris Van Dirk, Christopher Van Dirk, uses a disposable line

  11. Catfishiing

    Chris Van Dirk is a catfish. Same script and pics as the previous post. Met on Plenty of Fish. Don’t fall for his lies.

  12. It’s true… Chris Van Dirk is a catfish. Same script and pics as what is posted above. Don’t fall for his scam.

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