Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe

Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe - Another Jewish Organized Crime Figure

Second Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Law Clerk Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe is another Jewish Organized Crime figure in New York City masquerading as Irish when her only real job is to block, obstruct, sabotage, threaten, harass and thwart justice from being achieved by non-Jews against Jewish criminals in Manhattan and the Tri-State area.

Her favorite accessory is probably a red ball gag or butt plug that she uses whenever she is in the presence of her Jewish oligarch paymasters and judges located at the Second Circuit and Southern District of New York.

She is notoriously racist and only tolerates blacks or Spanish people who are either Freemasons or have Freemason ties. She knows Freemasons are the gentile/non-Jewish slaves/servants of organized international Jewish criminals.

This woman is currently upon information and belief getting investigated by no less than 20 federal/state/local law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, who have hopefully seized her cell phone by now looking for either monetary or public corruption evidence tying her to Jewish Organized Crime, and photographs and pictures of her on her knees deepthroating a plethora of Jewish cocks from dawn to dusk.

Is Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe a legit?

Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe located?

Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe is headquarted at 40 Foley Square, New York NY 10007. You can contact Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe by dialing 212-857-8500 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe’s customers?

According to Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe’s customers, a monetary loss of US $100000000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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2 Reviews on Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe

  1. Jewish Mob "Fixer" In The Courts Of New York City

    All of this woman’s career, she has been accused of corruption and being the “pleasant female face” of Jewish Organized Crime in the courts of New York City.

    Why is she still allowed to practice, if she has historically been so corrupt, for so many decades?

    And why does it appear that she gets “promoted” every time it seems that the “shit is about to hit the fan” in terms of public prosecution and arrest?

    Well it’s obvious that this criminal is being protected by Jewish Organized Crime in order to make the courts work in their favor each and every single time.

    That is why she is there, and that is why she is protected.

    She is the ultimate Jewish Mob “fixer,” and needs to be investigated for her financial and logistical ties to international Jewish Organized Crime, headquartered in New York City and Israel.

    1. Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe Serves The Billionaire Oligarchs, Not Justice

      Yes, Chief Law Clerk Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe serves the Oligarchy, not Justice.

      And since she has been there in her position forever, she has more power and lords it over the siting judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, as well as over the weasels in the Southern District of New York who are all vying for a position/promotion thereon.

      She routinely writes judicial opinions under threat to the judges to shape up, or ship out,” all in service and homage to her Plutocrat/Oligarch/Billionaire paymasters, every single day.

      And if you are one of the few lawyers/litigants who dares to sue or take on the billionaire/trillionaire class, whether private company or government institution for screwing you over, then you can count on Law Clerk Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe writing a publicly accessible, humiliating, threatening, insulting, harassing and defamatory MANDATE wherein she proceeds to threaten you with contempt of court, sanctions, fines, fees, disbarment, license suspension, taking away your court filing “privileges,” removing your ability to electronically file documents thus forcing you to trudge down to the court house in the dead of winter like it was 1776, and other methods of obstructing justice, tampering with witnesses, sabotaging/derailing your case, and other criminal evil acts designed to protect the extremely wealthy and powerful against the masses/people who are enslaved by them.

      But now that she is getting old and crusty, and her mouth, pussy and asshole are drying up so that the oligarchs no longer have use for her, there are other younger, equally corrupt, “law clerks in waiting” who desperately want her job when she retires, such as Remi Shea and Naomi Goldstein, who you can see all over the internet are disbarring and suspending as many good lawyers as they can, who dared to take on the evil student loan companies, the IRS, the racist Planned Parenthood selling African-American and Puerto Rican baby parts to white/jewish people, Google, defamatory rag newspapers like the NY Post, or even oil/gas companies like Chevron who kill off foreign native brown people for profits, by sanctioning/disbarring the lawyer who took them on, Steve Donziger.

      If court corruption has a name and a face, it is Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe.

  2. Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe Illegally Writes Federal Judges Opinions And Breaks The Law Everyday

    This corrupt cunt is like a tick under the scrotum sack of a dog in that she will not let go or quit from her job as the ultimate “fixer” for the Jews of New York’s federal court.

    She lords it over all courts of New York State and routinely and illegally writes judicial opinions for the federal judges of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals at 40 Foley Square, New York NY 10007, while the judges diddle little boys and girls, snort coke, and fuck one another in the ass.

    It has been duly confirmed that this bitch is under investigation by several federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, but the problem is that the leaders of those agencies are also on the receiving end of those coke-snorting pedophiles in the federal courts.

    Rank and file investigators in those agencies (even the courts) are helpless to blow the whistle on these fucking perverts for fear of losing their jobs or worse, getting prosecuted criminally.

    Stay away from Catherine O’Hagan Wolfe, as this wannabe Jewish bitch is no good for anyone.

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Reported Loss : 100000000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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