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Total Scam!

Capella Mortgage are a total scam! I needed short-term financing for a building I was buying and explained my needs and repayment plan in detail with Corrine.

I took out a loan with her and paid it off in 6 months.

After it was paid off, they reversed all the payments I made and then reapplied them, changing the amounts that were allocated to principle and the amounts that were interest.

The result was an increase of over $20,000 to my balance after the loan and interest was all paid in full.

Now I have to pay an attorney to take them to court to get this corrected.

Worse than a fly-by-night company!! Be warned!

Is Capella Mortgage legit?
Capella Mortgage is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 2 consumer(s) was/were given a Capella Mortgage as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Capella Mortgage located?
Capella Mortgage is headquarted at 3765 E Sunset Rd Ste B9 Las Vegas, NV 89120. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Capella Mortgage by dialing (725) 696-7880 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Capella Mortgage’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Capella Mortgage’s customers, US $4512 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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2 Reviews on Capella Mortgage

  1. Unprofessional Scamers

    I applied for a hard money loan on July 15 2021 and Corinne and Molly took the application over the phone. They said your approved and sent me a letter stating so. When we were 7 days till closing and 8 weeks later with no questions or application. I even asked don’t I fill out an application. They replied oh no your good. Then to find out I don’t have a loan with those minuplating liers. I have Movers coming and a closing on another home and I’m going to lose my deposit as I cannot get a lender that quick. Do yourself a favor so not use the women who call themselves morgage brokers to rune your life and have you lose good money. I just may sue them as I have all my emails provining there bad business ethics. Plus Report them to the BBB also. Look around before you choose these idiots.

  2. Avoid Capella Mortgage

    Summary: Unlike the prior poster, I lent funds to Capella Mortgage for real estate investing (i.e., Capella as a hard money lender pools funds from investors and then lends to borrowers seeking funds for real estate projects). I highly urge investors or borrowers to Avoid Capella Mortgage – at minimum they are incompetent and potentially fraudulent. Capella Mortgage has had investor complaints filed against them with state authorities and the deal below is current under investigation by the NV and CO Attorney Generals. One investor warned other investors of the potential fraud, and Capella has sued that investor in an attempt to keep these problem loans silent so they can continue to earn large fees placing investors in problem loans.

    Detailed Complaint:

    Capella pitched a $3.9M loan to finish construction on a luxury Aspen, CO home they claimed appraised at $5.5M once complete (71% LTV). Investors funded this loan without knowing over 30 worldwide investors were involved in the deal. When problems arise, this structure leads to lengthy delays in coordinating investors. Also, Capella does not permit investors to see the borrowers’ credit or background information due to “confidentiality” (investors are only told prior to lending funds it is an LLC borrower) and investors don’t learn their fellow investor contact information.

    For this deal, the $3.9M loan was to pay-off a $3.3M first mortgage from another lender and leave $600K to finish construction. Capella stated construction control would be used, but turned over the $600K in construction funds to the borrower with no oversight. Investors expected Capella would underwrite the deal with appropriate due diligence as Capella earned a $136,000 origination fee but that was not done. It was later discovered the prior lender refused to loan additional funds to the borrowers as they suspected fraud and that is when Capella pitched this deal to its investors.

    After Capella funded the $3.9M loan, the borrowers made one interest payment and their check bounced. Capella never disclosed this to its investors and rather than initiate foreclosure, Capella repeatedly vouched for the borrowers and raised another $800K from investors to supposedly “finish the home.” At this point, the loan increased to $4.37M and the home was still not complete. Corinne and family then decided, without investor approval, to vacation in Aspen while supposedly overseeing the construction progress (despite not being a licensed contractor). Corinne and her sister got into disputes with the borrowers, the police were involved, and she ultimately leaves Aspen and tells investors she is afraid of the borrowers. It was evident the borrowers misappropriated investor funds from the start, yet, Capella still refused to foreclose.

    After the borrowers identities became known, investors discovered the borrowers were the defendants in multiple prior lawsuits, none of which was disclosed to investors but must have been known by Capella if they did a simple background check. One borrower was a mortgage broker whose CO license was revoked for fraud by the state years before this deal. Especially troubling is the $5.5M appraisal Capella relied upon to fund this deal was prepared by the borrowers. Capella hid this major conflict of interest from investors. A few weeks after this deal closed the borrower’s CO appraisal license was revoked – for fraud in a prior deal. In its pitch, Capella said the home was 80% complete but Capella never had an independent contractor assess the home and it was later discovered the house was nowhere close to 80% complete. Capella is based in NV and doing an out of state loan in CO. Rather than use a CO attorney to draft the deed / note (as CO is a non-judicial foreclosure state), Capella tried to save money and had a CA legal document mill create the docs. Turns out, the deed/note was not drafted in compliance with CO standards.

    A year into this mess a few investors met with Corinne as Capella was doing nothing; no construction, no foreclosure. Corinne admitted she was in over her head and did not know what to do. At that point, the investors came together to attempt to salvage what fund they could and attempted to non-judicially foreclose on the property. The attorneys the investors retained learned that during Corinne’s time in Aspen she caused so many issues with the local officials that the County would not facilitate a non-judicial foreclosure. As a result, the investors had to waste more months and over $125K in legal fees to judicially foreclose – all due to Capella’s incorrect loan documents. After foreclosure, the investors hired a reputable contractor to oversee the home completion. The new contractor determined there we many deficiencies with the prior construction to be remedied (e.g., the project did not even have County approved construction plans) and the home when funded was nowhere close to 80% complete. Finishing the home would require another $1.5M investment – – so the investors are now into this “deal” for $6.6M, which is $2.7M more than the original loan Capella stated was needed to finish the home when they underwrote this deal. Due to Capella’s incompetence and/or fraud, investors stand to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on this investment, yet Capella earned a $136,500 origination fee.

    Capella has similar deals in which they made large ($100,000+) origination fees, failed in their due diligence and investor disclosure and the investors will take a huge financial loss. Even more troubling is Capella decided to start a few mutual funds to bundle these types of deals so investors will have even less transparency into the underlying loans and problems that arise.

    I highly recommend you AVOID Capella Mortgage, Corinne Cordon and Matthew Dale.

Reported Loss :4512 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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