cannot even follow what’s been ordered

I ordered jack herer. This was my first order and I was already sceptical. It took them a month to deliver the package. When the package was delivered, it had some other item which I never ordered. They had sent me THC gummies. I emailed them, and trust me, they are too slow in responding.

After few mails, when they finally replied, they said they would be compensating for the order the next time. So, I ordered again. This time, they sent my order to a different address. I never received my order and the price was never adjusted. I was charged the exact price of the order.

I again emailed them too many times. I think they do not usually answer people. But, if they have an email address that they have provided to their customers, they should be answering it. I had to mail them more than thrice to get their one response.

They finally agreed to send me the third time. This time, they sent again sent me THC gummies. I would have kept the item and would have given this rat chase a rest. But, the product was worthless. I was waiting for the item I ordered in a hope that jack herer won’t be that bad. But, I never got a chance to receive the product that I ordered in the first place.

I sent few more mails and I knew these guys will do whatever they will feel right. What if, I ordered another item, if they wanted to send me gummies, they would send me gummies.

This is frustrating. I then checked the reviews on the internet and got many of those reviews singing the same song. These guys are not doing it accidentally. Either they are doing it on purpose or they are incompetent and have a worse management to take care of the orders.

I have been ordering online for a long time. I used to order from another store. Just wanted to try this for a change and was very disappointed. The one that I ordered from is far better and have a great service and delivery options.

I usually order every month and if this is how they are going to continue, they will have to shut down soon. No one likes to deal with such an irresponsible company online. There are many alternatives and I was one of the rarest customers who gave them three chances to rectify their mistake. None would do that.

There were reviews which clearly confirmed that they never received their order. I am still one of those lucky ones who at least got something. It makes me sad to see how one company is making other online vendors look risky.

I am writing this review to warn everyone who orders online. This company is a scam and the products are also not worth the money you pay. It may happen that you would never receive your order ever.

Is a scam? is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is legit?
First is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by’s consumers?
There is/are 8 review(s) posted about and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is located? is located at 41 A Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1R5, Canada. You can contact by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $400 was the total loss incurred by’s customers.

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  1. Company use to be good

    Company use to be good delivered on time now they frequently post sales and deals take your money then say they unavailable they use to deliver in 3 days lucky if you get it in 7 then what u ordered isn’t there because they claimed it was unavailable after taking your money really just a scam now would avoid at all cost it’s ashame the site use to be Amazing

  2. Good site

    Great info here. I recommended Marijuana Medic Store. I have had no problem with them. you can also buy weeds online visit:

  3. Happy customer.

    Have ordered from this site for years….never had a problem. Do not find them scammy at all.

  4. Cannibismo rips you off. stay away. feel free to contact me for photo evidence.

    I initially ordered 32.5 g but only received 29. when I asked they threated to delete my account.

  5. Didn't send an item

    They did not send me a CBD pen I had ordered with 300$ worth of weed. I emailed as soon as I picked it up from the post office and opened it as I was looking forward to trying it. It’s been a month now and I with every reply was an excuse about how they have to check footage (that was lost after email 3) and inventory. The run around every email. As soon as I sent an email explaining how customer service would be to refund me or send the item regardless after 4 weeks of pulling my leg. They won’t respond and I was very kind when asking for my 35$ CBD pen…thives. Before this about a year ago they forgot my order and that was our last time using them thou they did end up sending the order it was my last till this one. Happy I give my money and our friends we sent there to another site that has been nothing but good to us.

  6. Cannabismo goes the extra mile (or kilometer...)

    I thought I should share my recent experience with Cannabismo here, after looking at reviews online I want to point out howe awesome they are.

    I have ordered from many different online mail orders, many of them similar in quality, but Cannabismo just raises the bar for service and quality.

    I ordered an oz of the Zombie Kush, a Cannabismo Sampler Pack, the KleerX mix and match pack, and the distillate mix and match pack; so this was quite a big order.

    Placed my order, and realize my shipping address was incorrect on my account. So I emailed them and asked them to change it, and they switched it right away no problem.

    I noticed it even shipped that same day after I placed my order in the morning. I live up north in BC, and my package arrived the next day, even though shipping originally said it would be the next day! I was pumped.

    I guess they were out of the zombie Kush oz, as they sent me an oz of Master Kush, and an extra eighth of Rockstar! Ill take that 🙂 they are both fire.

    The sampler is great, I really like the flowers they select, and they candy and shatter are a nice bonus. KleerX shatter is so potent and terpy, it’s always great (Ghost Bubba, MK Ultra). One of the reasons I just cant get enough of Cannabismo is the KleerX distillate, I have tried every strain they offer, but my favourites are Gelato and Trainwreck.

    It just blows me away how great online dispensaries in general are, but especially Cannabismo.

    So if you are a heavy chronic like me, check them out.

  7. Never had a problem with Cannabismo

    I have been ordering from Cannabismo for a long time. It disappoints me to see reviews like this online. I had some issues with them in December 2018, but a lot of my online orders took extra time then due to a busy Christmas season (not to mention the Canada Post strike….).

    Since then I have ordered a few times with no issue, and it arrives a couple days after I order.

    The product I get from Cannabismo is always high quality. The trim job on the flowers is professional, and all of their concentrates have full flavoured terpenes which rock my socks off.

    The summertime melts edibles sometimes, but they clearly warn me about this. I don’t usually order edibles, but when I did (fudge brownie = couchlock) they were satisfactory.

    I always get emails from them with coupons and new products which is nice.

    Cannabismo is not a Dirty Scam in my opinion…

  8. Cannabismo took my money, never delivered, do not respond

    I ordered about $150 in products from Cannabismo and was provided a Canada Post tracking number. It is now over a month after the expected delivery date and still have not received the package. I emailed Cannabismo many times on various dates and no one from Cannabismo has replied to me. I also tried other email addresses I could find from Cannabismo out of desparity but still no reply from the email addresses either. I have successfully ordered from cannabismo in the past but after this sketchy incident losing my money with no product and no response from the company, I will never order from these guys again and also share my experience from all the people I referred to this site. I also could not find a phone number to contact this business anywhere…

Reported Loss :400 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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