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Central Business is a family of rude scammers

These guys are racist and makes do nothing to work out the low credit score. They even sometimes lower your credit score and ask for more money and then would let you down. I was looking for a loan and came across this name. They advertise themselves as the saviours for those who are low in their credit score. It sounded to me that way.

So, I contacted them. They asked me for money for purchasing things and they did nothing while sitting in their AC rooms. For example, they charged me $2.99 for a month to buy some templates online and inserted my information.

They asked me about my business idea and the personal information required to get the loan. After submitting all the information, they denied that I would not be able to get the loan. This is just one example. There was many other spending done for nothing.

They then asked me to pay $2500 for improving the credit score. But, in reality, they did nothing. They just waited for my application to get rejected from all the lenders office. I was asked to wait and they never call you until you contact them. When I used to call asking for the updates, I used to get harsh voices.

Everyone in the office was rude including the old ladies who are usually sweeter than the other crowds. But, in their office, they were also waiting to vent their frustration of people like us. After paying them everything that they asked for, they came up with this message that I do not qualify for the loan.

Wasn’t that the reason why I contacted you? Trevor is the worst human I have ever met. He is rude and loves making false accusations all the time. In the entire office, I only came across his brother who was a bit polite and Trevor accused me of having sexual relationship with his brother because I had a crush on him and he looked like Trevor.

Is this the way you talk to your customers? The cancellation policy is also flimsy. Nothing is in your favor. All the terms are for them and are written to benefit them. After I asked them to turn down my application as they were already sleeping over it, Trevor started harassing me. He sounded like someone who had connections with mafia.

He said that he would not let me leave that way. He insulted me infront of his staffs and said that I would pay for my actions. I started getting calls from collection companies. Many of them would call at odd hours.

I had nothing in balance. I had paid the amount that they asked for and I was the one who was scammed. My work was still pending, and I wasn’t given the services they promised they would provide. However, they had the balls to harass me that way.

These guys are criminals. Look out for yourself if you are wishing to hire them.

Is Central Business Funding a legit?

Central Business Funding is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Central Business Funding located?

Central Business Funding is headquarted at 3651 S Lindell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, USA. You can contact Central Business Funding by dialing +1(866) 694-4466 or visit their website www.centralbusinessfunding.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Central Business Funding’s customers?

According to Central Business Funding’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Central Business Funding

  1. Took for 25k

    Centra Funding will lie, cheat, and use high pressure to get you to sign there “lease terms. My partner and I needed a bridge loan and thanks to the deceitful people we were buying from, we were turned to Centra Funding for a bridge loan. Both the seller and the funding broker Drew Kabo knew full well we planned to pay the “loan” off as soon as an inheritance came in . Imagaine our surprise when we were charge 50,000 interest on a 50k loan. They lie and cheated a man with perfect credit so that he would sign a contract for those with little or no credit. Karma will catch up with them.

  2. They then asked me to pay $2500 for improving the credit score. But, in reality, they did nothing. They just waited for my application to get rejected from all the lenders office. I was asked to wait and they never call you until you contact them. When I used to call asking for the updates, I used to get no straight answer…

  3. Scam

    They were really friendly at first until I got suspicious about it and needed some time off to think about it and research about them.

    I was trying to get loan at Fundwise and they self introduced them self as partner with Fundwise. They were asking $2500 in order to establish LLC, Business credit and Business template to get the loan. I knew something was weird and when I tried to back out saying “I need to talk to someone about this before starting, they knew I was backing out and turned rude as hell. I called back and told them that I would need a confirmation in writing and the guy on the phone got mad suddenly and hung up.

    Never do business with them. Don’t pay them if you are not secured with papers. The promises they make is useless.

    PS. Research more rather than looking at them with google reviews. smh 4.1 star on google review.

  4. Agree 100%

    Central business funding is nothing but a scam!! The worst experience I’ve ever had. The above review nailed it. Are there any class action lawsuits for this horrible company?? I want my money back.

  5. * * * S C A M * * *

    Complete scammers. They give you some general info about how to start establishing business credit up front and appear very friendly and helpful. Then before they will actually (supposedly) start working to obtain your funding, you have to agree to a $2,400 fee payable either up front or at $100 per month for 24 months. After they get your money (or get their hooks in your bank account), then POOF! Their gone. Now you not only don’t have funding for your business, your $2,400 in the hole.

    Don’t make the CENTRAL BUSINESS FUNDING mistake!!! If you want to do something foolish, go play the lottery.

  6. Dirty Scammer White Devils

    These white devil cracker soda pops are scam artist jew swindlers. They steals the money of the black man so they can afford their non-rocked cocaine and their Mercedes sedans. Honkies.

  7. I Love Central Business Funding

    Its the best place for funding..they really care and they are not a scam….People who don’t get funding usually do something stupid like file a bankruptcy during the process so don’t believe everything you read on them and they aren’t racist..that’s a lie!!!..a stupid one at that..They hire all races and sexes and the folks there are laid back, polite, happy and content which tells me they do great work and I have 4 years experience with them.
    There are sure a lot of inexperienced noobs starting businesses that maybe should rethink starting up a business when they know nothing of the process to get a loan..let alone..be a business owner!!

  8. Only have had monthly fees taken out

    I will be calling them tomorrow. I saw a monthly fee taken out of my account and looked up where it was coming from. I will write a new review, if better after I find out more about these people. Contact me here:
    [email protected]
    to see how the call went or just get further information.

  9. Colter white

    This company is a joke. I have paid them hundreds of dollars to help me with loan. I have waited and waited for approval. No one will give me an update on my loan. And when I ask colter. He wants to get an attitude with me. They have done nothing for me. Do not get scammed

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 3000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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