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Camelot Property Management: The poor quality management company

Home is where we can relax and spend good times with our family and friends. But when there improper facilities in the house, we feel unsatisfactory. I have been through this bad experience few days back.


My family consulted a property management company for taking a house for rent. We had all talks regarding the security deposit and lease period. I paid both the security deposit and rent per month as per the agreement. The rent was higher for such a bad conditioned home. Still, I agree to the terms and conditions of the company.


When I shifted in this house, I was unhappy with the poor quality facilities of the house. The house was very dirty and untidy. There were leakages in the house from different parts of the wall. Even the bathroom and toilet were in worst conditions. The sink in the bathroom was not working. After paying such a huge amount for this house, we didn’t get any facilities for throwing our garbage.


There were cracks all over the walls and ceilings of the house. Even the glass of the windows were broken and no one cared at least to fix them. I made a complain to Camelot Property Management about these problems. They didn’t give any solution to these problems. The women working there and the manager just listened our problems and listed in their work schedule.


I was expecting a good response from them after paying large sum for this house. But, my expectations went in vein. They told me that the owner of this house didn’t take any efforts to repair this house. The women just gave me an apology stating that the company is not responsible for these problems.


After paying both large sum of security deposit and rent, I expected a good home with adequate facilities. The expenses were incurred by me on purchasing a new carpet, spent heavily on doing the paint work and many more. The A.C filters and doors were cleaned after paying a large sum in addition to the above charges.


Once our ceiling was broken and it fell down due to numerous cracks. I called several times the persons of the company but all what they did was to make me fool by giving me false excuses.


I spent 17 months in this house. I had a room mate staying with me too. When my room mate was about to leave this home and shift to a new one, the manager made the situations even worse. I and my room mate were staying in this house for one year at lease. We were paying the rents on monthly basis.





Once, we got late in payment of rent by one week. The manager of the Camelot Property Management company falsely complained to the rental company that we are willing to pay the rent of one month. The real intention of the manager was to take again the new security deposit and rent. We paid once month rent after one week. The manager and other persons of this property management company are most fraudulent ones.


They gave our wrong report to the rental company. The report was rejected by the other company and we were given one month to shift to a new place. It was better than the earlier one.


Camelot Property Management company takes all fake charges in the name of security deposit and rents. Take care while dealing with such fraudulent management companies!!

Is Camelot Property Management legit?
Camelot Property Management is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 9 consumer(s) was/were given a Camelot Property Management as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Camelot Property Management located?
Camelot Property Management is headquarted at 700 E. ALTANTIC BLVD, STE. 303 POMPANO BEACH, Florida USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Camelot Property Management by dialing 954-546-4880 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Camelot Property Management’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Camelot Property Management’s customers, US $45550 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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9 Reviews on Camelot Property Management

  1. Bad Service Provide

    we did our service request and after 3 days they finally sent out someone which that person obviously didn’t fix the problem, so they had sent somebody else the day after…

    Next.. the ceiling and the fan of the living room collapsed, this was a sense of urgency due to the ceiling being completely detached of the roof and all of the insulation was on the floor.

    My husband made the service request and they ignored it completely, saying that it was not an emergency, this time was Mr. GARY PACHE and EDWARD DE LA ROSA (very unprofessional btw) who was the property operation ”manager” at the moment, not to mention that they have lots of employees turnovers.

  2. Great Service.

    I have had several rental properties over the years and had been using another company to manage my properties with little success. I was recommended to Camelot and they have done a great job making sure the tenants pay on time and the properties are well maintained.

  3. I am grateful Camelot has taken over and has made where I live a nice place to be.

    I have lived at PGA Apartments for several years and prior to Camelot taking over it was getting run down. Since they have been on site, the building has been painted, the pool finally works right and the other tenants that are now here are great. There were a lot of issues with the old management company and the tenants that they were letting live here.

  4. Bad Service Provide

    I been renting for more than 2 years and I very disappoint with this company, they rented next to my door to people who sell drugs and I called them to complaint and they answered me they cannot knocks their door and says them “stop selling drugs” he advised me to call the police so I called them few times ( and my neighbors a dozen times) they arrested them and the next day they came back to the unit. Since them I have the police almost everyday going to my building for disturbs, prostitution, drugs relatives activities and so on…Thank you Camelot for make me my life and my wife more excited.

  5. Bad service.

    Oh my God Gary Pache II, the biggest crook I ever I encountered is still in business? I thought there is a God and have made you destitute by now. You know, all the unfair money that you took from away from you tenant security money by lying and not giving the full security back will get back you someday. If it has not yet, it will, because there is a God.

  6. Do not waste your money

    This company makes one believe that all is well with the background checks with money they charge for this service. Then you are told you do not qualify because you do not have 3x the rent income and yet, your income will do more than afford the rental monthly cost and then some. And when you are rejected, you have lost the $100.00 or more, if you are applying with a spouse and or significant other.

  7. STAY AWAY!!!

    STAY AWAY!!!!! This is the worst Property Management Company on South Fl, We’ve been with them since April and we are so happy that our lease is about to expire.

    I can’t even say a good thing about them… To start of, when we first got the walk through with Debbie Zetty( property operation manager), the lease stated that landscaping and pest control was included, they were supposedly going to come for landscaping once a month and for pest control as well… guess what? Never happened… landscaping and pest control is on us.

    This place when we first got it was very abused by different tenants on the past, however we took our time and waist our money to put the house beautiful, the back of the house was like living in the jungle, they were roaches every where, the cabinets were destroyed, the ceiling fans were not in service and the exterior paint was deteriorated .

    A Picture of one of the reviewer (KIM) reminded me about the horrible experience that we had to deal at the beginning.. Our 2 bathtubs were filled of poop because of the sewer…

  8. Me and my Fiancée submitted an application to rent out a townhouse to Deborah.

    Me and my Fiancée submitted an application to rent out a townhouse to Deborah. We submitted all the information requested including an application fee of $100 dollars per person. Deborah told us the HOA was not involved at the time of submitting of the application and that the process will be quick. She advised us only the Owner and her approval was needed.

    We received third party news from our realtor that we were approved by the owner but now an additional HOA fee of $150 each was needed. She told us several times before submitting the application and after that her approval and the owners approval was all that was needed. We would NOT have paid $500 just to APPLY for a place to stay.


    OWNER BEWARE! Be sure to have a real estate lawyer read the contract before signing anything! I totally agree with the low ratings of the other reviewers. I own a 16 unit apartment building in Pompano and hired Camelot, without reading reviews,

    two years ago mostly because Gary bragged about being a property owner and how he would take care of my property like his own. BIG MISTAKE!! The crew that he uses for repairs are his own people so he overcharges and hence makes money that way.

    After being vacant for 4 months, he had a 800 sq. ft. unit renovated for $15,000 without my approval, and when I fired him, he had another unit renovated for $10,000, again without my approval– almost as to avenge me for firing him. The labor cost was exorbitant–of course because he uses his own people. My biggest mistake was allowing Camelot to manage the money coming in from tenants.

Reported Loss :45550 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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